Lessons on the Run: Ep6-Being A Champion Daily

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After being the bike pacer for the elite men’s half marathon I was so impressed with their level of fitness.

These guys were floating across the ground. They were making me work and I was riding a bike. Something struck me after hearing someone comment about the cash prize of $13K to the winner. Most people see only the out come of the winners. They see the glory, they see the “crowning of the champion” so to speak. What they don’t see is all the work year after year to get to that point. People forget that.

My focus is today is on becoming a champion. So let me ask you…

What are you doing on a daily basis to become a champion?

Champions are not made on a single race or event but to quote John Parker’s cult classic, Once A Runner “Champions are created daily in the miles of trials that lead up to it.”

Think about what you want to achieve and understand that it doesn’t happen over night. It happens on a daily basis. Greatness doesn’t take vacation, greatness doesn’t make excuses it finds opportunity. To be great you must be willing to sacrifice.

Are you willing to commit daily to be great, to be a champion?

If you are reading this I hope you are.

Champions don’t only happen on the sports arena but daily through our teachers that demand excellence from our children, from our business owners giving great service and adding value to your life. Open your eyes to the daily champions all around you and…

Be great too!



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