Lessons on the Run: Ep21-Don’t Listen To Your Body!

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Yes you read the title correctly, Don’t listen to your body!

Here is why…

Have you ever gone for a run and felt your legs heavy and flat?

Of course…

What did you do about it? Did you stop running or press on?

The answer will different for all of us a different times but if you run enough you will inevitably run on tired, flat legs.

Here is the beauty of it…

Very rarely if you compete will the stars align and everything will be perfect (Weather, competition, race strategy, hydration, the way you feel…). I believe it is important for you to train in this state. As I mentioned in the video above if you have sharp pains in your joints or feel a body ache because you are sick or you have done 3-4 runs where you feel exhausted then stop. Otherwise grind it out. It will make you stronger and teach you to deal with the inevitable fatigue.

Today’s run on the Track with my client called for striders, drills, plus 4x200m (Goal pace: 32-37s with full recovery).

My client felt his legs flat this morning but he was able to negative split each in his trainers (35.8, 35.6, 35.5, 35.2). Sometimes you just have to give your body the opportunity to get oiled up and perform. That is exactly what he did. Next time you are in a race and you feel the legs heavy don’t fret. Give yourself the opportunity to grind it. Grinding reveals your character and will.

*NOTE: Previous workouts he was grinding out 37-38s. Today’s effort had the same effort but were 2 seconds faster!!!

The Moral of the Story is…

Don’t listen to your body always.

You are in control.

Take charge and surprise yourself.

Make today great.

Greatness is an attitude not a destination!




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