The Rudolph Effect

I am writing this post on a plane coming back from California after speaking to 70+ fitness trainers from all around the world. I was asked to share the stage and present with some of the industries great contributors like Sam Bakhtiar, Rocco Castellano, John Spencer Ellis, Curtis Mock, Pat Rigsby, Dax Moy, and Greg Justice to name a few. I was truly honored to share the stage with these

great men.

See how it went below…
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Why do I bring this up?

Each one of these men are so different yet were able to contribute positively to the fitness industry and as a result it has helped trainers across the world serve their clients better. This leads me to…

The Rudolph Effect!

What is it and how can take advantage of it?

To understand the Rudolph effect we need to go to the story about Rudolph the red nose reindeer (no I am not kidding). I know you know the story but I’ll give a quick recap:

In the North Pole all the reindeer were gearing up to deliver presents on Christmas. But one reindeer was hiding because all the other reindeer kept making fun of him because he looked different. He had a great big shiny red nose. His name was Rudolph. So Santa loads up the sleigh opens the barn doors and notices he can’t see outside because of the blizzard. Santa didn’t know what to do but he knew he had to do something because he needed to deliver the presents to all the kids in the world. He paced back and forth, back and forth. He stopped when he noticed a corner of the barn brightly lit. He walked over and found Rudolph hiding. When Santa asked Rudolph why he was hiding he said it was because he was embarrassed because he didn’t fit in and the other reindeer were making fun of him. Santa was disappointed at the other reindeer. Then it hit him and he jumped up and down and said, Rudolph I need you to help me save Christmas! Rudolph was confused by Santa’s statement but answered yes. Santa explained to Rudolph that he would lead the sleigh with his brilliant shiny red nose so Santa knew where he was going. Christmas was saved…ho, ho, ho. [sorry got a little carried away, LOL.]

What is the moral of the story?

Sometimes your perceived weaknesses may be your greatest asset in the right situation. Don’t try to be like other people. Don’t hide your differences embrace them. Make your differences your strengths. Dax Moy the UK’s highest paid trainer said something truly profound to all the trainers at the conference. He said, if you are living and operating congruent with your true self, serving others, and sharing your gifts, you will achieve greatness.

If you have ever felt different and self conscious that you have a “great big shiny red nose” like Rudolph take comfort in knowing that it could be your greatest strength. Dig in deep today and focus on being your true self.

I wish you great success and I am eager to meet you the true you.

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