Lessons on the Run: Ep7-Alfredo Celebrates 50 Years of Running

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Today was my first track day in a long time and it was special for many reasons. First no pain on my calves which was great and made me happy. The coolest thing about today was the fact that I had the privilege of running with Alfredo.

Who is Alfredo?

Today marks a total of 50 years since he started running. If you nothing else about this man know that he is committed and focused.

Have you ever done anything for 50 years?

I haven’t been alive for 50 years yet, but I know this. Any person that has that much drive and focus to do something for 50 years has something to teach me. I am here to learn. Alfredo is successful. If you think about it, it is not that surprising he is successful. Success is determined by consistency and willingness to do things others won’t. With his 50 years running I am sure he has honed his focus, consistency, and willingness to endure beyond what most people are willing to.

Last episode (click here) I spoke about being a champion. Alfredo is truly a champion. He lets the world know by his daily actions whether lacing up his shoes daily or building his business. Actions speak louder than words. Period!

Do yourself a favor…

Don’t think about 50 years. Think about today. Think about doing what you need to do on a daily basis consistently and without fail. If you do, I promise you will come out on top.

*NOTE: I am far from perfect and I struggle with this just like you. I understand that there is a difference between learning and applying something. If you want success you must apply no matter how hard it may be.



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