Lessons on the Run: Ep18-One More Step

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Take one more step…

Those are the words I grew up listening my dad say.

I never realized how powerful they were until I reflected on my past and seen how much it helped me.

I remember my dad and I talking during the jog rest period of a track workout about tapping into my hidden reserves when I was tired in a race.

He said something very contradictory…

I recall him saying, Before you slow down you have to speed up.

Now by all practical purposes that made no sense but if I wanted to get better I would give it a shot.

Here is what happen.

On my next 2 mile repeat when I was getting tired and starting to slow down I made a conscious effort and shifted gars as if I was going into the finishing sprint… What happen next scared me.

It was as if my legs actually unlocked and were now flowing freely. I settled back into the pace feeling stronger and more focused. I hit the split and felt great.

The purpose of this story is to illustrate that often our limitations, our “failures”, our slowing down is but a break in mental focus and clarity. That is it.

If you can get past your own mind you will see the new possibilities awaiting for you.

Press On!




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