Lessons on the Run: Ep14-Blessed Because & Mantras

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Today’s Lessons on the Run I share a 3 things:

First Lesson:

It was my first day running in the CEP compression socks. They have good consistent compression throughout and I feel helped me get through today’s 8 mile run with no pain on my calf. More importantly is a lesson in providing value and great customer service.

Customer service is very important to me and Hector and Coby from the iRun Company here in Miami went above and beyond and I appreciate it. You see I live about 30 miles away and with my hectic schedule could not get over there. Well they decided to that it was important for my running so they sent via mail. I got the CEP compression socks and didn’t have to leave my house. So thank you guys. To all the business owners out there creating value and relationships is what will set you a part from your competition, not your prices.

Second Lesson:

I wanted to share a running mantra I use that puts a smile on my face every time and lets me fall into a trans. Let describe what a mantra is to me. A mantra is a phrase or words you repeat over and over again that helps hypnotize you into a certain state of being, a certain mood. One of my favorites and the one I used today is:

“Thank you God

for giving me today,

And letting me run

another day.”

Now repeat that over and over as you are running and you will see that the repetition will fill you with gratitude and get you through even the toughest run.

Third Lesson is…

What makes you feel blessed?

For me it is my family, wife, kids, parents, siblings, friends the fact I get to share my passion with you and anyone else that will listen. These are but a few things that make me feel blessed to be alive. These are all if you notice all relationships. The truth is if you break down all the things that make you feel blessed, relationships make up our core of happiness, value, and love. Things come and go but relationships when cultivated will always be more valuable.

[If you haven’t already done so watch the video because I share a special story about my relationship with my father and how the advice he gave me has allowed me to live out my passion every day. Trust me you don’t want to miss this.]




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