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Lessons on the Run: Episode #1

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Welcome to the first episode of Lessons on the Run. I have always had some of my best ideas and thoughts when I run. So this is my attempt to catalog and share my thoughts with you. After being injured for the past 8 months that had unable to run consistently today I had the pleasure of running with my dad and brother which if you don’t already know them you will in the future. Watch the video above and let me know what you think.

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Insights by Armando: Good & Bad

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– Things are not good or bad. We are the ones that gives them that title.

– When things out of your control aren’t going your way, focus on your mindset which you have control over.

– Wishing for something is great but you must take action to get it. It is not just going to come to you because you are a good person.

– Be a champion daily in all you do.

Hope you enjoyed this quick video.



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Get out of your Coffin!

I believe we all have the right and the ability to live amazing life. I want that for you but only you can make that happen.

The other day on Facebook I posted this picture below and asked what people thought about this.

I got some great responses that I want to share with you and then I want your feedback, Fair enough?

Key points:

– You must connect emotionally as to why you want to move forward.

– “If you’re doing something and it feels challenging, you’re on the right track”

– “Once you experience small victories, the confidence you gain will help you stay out of the comfort zone.”

– Put yourself in a position where you have no choice but to follow through and get out of your comfort zone.

To be happy, to live your best life you must push forward, you must push through those difficult times, and if you do I can promise you will come out a better person.

I have found this to be true in my life. Every time I have pushed past my self imposed comfort limits a new world of possibilities and opportunities await. I want to make it clear. I have failed many times and will continue to fail but that doesn’t stop me from moving forward, to getting uncomfortable.

I want to hear what your experience has been. I know that sharing our stories we are able to realize our strength and our weaknesses but also by sharing you help others take that next step and know that it will be alright. They will get through it and it is worth it.

What is your experience? (leave a comment below)

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Building a Better You: Sculpting David (Part 2)

This is part 2 of Building A Better You, If you have yet to read part 1 (Click Here)

In part 2, “Sculpting David” we are going to go over:

– How to discover who you are?

– What it takes to get there.

Living Shakespeare Daily…

Shakespeare reminds us in Hamlet, “To thine own self be true.” This means you must know who you are and the second part is to live it daily in all you do. So lets make this practical. Answer this question below:

Who are you?

I know that may seem like a dumb question but give it a shot. When answering this questions start with the most basic of things such as age, gender and build from there. By identifying your authentic self you now can develop a road map. Ask yourself before doing anything, Is this congruent with being my authentic self? If the answer is NO, you just don’t do it. If the answer is YES, then ask yourself is this the right time to do it. If YES, then proceed, if NO, then let it pass.

I know this may seem like common sense but “common sense is not so common.”

If you haven’t answered the question “Who are you? do it now.

The Michelangelo Approach

Now that you know who you are, let’s explore how to better yourself daily.

Remember consistency is going to be your strongest weapon. Think of when Michelangelo was chiseling away to create the famous sculpture of David. He didn’t give it one big whack and the sculpture was perfect. No he chiseled a little at a time, consistently over days, weeks, months until eventually the beauty of his work was revealed. Create your ultimate life by diligently chiseling out the imperfections, the excess fluff, until you reveal the masterpiece.

Don’t overwhelm yourself…

Go back to who you are and chisel your life daily and live congruently to that. Remember this is a work in progress. Love yourself.




Building a Better You: The Truth (Part 1)

Do you want to know how to be the best version of you?

If YES, read on, if NO, stop here.

If you are reading this, then I will assume you want to become the best version of you but before we go any further let me share with you the WHY.

Why Is It Important To Become Your Best You?

Becoming the authentic YOU allows you to contirbute and receive more fully all the gifts you deserve.

Life is better

Life is easier

Life is fun

I am sure you want a life that is easier, better, and fun. I know I do. When you are truly congruent and share with the world who you truly are all this will be yours. Life will be better because you will be happier that you can be yourself and you will attract people that love being around you and you them. It will be easier because now you are not forcing yourself to do things that you really don’t want be doing but things that you look forward to doing. Finally it will be more fun because you will be playing daily. Playing meaning enjoying and exploring stuff you are passionate about not trudging through work.

But What About…?

I always get that follow-up, “but what about…?” Add what ever you perceive as the obstacle (my job, my family, my time, a death) and I have heard it all. Here is the key, it is not you will never have anything bad happen to you, it is not that you will never be tired, it is not that you will be perfect and everyone will love you. No, the point is when you are authentic and living your best life, being the best YOU, then you are able to have the right attitude that will help create strengths, challenges, and learning opportunities out of life’s obstacles. You will attract the good around you. People often think that successful people are just more lucky. The truth is they create their luck by consistently working towards their goals and aligning their values to who they are as a person…but more on that later.

The 1957 winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, Albert Camus said,Those who lack the courage will always find a philosophy to justify it.

Think About That

What story are you telling yourself for not reaching your goals, for not being true to yourself, for not being as successful as you want to be? What ever it is, know that it is only an excuse. I know that may seem harsh but it is the truth. Let me prove it to you.

Write down a goal that you haven’t achieved yet but have been trying to for some time. Now write down all the reasons you haven’t been able to achieve it. Go for it do it now, I’ll wait…

Now that you have done that read all you reasons. Notice anything? What you should notice is how most if not all reasons are excuses. I am not saying it won’t be difficult and you may need to sacrifice some things to get it but at the end of the day how important is it for you to achieve this. Is it congruent to who the Best YOU is?

Break down barriers and become the authentic you. Don't make excuses, Take Action!

Putting It All Together

On the second part of this article we are going to explore how to find your true self and the practical steps you need to take to get there daily. Remember that in order to live a life that is better, easier, and more fun you must be true to yourself. (Stay tuned…)



The Rudolph Effect

I am writing this post on a plane coming back from California after speaking to 70+ fitness trainers from all around the world. I was asked to share the stage and present with some of the industries great contributors like Sam Bakhtiar, Rocco Castellano, John Spencer Ellis, Curtis Mock, Pat Rigsby, Dax Moy, and Greg Justice to name a few. I was truly honored to share the stage with these

great men.

See how it went below…
[youtube width=”600″ height=”355″][/youtube]


Why do I bring this up?

Each one of these men are so different yet were able to contribute positively to the fitness industry and as a result it has helped trainers across the world serve their clients better. This leads me to…

The Rudolph Effect!

What is it and how can take advantage of it?

To understand the Rudolph effect we need to go to the story about Rudolph the red nose reindeer (no I am not kidding). I know you know the story but I’ll give a quick recap:

In the North Pole all the reindeer were gearing up to deliver presents on Christmas. But one reindeer was hiding because all the other reindeer kept making fun of him because he looked different. He had a great big shiny red nose. His name was Rudolph. So Santa loads up the sleigh opens the barn doors and notices he can’t see outside because of the blizzard. Santa didn’t know what to do but he knew he had to do something because he needed to deliver the presents to all the kids in the world. He paced back and forth, back and forth. He stopped when he noticed a corner of the barn brightly lit. He walked over and found Rudolph hiding. When Santa asked Rudolph why he was hiding he said it was because he was embarrassed because he didn’t fit in and the other reindeer were making fun of him. Santa was disappointed at the other reindeer. Then it hit him and he jumped up and down and said, Rudolph I need you to help me save Christmas! Rudolph was confused by Santa’s statement but answered yes. Santa explained to Rudolph that he would lead the sleigh with his brilliant shiny red nose so Santa knew where he was going. Christmas was saved…ho, ho, ho. [sorry got a little carried away, LOL.]

What is the moral of the story?

Sometimes your perceived weaknesses may be your greatest asset in the right situation. Don’t try to be like other people. Don’t hide your differences embrace them. Make your differences your strengths. Dax Moy the UK’s highest paid trainer said something truly profound to all the trainers at the conference. He said, if you are living and operating congruent with your true self, serving others, and sharing your gifts, you will achieve greatness.

If you have ever felt different and self conscious that you have a “great big shiny red nose” like Rudolph take comfort in knowing that it could be your greatest strength. Dig in deep today and focus on being your true self.

I wish you great success and I am eager to meet you the true you.

Remember Us


Remember the fallen soldiers, remember their family, and enjoy the freedom they helped create for you.

R.I.P. – Paul Michael Felsberg: You were a true friend, a leader, a hero, and I miss you greatly. Christmas Eve is not the same without you (A lot more left overs, lol). I love you man.

If you know a fallen hero please honor them here and letting others know what they did for you and our country. Leave their legacy below in the comments section.




Monday Motivation-The Power of Words



I don’t really think I need to say anything but Wow! How important is it to truly comprehend the power of words. You can literally change the world. Embrace the power of words and use it to create that world you have always dreamed of today.

Mountains, Midgets, and Manners

This post should have been called “Things, Not What They Seem” but I didn’t think it sounded as cool. I am sure that you are wondering what the 3 M’s have to do with each other. Actually there is a funny story to explain it. We will call it…

The Western Exploration Adventures

After college my good friend Johann and I decided to go run the national parks throughout the US. We would be living out of the car and camping for 3 months.

We had a few rules:

1. No shaving or cutting our hair

2. We must run at least 1x day

3. Have fun

It truly was a life changing experience. This story takes place about 2 months into our trip in the Prairie Creek Campground in the Redwood National Forest in California. We had been running everyday, usually 2x’s a day. Needless to say were in decent shape.

I remember having a great 10 mile run in the morning running through the trails surrounded by majestic mountains, towering trees, and blue skies. This was such a humbling experience running through such grander that makes you feel so miniscule (i.e. midget;-). There is something about running through nature and pushing your body to an uncomfortable state that really heightens your awareness of what it means to be truly alive.

After our run we made our food and relaxed for the day hiking, reading, writing and talking to the other people in the campground. By 5PM it was time for our second run an easy 3 mile run. We ran once again through the trails soaking it all in. When we returned we went and showered in the creek. There we saw a few elk drinking water by creek. By the time we finished bathing and setting up camp we notice the campground was crawling with elk. They were just congregating and looked as if they were just socializing.

By 9:00 PM we decided to call it a night and went to bed. This is when things got weird. No, not because to grown men were sleeping in a tent together but because we were awaken by a flute, tiru-li-lu-li, tiru-li-lu-li. A sweet melody that soared through the air, filled my eardrums like water in a bucket. At first it was lovely and we thought wow some kid is practicing his flute. But by midnight we were ready to strangle that kid…We kept saying to each other, what parent would let their kid play an instrument so late at night? By midnight that melody was now like nails scratching a chalkboard, piercing through my eardrums. Don’t these people have any manners? Some of us are trying to sleep.

Eventually we fell asleep and at 7AM we were up for our morning run. Upon returning we see the park ranger and decided to be report the “Midnight Flutist”. After we explained our concern she could no longer hold back her laughter. Right there in front of us she bent over laughing as if someone punched her in the stomach (which crossed my mind when she laughed). We didn’t understand what was so funny until…

She explained that the infamous antagonist the “Midnight Flutist” was in fact our visiting elk. You see it was September (other wise known as mating season for elk). That sweet melody was their mating call destined to serenade their soon to be partner.

I hope you enjoyed one of the many stories and experiences Johann and I had during our Western Exploration Adventure.

What did you think about the “Midnight Flutist”? Leave a comment below.



PS – So what was today’s message for living out your Soul Purpose

1. Explore and see this world. This life changing trip really changed my perspective of people and the world.

2. You can only share with others not by yourself. Don’t be an island embrace and cultivate life enhancing relationships.

3. Don’t jump to conclusions about “Midnight Flutist” (It could be a bunch of elk trying to get their groove on).

4. Fitness and health is a big part vitality

5. Find your passion (One of mine is running) and explore how you can immerse yourself in it.

PPS – Once again leave a comment below and let me know what you think about the “Midnight Flutist”.