Heat Dancers and Determination!

On Friday, July 30th my wife and I went to cheer on one of our boot camp members, Michele Artiz, that had made it to the final cuts for the Miami Heat Dancers (Voted the Most Popular Dance Team in the NBA). There were so many people, friends, family, and fans there to support all these girls giving it there all.

Why is this important?

I learned such a valuable lesson by watching and analyzing all that happened to Michele leading up to this day. You see I first met Michele April 21, 2010 when she came in to try the Miami Fit Body Boot Camp. We went though our body composition and goal setting assessment. I remember asking her what was her ultimate purpose for doing the boot camp. Without hesitation she said, “In July of this year I want to make the Miami Heat Dancer Team.” We agreed on a plan and began working at it. In 6 weeks she lost 3 inches in fat and below were her before and after pictures.

Great Transformation!

Many people come to me with goals that they “would like to achieve” but often long term goals get forgotten because people don’t really want to do what is necessary to achieve their goals. For many people it becomes that chasing the the rainbow syndrome and unfortunately they never get there. This was not Michele Artiz.

Now fast forward to Sunday, July 25th, 2010. There are almost 400 girls trying out for one of the coveted 44 spots. All her training, all her preparation has been geared for this. Routine after routine girls are getting cut but not Michele. She passed the the 1st round, then the 2nd round, then the 3rd round, and after 1 hour of deliberation the judges announced the final 44 girls. Michele made it!

Now this was just the beginning because now they had to go through Heat Dancer Boot Camp Hell Week. The physical demands of this week alone cracked a few girls. Michele was prepared physically and mentally to endure the 3 hours of dancing plus the hour and a half a exercise boot camp daily. Every day she called me letting me know how she did and how strong she felt. She was confident because she had put the work in and was now seeing the fruits of her labor showing. After that intense week we had the the final tryouts where the remaining 44 girls competed to see who would make the final 25 spots…

Did she make it?

Unfortunately she did not make the final 25 dancers but Let me share the most important part of this now. After the show she sent me this text. “Thank you so much much for all your help and support. There is always next year ;-)”

Let me ask you, do you think that Michele is determined? Do you think she has the mentality of a champion? I do, to be successful in life one has to attack and take action to achieve their goals, just like Michele did. If there is some thing that you have always dreamed of doing. What is stopping you?

Take action today.

By the way this was Michele on the last day of the tryouts. Do you think she was ready?

6-Pack, Toned Arms, Lean Legs! Congrats!

Like I said before if you have a goal that you have not yet accomplished find someone who will hold you accountable (support team), find a mentor, take action, and achieve your dreams. Be well and reach for the stars. Please leave a comment to congratulate Michele below and let me know what your thoughts are. What are your goals?



PS – Here is a saying my grandmother use to tell me, “El que madruga, Dios lo ayuda.” take action today!

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