Lessons on the Run: Ep13-Callousing is Running and Life

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Results, We all want them but are we willing to work for them?

Today I was on the track with a client of mine that works extremely hard. He is the CEO of a large cruise company, he has lots of events he hasĀ  goes to, he is at most games or events his children have, yet he manages to make time for running and his goals even at 4:30AM.

Why am I telling you this? Because if you want something bad enough you must make it a priority and follow through.

This goes for every aspect of your life.

That being said just because you work hard doesn’t mean you will be successful and it definitely doesn’t means you are entitled to success. I think it that is an important point to make. [Just because you work hard doesn’t entitle you to success.]

Working hard is a necessary part of success. Let me explain it in running terms (that way I can understand it better, LOL.)

If you want to be a better runner you must put in your time.

You must as John L. Parker said, “Put in the Miles of Trials and endure the Trials of Miles.” There are no cutting corners. You must callous the body.

Callous: To make hard due to friction.

I think callous is a great metaphor for what it takes to progress your running.

If you go to quick you get a blister, not good.

If you progress slowly you build a resistance you didn’t have prior allowing the body to go further. Running is not a quick fix. To quote Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody, “Easy come, easy go…” Just like most lottery winners that end up bankrupt the runners with a short out look on their training end up injured, frustrated and end up on the sidelines.

If you wish for great progress, think long term and allow the body to adapt at it’s pace not yours. If you do that you will be successful.



PS – If you do the same thing in life you will get similar results. So determine what you want and understand there is a certain learning curve and patience that must take place at each stage in your life in order for you to be and stay successful.

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