Armando When He Dresses Down

So who is Armando Cruz?

Armando is a husband, father, family man, entrepreneur, adventurer, runner.


Over the past 10 years Armando has owned operated his fitness businesses Cruz Country Fitness and the Miami Fit Body Boot Camp. He is also the creator of the Run Faster Today Method of running that allows you to run more efficiently in 1-3 days.


He has had a dream of helping people live happier healthier lives ever since he was 13 years old. After studying hundreds of books and seeking out amazing mentors and coaches he realized that those people who were the happiest and those who were the most successful were the people that lived their passion daily.


Armed with that knowledge Armando has dedicated his life to teaching and helping others how to find their purpose and how to live their passion daily. By doing so together we can all contribute and create a community that will be better for ourselves and our kids.


His ultimate goal is to be able to impact the lives of millions of people and he needs your help to spread the word…


Armando is married to Christian, an amazing women. You know that saying, “behind ever successful man there is a woman.” That is spot on. She really is his muse and his inspiration for all that he does. They have to 2 beautiful children and look forward to many more.


Fun Facts About Armando:

Yep, the 5 Pounder

1. Ate a 5 lbs Burrito in Texas just so that they would post his picture on the wall

2. Dove off a cliff in California just to get the best surfing spot.
3. Loves camping and hiking in the mountains.
4. He will run the Western States 100 mile Run before 2020.
5. He will compete in the Kona, Hawaii Ironman before 2020.
6. Lived out of his Hyundai Accent for 3 months while running through the US national parks.
7. Walked on fire barefoot at a Tony Robbins Seminar
8. Believes you can achieve anything if you want it bad enough.
9. Wants to go skydiving (his wife said yes but only after she dies).
10. Can hold his breath for 1:45 sec (yes my nickname is the fish, not really, lol)