Lessons on the Run: Ep4-Cold Pool & Obstacles

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I am excited to have my special guest, my mentor, my dad – Armando Cruz

(Yes as you can see I was named after my mother, lol)

Today’s lesson came after the run when we got into the cold pool to let the legs recover. It is hard to get in that cold environment. The body doesn’t want to because it is comfortable at the temperature it is at but after you get in the cold water the body adapts and you actually feel better and your body recovers better.

Gut through the initial pain & you will be better for it!

Benefits of an Ice Bath Post Run:

*  Decrease inflammation

*  Increase blood flow

*  Flush out the metabolites in your muscles, such as lactic acid.

*  Shocks your system into healing mode


Toughing through the initial shock is the hardest part!

That is the same in life when we know we should do something but we flounder around because it is going to be tough, it’s going to make us uncomfortable, it is going to hurt. Tony Robbins has a saying that I love: “If I can’t, then I must.”

It is a simple saying but it implies a willingness to persevere under the toughest environment. An environment that success is not guaranteed but if you can do it then you can do it anywhere.

Start creating strategies that help you take action even when most people are paralyzed with fear and indecision. Use your entire body to psych yourself up then take action.

I hope you enjoyed this and the words of wisdom My Dad shared with you (watch the video above).

Create the day you want!



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