Lessons on the Run: Ep25-Callusing, the Key to Running Success

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What is callusing and how can you use it to improve your running, improve your fitness and decrease your chances of getting injured?

Before I answer that did you ever see the movie Kickboxer? Not the greatest movie (Definitely a guy flick, starring Jean-Claude Van Damme). There is a seen where he is Thailand training kicking a palm tree to toughen his shins. He keeps kicking until he kicks the tree down and injures himself.

That may seem ridiculous but that is essentially what so many runners do with their training. They go for broke daily until they lose motivation, get injured and lose motivation, or are so fatigued and don’t improve, invariably losing motivation. See a reoccurring theme here?

What I propose is “Callusing”.

Callusing the body and your training.

Callusing is the daily training done consistently and incrementally allowing for your body, your muscles, your tissue, and your fitness to adapt and absorb the stress you are placing it.

The difference between a “blister” and a rock hard callus is the proper balance of intensity, consistency, and patience.

Have a plan to strategically train your body and fitness patiently and incrementally.





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