People Just Paint Their Car For New Year’s…


Painting for the New Year?

I was in mass on December 31, 2008 and the priest gave an interesting homily.  To paraphrase he said, ” I don’t know much about cars but I do know that if the car has engine problems, painting it is not going to make the car run any better…”

Isn’t that what most us do with New Year’s Resolutions? We focus on the outside, the paint job, the stuff that looks good but not the deep stuff, the engine, what really makes us function. I am not saying that we have to go into the mountains and meditate until we can move stuff with our minds (a pretty cool thing to do, though). What I am saying is that if you want personal fulfilling success foe 2009 you must do 3 things.

3 Things To Do For A Successful & Fulfilling 2009

1. Understand

2. Plan

3. Execute

First you must understand what you want. You must make sure it is really what you want not what society imposes on you. Example is weight loss, in theory it is a good thing to do, it seems everyone around you wants to lose weight, but if it really doesn’t do it for you the chances of you succeeding are slim to none. Make sure it is what you want.

Second comes the plan. Now that you know what you want now you have to devise a plan on how to get it, by when, being as specific as possible. To go back to the weight loss example how many people say every year, “I want to lose weight,” as the new year’s resolution? And how many of those people do the same thing each year? Remember the definition of insanity, doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Let’s be sane this year.

Finally you must execute! Without this step you have wasted your time. To resolve to do something is a strong conviction manifested in an action. So let 2009 be the year of action don’t fall into the trap of “paralysis by analysis.”

May 2009 bring much success and even more blessings. Happy New Year!!!


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