Overcoming Resistance: Getting Stuff Done

Procrastination is the most common manifestation of Resistance

because it is the easiest to rationalize. -Steven Pressfield

How many things have you wanted to do that you end up putting off for the “right time”?

The bottom line is there is never a perfect time to get things done other than now.

Resistance is all around us in different forms. From friends, family, work, bosses, traffic, time, love, sleep, weight, food, resistance seeks to destroy you and your mission. It seeks to make you weaker. Every time you give in to resistance, it only gets harder.

So how can you win over resistance?

Think of it like this. You can go with the wind and sail or try to go head on.

Which way will take you go further?

Go with the wind (Resistance) and use it’s power to propel you to your goal.

I know right about not now you must be thinking what is Armando talking about? He has surely lost his mind. First he said it is trying to destroy me then now I am supposed to follow it.

Let me clarify. Know what you must do and use the power of resistance to get you through to your goal like wind on a sail. Remember though wind on a sail wont get you to where you want to go unless you steer it where you want to go.




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