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I Have A Dream Too

I am blessed.

I am blessed because early on in my life I knew what my passion was. I knew that I loved fitness and I loved helping to heal people. From the time I graduated high school I was on a mission to learn and fine tune how I would achieve my ultimate mission. This process sometimes feels never ending but I am always tweaking it to make sure that I can live my life to the fullest and help as many people as possible.

Dreaming is just the first part. A dream without action is a waste of time.

Why am I telling you this?

Today we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day because he had a dream and he followed it.  Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream was life altering to all man kind. To quote Gandhi, Become the change you wish to see in this world. That is exactly what Dr. King did.

Now what is your dream?

Your dreams need not be cataclysmic or earth shattering. They need not be something controversial or political. Your dream has to be real! If you do not make it real, if you do not make it something worth doing, then you will have wasted your life. I know that those may seem like harsh words but why are you in this world? Why are you occupying space in this world if you are not going to contribute your best to it?

I am tired of people settling. One of the places people settle most is becoming the best they can be. That is unacceptable, we all have a duty to ourselves and to every other person to give it our all. We may not always have a choice in what we do be we always have a choice with the attitude in which we do it.  My dad always told me that, “no matter what you do, do it to the best of your ability and make the best out of it.” I am not perfect and even though I fall short of perfection my intention and action is to get back up and do better each and every time. That is not easy.

I remember growing up that my dad would tell me to take out the trash or mow the lawn or go to work with him in construction. I had a sour face and attitude. I remember asking him if that is what he wanted me to do for a living. He would reply, “If that is what you wish to do be the best and do your best at it. The most important thing is not what you do but how you do it.”

This was a lesson I have never forgotten, It is not what you do but how you do it that matters most.

I believe that Martin Luther King Jr not only got the what he did but the how he did right. When you can combine your life’s ultimate calling and combine that with the right attitude you can do incredible things.

Thanks Dad for all you taught me. Hope to do the same for Mandy.

What is your Dream? What is your life’s purpose? Are you living it?

If the answer is no, then please do yourself, your family, and all of humanity a favor, find out how to do it and start today. I don’t if you have ever heard the quote, “The world’s richest place is the cemetery.”


Because how many million dollar ideas have people taken to the grave because they didn’t take action. How many amazing novels, life altering inventions, business ideas, leaders have died with their gift kept to themselves because they didn’t live their true purpose. Don’t be next. You don’t have to be the next Martin Luther King Jr,  you don’t have to be the next Steve Jobs, or the next Gandhi, all you have to be is the best and truest you.

Be well and honor Dr. King today by living out your life’s true purpose.



PSI have a Dream (too)… My  dream is to help 1 million people live happier, healthier lives through fitness, nutrition, and education by 2020.

[Thank you for helping me live my dream. Every time you read something I wrote and share it and act upon it you help me get close to my dream. I hope that I am helping you get closer to yours.]