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“You Know I Am Pregnant”: The Excitment of the News and the Adventure for the Pregnancy Test


All You'll Need Is One Test

My wife and I had been practicing natural family planning for about 14 months tracking my wife’s temperature and recording her cycle. When we decided to have our first child we knew when she was the most fertile, so we gave it a go. I can recall after when we lay there holding each other she said to me, “You know I am going to be pregnant.” Now my initial response was, “I know” but that did not really sink in yet, more on that later.

When my wife asked me to go get the home pregnancy test.  At first I was shocked because there was a moment of  amnesia, “For what”, I said. She gave me the look and I quickly remembered. How hard could it be?

For those who have never have had the pleasure of walking into a CVS at 10 PM and wander through the “pregnancy” aisle let me share my experience with you.

First your wife will usually get the urge to ask you late in the evening. That is better than rush hour here in Miami but if you are a morning person 10 PM is usually your bed time. I will admit though, when your wife asks you to get a pregnancy test even if you are sleepy, I guarantee that you will wake up, quickly! I digress, so I make it to the CVS, the automatic doors open courteously for me and I enter. I make my way down one aisle then another until I find “THE” aisle.  I pick up the pregnancy test I look at it, read it then look up again and notice there lots more tests. What do I do? read one then the other, some have the words yes and no others have bars, others dots, some have multi packs. Do I need more than one?  Is there a pregnant lady around maybe she would know? Ahhhhh! I finally decide like a true man. I narrow it down to three choices and start the deciding process invented probably by some Greek philosopher, you guessed it, Eeny-meeny-meiny-mo…

I finally get the single E.P.T test with the bars. Why? Several reasons, first I wanted one that was going to be right and free of any errors so the name says it all E.P.T. (Error Proof Test). Bars vs. words, well words seem so much more high tech and as a result I figured the chances are higher for something to go wrong, so I chose bars. Finally I chose the single pack because it was cheaper than the multi-pack and being that I had an error proof test my wife would only have to take the test once. 

I rushed home and with a grin from ear to ear I handed her the Error Proof Test.  She said thanks, set it down, and went to the room. My jaw bounced as it hit the floor.” What are your doing?” I asked.  She replied she would do it tomorrow. To quote Tim Allen in the show Home Improvement, “Arrrh?”. She turned around and laughed. That was her attempt at a joke (funny to her not so much for me).   

She went to the bathroom to take the test. I waited, then decided to ocupy myself cooking. When she came out I had 2 pans going with some types of food I can’t remember. She come out, I look at her and she says, “It says I need to wait 3 minutes.” I keep cooking not even looking up to contain my anxiousness. I tell her to let me know when it is ready.  3 minutes later she returns and asks, “How does it feel to be a Daddy?”

When she said that I felt like a little boy having met Santa for the first time. I did not know what to do first because there were so many emotions going on. I dropped everything and ran around the house screaming and jumping, hugging her, and kissing her. 

To Be Continued…