Lessons on the Run: Ep19-Running Equals Success

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First let me wish a Happy Easter!

We have a great day planned with the family. 2 Easter egg hunts planned (no candies) and 2 family dinners (could be dangerous).

Here is what I wanted to share with you.

Running = Success

As I mentioned in the video when you run daily you are actually building the tools needed for success.

5 Success Tools Running Gives You:

1.)   Persistence: This goes back to one of my running mantras, ‘Take 1 more step.” Running gives you the power to keep going when others stop. It develops a compulsion to “GO”. If you want success in life you must go, you must be persistent.

2.)   Dedication: Runners must brave the elements, wake up in the wee hours of the morning, brave the scalding noon sun, or regroup after a long days works. Runner finds solace in each mile. Success demands dedication because like running it is not about a destination but the journey taken daily.

3.)   Feeling in control when you are out of your comfort zone: Running is about being able to deal with uncomfortable situations. Side stitches, shortness of breath, burning muscles, fatigue, glycogen depletion, lactic acid build up, aches, pains, scetchy terrain are just some of the examples that a runner goes through when pushing their body, mind and spirit. Success demads getting out of your comfort zone in order to advance. Take the road less traveled and excel in it.

4.)   Overcoming obstacles: How many people do you know that stop when they overcome obstacles? Lots! How many dedicated, serious runner stop when they have obstacles? Not many because that is what they are searching for. They want the pain, they want the hardship so that can come out victorious. True leaders do not shy away from obstacles. They use each obstacle to strategically place them 1 step ahead of their competition.

5.)   Working hard daily: To be a successful runner you must have a daily work ethic that is consistent. Success comes not through one single event but through the sum of each daily task taken consistently. Success may often be judged by others in a single event but make no mistake it was decided long before. When a runner crosses the finish line first most people never know all the many miles that went into that win. Often it is mistaken for luck. It is not luck or genetics, it is pure sweat equity. Create the luck you want!

I hope this shed some light.

If you are not a runner, now is a great time to start. (Feel free to contact me and I’ll help you start)

If you are a runner, smile and start applying these principles into your life.

I want to know how you have applied on of these principles to your life.





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