Would You Like Me To Personally Help You Double Or Even Triple The Amount Of Time You Spend With Your Spouse, Your Kids, And With The People That Matter Most While Improving Your Productivity... For FREE?


I've held off doing this for quite some time.

To be honest, I have been insanely busy with my businesses, the birth of my third child, and my travels.

I feel I can make the biggest impact in 2015 by positively impacting as many fathers that are high performers, CEO's, entrepreneurs, or business owners. I wanted to do this before my travel itinerary goes nuts again and so I'm dedicating the first quarter of 2015 to helping the first 25 high performer fathers that schedule to create a Time Wealth Strategy to have more time doing the things they love and spend more time with the people they love this year.​

What's a Time Wealth Strategy?

Well I can tell you what it's NOT!

It's not running around like a chicken with your head cut off being a slave to other people’s agenda, spending your valuable time with the wrong people, getting burned out, worn out and downright pissed off with your business, all the while missing your kids grow up and growing apart from your wife.

Somewhere along the way something happened and instead of being an amazing husband and father that owned a successful business, your business started to own you instead. You business told you when you had to work - all the time! When you could take vacations - hardly ever! How much time you could spend with your family - even less! And how much money you could spend on your home, your car and even your health - next to nothing.

Somewhere along the way the very thing that was supposed to bring freedom ended up enslaving you.

Did it happen to YOU?

It happened to me and I want to help you like a mentor of mine helped me.

That wasn't what you started your business for.

As a father your priorities are different than when you were young and single. You set your business up so that you could experience more freedom, fun and financial success, right?

I think that's why we all did it.

And that's what I'm committing 2015 to.

Helping you, an amazing father, husband, entrepreneur, business owner fall back in love with your business, your unique purpose, and your life. I can help you to see what you're not seeing in your business to create a high level of Time Wealth and help you see the possibility and probability of you success in the year ahead.

In the first quarter I've marked out space in my calendar for helping up to 25 fathers who are high performers, CEO's, entrepreneurs who feel like they want to create more Time Wealth in 2015. Those fathers that want to spend more time doing the things that fulfill them with the people that matter most.

Don't worry, there's nothing to pay (even though my hourly rate for coaching is $1000 an hour.) but there are some things you need to know to qualify for the call:

Will You Qualify For The Time Wealth Strategy Call?

First, there's an application form.

To qualify for the call you need to answer ALL the questions as honestly and as completely as possible. If your answers are 'sketchy’ or not involved then I'll take it that you're not serious about using my time to its fullest effect.

Second, there's a registration deposit.

When I've done these calls in the past I've often been stood up last minute by people who valued other things more than the hour I'd set aside. They'd tell me about clients who changed times or about 'forgetting an appointment' they had to go to or once, believe it or not, that they had to go golfing.

I've had many hours wasted that way so now I do things a little differently.

Before you register your application you'll also be asked to make a $100 deposit for your strategy session with me.

Don't worry, I don't want your cash.

As soon as we've had the call as scheduled, I'll refund the payment back to you but FAIL to show up and I'll keep the cash and buy myself something nice with it.

Seriously though, no show, no return of dough.

Third, you've got to be ready to act.

I'm not looking to sit on calls with 25 men for a chat about how crappy certain aspects of their life are and how they wish it could be better.

I'm going to help each father who comes on the Time Wealth Strategy call do exactly what I said I'd help them to do... find the fun, freedom and Time Wealth 'hidden' in their life.

But it's a waste of BOTH of our time if you're unwilling to act.​

So come ready to play.

Fourth, I won't do calls with someone who already has a coach they are working with and plan to stay with.

If you're paying someone your hard earned money then you should be listening to THEM and following THEIR strategies, not 'shopping around' for new ideas. It serves no-one, not you, not them, not me.

Only if you're coming to the end of coaching, if you're unhappy (and have told them so) or if you know for a fact you're dropping out of their program should you apply for the call.​

If you're not then pick up the phone and ask THEM what you planned to ask me.

Fifth, I MIGHT try to sell you something.

Let's get rid of the 'elephant in the room' right away.

The whole "I knew there was a catch! I knew they only wanted to sell me something!" thing that I often hear people complain of when they do strategy calls with other coaches.​

Of course they do!​

Of course I do too!​

That's what we're all in business for, no? You included!​

Here is my promise. If I think you'd be a good fit for one of my coaching programs I will let you know. My coaching programs start at $3800 a month so they are not for everyone.

But look, the call is a genuine strategy call to give you more Time Wealth and I'd only tell you about anything else if and when it became appropriate and ONLY if I thought you were a good fit and, believe me, more people are turned away from most of my programs because I know they won't be a good fit.

That's the deal.​

These are valuable calls.

I truly believe they have the power to change your life in 2015.

Will yours be one of them?​

Click on the link for the application below.

The rest, as they say, is up to you.​


Click on the button below to be directed to deposit page to secure one of the 25 spots available to schedule your Time Wealth Strategy Call.