Lessons on the Run: Ep5-Shaved (Head) 4 Support

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What an amazing run today.

First it was great warm weather not humid and clear blue skies. I ran in the Larry & Penny Thompson Park trails. This run I decided to see if I could do a full loop without stopping. As you know I have been doing intervals of 5 min of running and 1 minute of exercise. Slowly I have been inching it up and I had gotten as high as 16 minutes of running with 1 minute of exercise. Today I finally ran 1 loop, a 5K in 24:27 without stopping since my injury. I had no pain and it felt easy.

That is not even the best part…

The best part is what I thought about during my run. Last night I had a date night with my wife and we attended a TEDxMIA event at the Stage in downtown Miami. Now if you are not familiar with TED talks Google them, they are amazing. Essentially their focus is on “Ideas Worth Spreading”. So as I ran I was remembering my good friend Abdi which I had just seen a picture of her with her head shaved and one of her friends shaved their head too to support her.

Now this is important for 2 reasons…

1st – This triggered nostalgia of when my mother was going through chemo and I shaved my head to support her in a small way.

2nd – I realized that shaving your head for a friend or family member has long been an expression of support in our society.

What I decided to do was to unite us all through this experience and share these pics and share each others stories, and honor each of our loved ones that were taken by cancer. So I started the Shaved (Heads) 4 Support Movement.

But this is about relationships, community, support…NOT CANCER.

For every moment, every story we can capture and archive there lives a legacy never forgotten.

I was speaking to my friend Abdi currently battling cancer and she said a few things I want to share with you that really impressed me about her character:

I’m not going say ‘I’ll do that maybe tomorrow.’ If I want to do something today and i have the energy, then I’ll going to do it. I don’t stress the petty things anymore life is too short to sweat the small stuff.

I’m smiling this cancer out of my body!! killing it with smiles and laughter instead of tears.

My friend Abdi & her friend showing that bald is beautiful especially when you smile!

Here is what I want you to do now:

1.  Go to the Shaved(Heads) 4 Support Movement website and [LIKE] this page

2.  Share a pic or a story there of how cancer has touched your life. Do you have it, a friend, did you lose anyone to cancer? Share their story.

3.  Help me spread this movement we are a part of and lets support our cancer fighters daily.





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