Lessons on the Run: Ep10-Do You Run With An IPod?

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I know this supposed to be about running with an iPod but lets look at the bigger reason.

Why do you run?

I know that is a loaded question but I’ll start. I love running for what it allows me to do both physically and mentally. I use it as my meditation time. My time to unplug with life and plug into my consciousness, the psyche if you will. I get me best thinking, my best big ideas, and clarity on what is going on in my life. That is my therapy. It allows me to focus and function better. It allows me to be a better husband and father. Running lets the authentic me become a reality daily and not get lost in the hustle.

So do I use an iPod when I run? NO

I have nothing against it but for me I find that it is just extra noise. I need that time to clear my head and listen to my thoughts, my breathing. There is something about the monotony, the beats of my steps, and the rhythm of my breathing that allows me to go into a trans. Running is my drug of choice.

So do you run with an iPod, why or why not? (LEAVE YOUR ANSWER IN THE COMMENTS SECTION BELOW)



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