There Is Still More To Give

​Have you ever pushed yourself to the limit and found out there was more?

​At the beginning of this year I ran a 50 mile trail race. I was brawling it out with this one guy. We kept yo-yoing back and forth with the lead. I’d feel good, catch up to him and pass him for some miles. Then I’d hit a rough patch and he’d pass me. We did this for the last 25 miles of the race.

With 3 miles to go he had really opened up the distance on me. My legs were dead. I was exhausted and was reduced to walking. Then I saw my son and my father. I remember my dad say, “Come on buddy you have 3 miles to go. You can catch that guy, he’s dying!” I felt a renewed surge of energy. I was filled with  focus, drive, and determination. I went from walking and slogging through a 16 minute mile to running 7 minute miles.

​My legs let loose.

I could see my prey up ahead on the long dirt road. 

I kept getting closer and closer…

I passed him with 1/4 of mile from the finish!

​Because I was able to push myself and pass this guy, I won first place in my age group. This was such a powerful experience. It helped me realize that when the body says no, your mind must be committed to move forward. If you can do that, there is no stopping you.

​When life pushes you and beats you down; when you think there is nothing left, there is always more. Always. Let loose.

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