You don’t need more time.

"I know your time is very limited..."

That is an interesting statement that we hear often. Time is finite but it is equal for all of us - 24 hours per day.

Let me suggest a different perspective to view time. "Your time is prioritized."


How do you prioritize your 24 hours daily?

Look at your actions and you will see your priorities.

Are you purposefully creating the time for the things that matter most in your life or are you letting others dictate your priorities? Your time is a treasure. Invest it in the people and experiences that matter most in your life. Don't just hand this precious treasure over to others to invest it for you.

*A Glimpse Inside*

Have you ever done an inventory of your time?

I did one several months back and I realized that my actions did not show my wife and family as my priority. That was unacceptable and very disheartening because they mean the world to me. After an emotional conversation with my wife, we came up with a plan that made us equally excited to make sure my actions were in alignment with my heart.

I encourage you to do the same.

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