GET PAID to Lose Weight, Tone Up, and get that Rock Hard Body you want Before Summer

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6-Week “Get Ready for Summer” Body Transformation Challenge.
Only accepting 21 people that want to look AMAZING this summer.

The #1 OBSTACLE that most people have in achieving their Chiseled Abs, Toned Arms, and a Tighter Tush is motivation. So we decided to help motivate you.

WE WILL PAY YOU FOR EVERY POUND YOU LOSE! Yes you heard right we are going to pay you for every pound you lose PLUS you have a chance at winning Over $2330 in CASH & PRIZES.

What do you get when you sign up?

* Unlimited Boot Camp Training (Monday-Thursday from 6-7:00 PM & 7:30-8:30 PM)
* Structured Training Plan for everyday of the week
* Nutritional Guidance and Plan
* Weekly Nutritional Focus Calls that address your specific needs and questions
* Nutritional Supplement Support
* Fun Workout Environment
* Support Team dedicated to your Success
* Body Composition Tracking
* and More…

“…We are giving away over $2330, to the winners!!!”

Only $247, that is only $5.88 a day to look amazing in a bathing suit this summer. *(REMEMBER: That for every pound you lose you will get paid, so subtract that from the total cost.).

Signing up is easy…

Secure your spot here ONLY 6 Spots Left.

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