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Disclamer: Don’t Try This, Unless…(Ouch!)

I am going to have to start incorporating this Euro Style training…lol. Must watch this parody that is an exaggerated view of personal trainer but unfortunately not so much. If you don’t believe me walk into a Bally’s or L.A. Fitness and you will spot them out. Here is to educated Strength Coaches and Personal trainers that will get you results without making you touch their chest (You have to see the video, ha, ha, ha). Enjoy.


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What I Learned from A Champion.

Ryan & Me post run at KB

I just wanted to share an amazing experience I had. On January 29th I was blessed to be able to run with the American record holder in the half-marathon, Olympian, and one of America’s top distance runners, Ryan Hall. WOW! is the first thing that comes to mind. I have never been a person who is into celebrities or athletes. In fact I really don’t care for them but Ryan was different. Here are the Top 5 Things I learned from Ryan Hall, a true champion and how it relates to us in our ever day life.

1. Humility: This is something one rarely sees among athletes these days, but Ryan was humble and always looking to praise someone else performance or accomplishments. How can we apply this? Praises others before yourself. By giving this gift you uplift someone else as well as yourself to a more positive state.

2. Simplicity: He has a very simple lifestyle despite his crazy travel schedule. Most of us run around like a chicken with our head cut off but often it is self inflicted. Simplify your life, get rid of excess and you will be happier, less stressed, and more efficient with your time.

3. Faith: “Praise God with every step.” This was his advice he gave to the 18,000+ runners gathered at the start line of the ING Miami Marathon, just before he shot the starters gun. I know this one powerful statement got many of those runners to the finish line on that hot humid day. Live by these word, they will transform you life. Guaranteed!

4. Strength: At first glance he does not appear physically strong, scraggly even, but looks are very deceiving. Inside this young man lies the heart of lion that has an intense determination to succeed, to serve, and to love. Build up your strength from inside because regardless how old you are, you will not get weaker, unless you let it.

5. Love: “…but the greatest of these is love.” Love means so many things to so many people but true love encompasses service, caring, brotherhood, strength, humility, simplicity, time, and faith. How can we love more fully? Follow his example give to others (check out his STEPS foundation) with your time, talent, and treasure.

Become that person you deserve to be by following these 5 steps. I guarantee that if you apply them daily you will see unlimited potential of your life.

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Only One Body


Hey Guys here is a great email I received from one of my mentors and a very influential strength coach, Mike Boyle. After you read it please leave a comments regarding your thoughts on this email. Enjoy.


Subject: Only One Body
Imagine you are sixteen years old and your parents give you your first car. They also give you simple instructions. There is one small hitch, you only get one car, you can never get another. Never. No trade-ins, no trade-ups. Nothing

Ask yourself how would you maintain that car? My guess is you would be meticulous. Frequent oil changes, proper fuel, etc. Now imagine if your parents also told you that none of the replacement parts for this car would ever work as well as the original parts. Not only that, the replacement parts would be expensive to install and cause you to have decreased use of your car for the rest of the cars useful life? In other words, the car would continue to run but, not at the same speed and with the efficiency you were used to.

Wow, now would we ever put a lot of time and effort into maintenance if that were the case.

After reading the above example ask yourself another question. Why is the human body different? Why do we act as if we don’t care about the one body we were given. Same deal. You only get one body. No returns or trade-ins. Sure, we can replace parts but boy it’s a lot of work and it hurts. Besides, the stuff they put in never works as well as the original “factory” parts. The replacement knee or hip doesn’t give you the same feel and performance as the original part.

Think about it. One body. You determine the mileage? You set the maintenance plan?

No refunds, no warranties, no do-overs?

How about this perspective? One of my clients is a very successful businessman. He often is asked to speak to various groups. One thing he tells every group is that you are going to spend time and money on your health. The truth is the process can be a proactive one or a reactive one. Money spent on your health can take the form of a, massage therapist and a gym membership or, it can be money spent on cardiologists, anesthesiologists, and plastic surgeons. Either way, you will spend money.

Same goes for time. You can go to the gym or, to the doctors office. It’s up to you. Either way, you will spend time. Some people say things like “I hate to work out”. Try sitting in the emergency room for a few hours and then get back to me. Working out may not seem so bad. Much like a car, a little preventative maintenance can go a long way. However, in so many ways the body is better than a car. With some good hard work you can turn back the odometer on the body. I wrote an article a while back ( Strength Training-The Fountain of Youth) that discussed a study done by McMaster University which showed that muscle tissue of older subjects actually changed at the cellular level and looked more like the younger control subjects after strength training.

Do me a favor, spend some time on preventative maintenance, it beats the heck out of the alternative. Just remember, you will spend both time and money.

Mike Boyle


I hope you enjoyed it and please leave a comment below letting me know what you thought.



Getting More Bang For Your Buck – With Food!


Don't Feed Your Body Crap

Most of us lead really busy lifestyles with work, kids, errands…the list goes on and on. My point is that most of us sacrifice our nutrition and as a result sacrifice the quality to which our body can operate. If you want energy, if you want to feel good, if you want to stay sexy and trim, then give the body premium fuel. Think about this, would you put diesel into a Ferrari? NOPE, not if you want it to run smoothly and actually work. Well you are a finely tuned machine that requires the best. Don’t settle for less!

You are what you eat. As Aristotle said, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit.” So lets create the habit of excellence through our nutrition. To help do that I have included a list of 21 Super Foods to help you get more bang for your buck!

21 Super Foods You Must Eat

1.    Lean red meat (93% lean, top round, sirloin, filet)
2.    Salmon
3.    Omega-3 Eggs
4.    Oikos Greek Low fat, plain yogurt
5.    Protein supplements (Top 3: Whey, Hemp, Egg Protien)
6.    Spinach
7.    Tomatoes
8.    Cruciferous Vegetables (Cauliflour, broccoli…)
9.    Mixed berries (strawberries, blueberries, blackberries…)
10.    Oranges
11.    Mixed beans (Fresh beans mix up the different types)
12.    Quinoa
13.    Whole Oats
14.    Mixed nuts
15.    Avocado
16.    Extra virgin olive oil
17.    Fish or Krill oil supplement (Carlson’s Norwegian Fish Oil)
18.    Flax meal
19.    Green tea
20.    Spirulina (supplement)
21.    Greens + or Greens and Berries or Perfect Food (vegetable concentrate supplement)

*NOTE: Always chose in this order Organic/Conventional – Fresh/Frozen/Dried/Canned & Packaged

Click here to download the list today.

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All Diets Work But All Diets Fail…huh?


Yes all diets work and all diets do fail. What the heck does that mean? Let’s break it down. This is what I mean, if you do any diet on the market (which by the way there are new ones coming out everyday) you will lose weight. Some are better than others and some are healthier than others. I am sure most of you have tried one or more diets in your life and have lost some weight. Then what happens? Well usually you will stop seeing results so you get frustrated or it becomes too boring or too hard to follow the diet with your lifestyle. So really what is the problem?

Mindset. Mindset is everything. Here is the reality, most people fail not because they are doing the wrong diet or wrong exercises but because they start with wrong mindset. If you have a short term mindset you will have short term results but if you have what I call a “Lifestyle Mindset” you will set yourself up for success.


A “Lifestyle Mindset” has you focus on the big picture. Your life is uniquely yours and no one else will have the same obstacles and time constraints that you have. So the important thing is saying, “Can I do this for the rest of my life?” A diet is not one of them. A diet has a start and an end. Below I have addressed 3 steps to success with your health and fitness goals.

3 Steps to Success

1. Know what you want. [As the saying goes if you don’t know where you are going you won’t know when you are there.]

2. Give yourself the opportunity to succeed. [Celebrate the little things and don’t worry if  you are not perfect at first. Think of a baby, you don’t wait until he is doing something perfect before you give him praise. If he is even close you get all excited. Do the same for yourself; be flexible.]

3. Surround yourself with a good support crew that knows what you want and will help you and hold you accountable. [This is so important, we all need and want to be praised as well as pushed to be better. This may be your family (lucky you) but remember chose your peer group and love your family.]

I hope this helps you get started on your path to success. I know many of you struggle with nutrition so I have attached my Habits for Nutritional Success (CLICK HERE).

Please leave you comments and questions below. I want your feedback. Thanks.



See How Andra Shed 27 Inches!!!! See how Andra lost 27 inches and how you can too.

Creating Your Life

Creating your life

This is it. This is the moment when success happens.

This is the moment when you can choose to either follow your dreams or to sabotage them. This is when you select and execute the specific actions that create the reality of your life.

Achievement is not some far off, future concept. Achievement is built from what you do now.

You will not ever get anything done if you keep scheduling it for someday. What you do with now is what truly makes a difference in your life.

Remember now, and again and again, that this is where your consequences are determined. This is when you put real life and substance into your dreams.

Enjoy this moment in all its fullness, and remember. You are creating your life right now.

This was something my mother sent me. It is so crucial to have people around you that are constantly trying to uplift and support you. As it says above – Create Your Life – TODAY!

Please leave your comments below. Let me know how this impacts your life or what you think about it.



Wave of the Future

Wow. Check this out, this is amazing. Imagine the possibilities, imagine the connection to all that surrounds us, imagine how much more practical education can become for our children. What other applications for this can you think of?

Please leave your thoughts, I am interested to see what you think.


Excited about Running

I am really excited about running. For  a long time I stopped competing and really training consistently. Now that I am training for the marathon I really appreciate my fitness with each and every step. I have also come to the realization that training for a marathon I have become very egocentric and self absorbed in the activity. So I have decided to add some greater meaning that will benefit others. I don’t know what it is yet but when I do I will be sure to let you know.

Any ideas please leave a comment and let me know.

Looking to keep this updated.



Marathon Training Update: Week 9



Week 9 of 44 in my training schedule. Still working on my adaptation to the fat burning zone. I am still a little hesitant about using the HR monitor but as the training progresses I will decide to keep it or lose it. So far I like the results I have seen. 9 weeks ago I wa running 9:00 pace for a HR of 139 by the end of this week I was running 7:45 pace at HR 139. I am just excited to see where I will be in the next 9 weeks. 

Happy training.