Do What Others Won’t

‚Äč"Do what others won't, to achieve what others won't."

I hear this quote often among entrepreneurs. Their context is focused on the grind, the work, the hustle. Let me suggest to you if you truly want to live that and experience that to the fullest, focus on people.

It's easy to be nice to those who are nice to you and praise you. How about the haters? Do you show them love when you don't need to?

It's easy to lend money to those you know are going to pay you back? Do you lend to those who have no way of paying you back just because?

It's easy to praise God when all is going right in your life. Do you still praise him when you are at your lowest?

I share this because if you believe "Do what others won't to achieve what others won't," then be willing to do what is not sexy too and when it is not convenient. Then and only then will you have mastered it.

That will really set you apart. Hugs <3

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