Lessons on the Run: Ep8- Tight Hamstrings

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After my first track session yesterday I woke up DESTROYED!

Seriously I was sore, especially in my hamstrings. They felt like steel rods going down the back of my leg. Regardless I decided to give it a go and run nice and easy. I was struggling and limping. As I warmed up it loosened up slightly.

Then I decided to go against all logic…

Go faster!

Yes you heard me right, I decided to pick up the pace and see what happened. I was shocked because it actually felt better. Now understand that I am not running at a full sprint here. I was going slow, shuffling pace to what felt effort wise like tempo pace or half marathon pace.

Here is my theory:

By picking up the pace I fell into a natural rhythm the body created. By flowing and running in that rhythm the body responds more naturally with less resistance. By being more fluid, more efficient my body was allowed to release and relax the tension in the hamstrings.

If you find yourself a little tight, the answer may actually be to speed up not slow down.

Enjoy it, try it, and report on it.




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