Live The Life You Were Meant To Live

I recently watched "The Sound of Music" for the first time. I am not a fan of musicals but I absolutely loved it. My wife, kids and I sat down and watched it together. It had so many great messages that I think are lacking in our society. 

​There was one scene that really stood out that I’d like to share. When Maria goes back to the Abbey because she is afraid of falling in love with Captain Von Trapp. Maria thought she had to be a nun in order to love God but Mother Superior tells her, "You have to live the life you were born to live.” 

​I believe we are all called to live as the greatest versions of ourselves. In order for that to happen we have to do as Mother Superior suggested and live the life you were born to live. 

​Are you clear on that life you were born to live?

​If you don't know the life you were meant to live then how can you create your purposeful and powerful legacy? 

​Remember the life you live is the legacy you leave. 

If you’d like help getting crystal clear on the life you were meant to live put in the comments section put “Let’s do this!"

We will set up a strategy call to walk you through it.

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