Make Each Day A Masterpiece

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Take a moment to reflect how you would spend your day today if you knew that at midnight you would die. With whom would you spend it?

Most people would read that and say that is a stupid exercise to indulge in because that is not luxury we have. I would say, that is precisely the point. You don’t have that luxury so why do waste so much time?

Benjamin Franklin said, “He who squanders their time, squanders their life.”

So refocus on the question above:if you were going to die at midnight How would you spend it, who would you spend it with, and why?

The truth is most of us would not go to work because we wouldn’t have to make money but by going through this exercise you should realize 2 things:

1st – You will see what you truly value in life.

(Would you waste half the day glued to the TV? I doubt it.) When you start listing all the things you would do and who would you do them with ask yourself another question do I spend time with these people? If they are so important why am I not making the time to spend with them?

2nd – You are currently planning your ideal day.

The keyword here is planning.
Do you currently plan your day starting with the most important things first then fill in the rest? Unfortunately most of us do not and as a result we are squandering precious minutes, hours, days because we have failed to plan.

…and he Died

In May my wife, Christian, met a gentlemen that had back pain and was told by the doctor that it was because he was overweight. Upon assessing him and working with him she found out his dreams and helped to alleviate the pain substantially. After 2 sessions Christian worked with him but she sensed something still didn’t add up and suggested he get a scan. Unfortunately, she was right. He had stage 4 pancreatic cancer and passed away last week at the end of June.

What does this have to do with the making each day a masterpiece?

Their is more to the story. The day before he passed away Christian went to see him the day before he passed away to stretch and move him around. He hadn’t moved in a few days. As she was leaving the brother in-law shared with her that her client had told him that in the 2 sessions they had together Christian had changed his life.

Changed his life…

That is amazing. To be able to impact someones life positively that they feel their life is changed is quite an accomplishment. Now my wife is incredible but the legacy of that interaction is greater than anything. We are the sum of our relationships, how we contribute back to humanity and how we love. I feel honored to be married to such a great women.

How can you change someone’s life the first time you met them?

How can you live each day more fully?

Are you spending time doing and being with those that are most important to you daily?

Are you making each day a masterpiece?

I hope you literally answer these questions and take up this challenge to make each day a masterpiece.



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