A letter to Fels

Hey Fels,

It has been a while, buddy.

In the past 8 years since we last spoke a lot has happened. First I graduated with my masters in physical therapy and opened my own business. During that time I met my soul mate Christian, Noel’s sister. Anyways, we have been happily married for the almost 6 years and have 2 kids.

Mandy is almost 4 years old and he eats as much as you. I am sad that my grandmother didn’t get to meet him but perhaps since she met you she got a preview of what was to come. He is so smart. He is reading at a 3rd grade level and has a great imagination. He also loves to run. The most he has run with me is 1 mile. The entire time talking, skipping, and jumping.

My little girl Amelie Marie is gorgeous. She melts my heart every time she smiles at me or calls me “daddy”. She is such a girl. Every morning without fail she asks to put on her little bow and her shoes. She gets along great with Mandy and has a certain fierceness about her. I really wish you could have met them both.

Noche buenas have been different without you as there is usually lots more left overs now, LOL. I am sure you and Bola are doing it big up in heaven.

Well I wanted to write this letter because today is Veteran’s Day and I thought you should know that I am truly thankful and grateful for your service, your leadership, and your friendship. Days like today our nation reflects on the many heroes. It is funny Mandy has a thing about superheroes like Captain America, Spider-man, Iron-man, Ice-man…but the real hero is you. It is the many men and women who go to battle to serve and protect our freedom. The men and women who put their lives on the line in order to make tomorrow a little bit safer. The men and women who allow my children not have to worry about tyranny of another nation oppressing us.

Thank you.

I know that it is easy to get caught up in your death mostly because it is so permanent (duh). What inspires me most is not that you sacrificed your life for something you believe (though definitely inspiring) but that you lived. Most people let life happen them. Not you. You lived with honor. You actually made it a great one daily.

It is your life not your death that comforts me.

It is your life not your death that helps me press on further when times are rough.

It is your life NOT your death that has led me to write this letter.

Happy Veteran’s Day my friend.




Fels was my cross country and track teammate at FIU. He was a marine – brave, dedicated, and precise. He was a friend – loyal, fun, and caring. He was a runner – persistent, focused, and man could he run. He was a fan(atic) – ask any team at FIU if Fels went to their game and supported them. they’d say YES! He got thrown out of a few games because of his game day intensity and antics. We will never forget, “Hey ref, YOU SUCK!” Classic.

Marine 2nd Lt. Paul Michael Felsberg died October 13th, 2004.

RIP my friend and thanks for watching over us.


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