Lessons on the Run: Ep3-Getting rid of “Cramps”

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In today’s run I experienced a side stitch or cramp while running. If you have ever gotten a cramp while running it is very uncomfortable. It completely changes how you run, how you breathe, how you feel.

The 2 Key Components to Getting Rid of a Cramp

1st – Put pressure on it.

By applying that pressure over the cramp it helps to relax and to reset the muscle spasm happening to cause the cramp.

2nd – Be persistent.

It is important to note that pressure works but you still have to grind through it. Eventually it will stop but you must be patient with it and push through.

The most important question I can ask you is…

What are those “cramps” in your life that are slowing down from achieving your goals ans what are you doing about them?

I have always thought of running as a great metaphor for life. I have never been really talented but I can be persistent. Some people get results quickly and easier bu you can’t depend on that for success. Everyone though has the ability to be persistent until they get what they want. Think of water passing of stone over and over again. As it rolls over it wears down the stone a little at a time until eventually you have something as magnificent as the Grand Canyon.

Be persistent like water and look at the beauty you can create.

I encourage you to create buffer to discomfort and a thirst for persistence.



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