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Lessons on the Run: Ep21-Run in the Rain

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5 Reasons Why You Should Run in the Rain:

1.  It’s fun:

Remember back to when you were a kid. Every time you there was a puddle our parents would steer us clear of them or when it was raining how you just wanted to play in the rain and drink it straight from the sky. Now is your chance to splash that puddle, to drink the rain, to play and to run in it.

2.  It will change up your regular routine:

Boredom is bound to strike if you do the same thing ever day. Nature has a brilliant way of changing our perspective with rain. It is up to you to embrace it and see the new landscape moist, dripping and wet.

3.  Because other won’t:

Most people head for cover when it rains. Most of your competitors also take it indoors or take the day off. Not you. Use the rain as one more reason you know you will be ready to compete. When it is dark, wet and gloomy with the wind howling in your face you will win.

4.  Makes you adaptable to more situations:

Running the same way over the same course helps us adapt to those circumstances but nature changes and if you want to compete then so must you.

5.  Once again it is fun =)


Running as a sport is so simple. You put one foot in front of the other. Rain doesn’t change that only it gives you an opportunity to run as a child. No inhibition, just plain fun. Splash in the puddles, get wet, and smile. You are not going to melt. Get on the grass or on a trail connect to your primal instincts and smile.

Take that leap of curiosity next time it rains. Gloomy feelings are as a result of indoctrination. Give a new meaning to rain and embrace it.



Leave a comment below: Do you like running in the rain and why?


Lessons on the Run: Ep15-Listening to your body

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Today is the first ever car cast.

Definitely a different feel.

I wanted to really touch on listening to your body.


Running creates a scenario that lets you listen to the external beat of your steps and breathing. If you dig deeper and listen internally you find your body sharing vital information about effort, HR, and comfort. I have always felt that running was a conversation you had with your body. Like any conversation you must listen not only “talk”. Make sure you are quiet enough to listen to what your body is telling you.



Lessons on the Run: Ep14-Blessed Because & Mantras

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Today’s Lessons on the Run I share a 3 things:

First Lesson:

It was my first day running in the CEP compression socks. They have good consistent compression throughout and I feel helped me get through today’s 8 mile run with no pain on my calf. More importantly is a lesson in providing value and great customer service.

Customer service is very important to me and Hector and Coby from the iRun Company here in Miami went above and beyond and I appreciate it. You see I live about 30 miles away and with my hectic schedule could not get over there. Well they decided to that it was important for my running so they sent via mail. I got the CEP compression socks and didn’t have to leave my house. So thank you guys. To all the business owners out there creating value and relationships is what will set you a part from your competition, not your prices.

Second Lesson:

I wanted to share a running mantra I use that puts a smile on my face every time and lets me fall into a trans. Let describe what a mantra is to me. A mantra is a phrase or words you repeat over and over again that helps hypnotize you into a certain state of being, a certain mood. One of my favorites and the one I used today is:

“Thank you God

for giving me today,

And letting me run

another day.”

Now repeat that over and over as you are running and you will see that the repetition will fill you with gratitude and get you through even the toughest run.

Third Lesson is…

What makes you feel blessed?

For me it is my family, wife, kids, parents, siblings, friends the fact I get to share my passion with you and anyone else that will listen. These are but a few things that make me feel blessed to be alive. These are all if you notice all relationships. The truth is if you break down all the things that make you feel blessed, relationships make up our core of happiness, value, and love. Things come and go but relationships when cultivated will always be more valuable.

[If you haven’t already done so watch the video because I share a special story about my relationship with my father and how the advice he gave me has allowed me to live out my passion every day. Trust me you don’t want to miss this.]




Lessons on the Run: Ep12-Family Day is your day!

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Sunday is family day at our house.

This Sunday I wanted to share that it was the first time we all went for a run together thanks to my sister Kika who lent us the double stroller. We ran to the park, then around the park and off to the play ground.

The reason I wanted to talk about this is because I believe that family is so important so why not dedicate at least one day to sharing and enjoying together. The truth is this actually pretty weak. If family is truly important you would make time daily. I understand we are all busy and it is not easy. Trust me I fall into this trap but the more I reflect the more I realize that it is the only thing that makes sense.

So if you have not instituted a family day try it. If you think you are too busy try doing daily family hours. One thing is for sure no one ever on their death bed said I wish I had put in more hours at work but there have been many that said,

“I wish I had spent the short time here on earth with the people I loved the most, the people that mattered most to me.”

Just my thoughts. Enjoy and would love to hear your thoughts on the comments below.



Lessons on the Run: Ep11-St. Patty’s Day Special

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Happy St. Patty’s Day!

What a great day it is.

First I woke up to 66 degrees, clear skies, and went for a run with Miguel (My brother-in-law). Not only that but we ran for 65 minutes straight on the trails and I had no pains what so ever. The key here is that this was the longest continuous run I have done over the past few months. Happy Camper!

Dressed for the St. Patty's Day boot camp with my Green Juice in hand

Lessons on the Run: Ep10-Do You Run With An IPod?

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I know this supposed to be about running with an iPod but lets look at the bigger reason.

Why do you run?

I know that is a loaded question but I’ll start. I love running for what it allows me to do both physically and mentally. I use it as my meditation time. My time to unplug with life and plug into my consciousness, the psyche if you will. I get me best thinking, my best big ideas, and clarity on what is going on in my life. That is my therapy. It allows me to focus and function better. It allows me to be a better husband and father. Running lets the authentic me become a reality daily and not get lost in the hustle.

So do I use an iPod when I run? NO

I have nothing against it but for me I find that it is just extra noise. I need that time to clear my head and listen to my thoughts, my breathing. There is something about the monotony, the beats of my steps, and the rhythm of my breathing that allows me to go into a trans. Running is my drug of choice.

So do you run with an iPod, why or why not? (LEAVE YOUR ANSWER IN THE COMMENTS SECTION BELOW)



Lessons on the Run: Ep9-Appreciating Life

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Wow, today was amazing!

Life is totally and completely about appreciating and enjoy experiences and our relationships.

The truth is I have been waiting for this day. I still remember all the joy I felt the first time I took Mandy for a run in the jog stroller. It was an overcast sky with a slight drizzle, I had just finished my first cross country race running unattached since I had graduated college 7 years earlier at Larry & Penny Thompson Park. After the race my wife, my brother, and myself pushed the stroller taking turns talking and enjoying the experience. It was so special.

For the past 11 months I have enjoyed, played, loved, admired, and fed Amelie. Today was Amelie’s turn only this time I got to enjoy her by myself, on a beautiful sunny morning in the trails. Though we don’t have lot of trails or mountains in Miami (which I love) I am fortunate I live next to some trails. Today’s run was fun. I stopped every 5 minutes to do exercises and laugh with Amelie for a total of 35 minutes. Amelie loved it. She was kicking, smiling, and relaxing. I am looking forward to doing this more.

Why did I make this video?

During my run I realized the appreciation I had to be able to experience this with my daughter. I realized that daily their are experiences that pass us by because we are too busy to acknowledge and appreciate them. After today’s run I realized that I don’t want to take them for granted. I don’t want to miss out. I want to appreciate each and every moment. I’ve mentioned it before but “Tomorrow is promised to no one.” Let’s not wait until it is too late.

Recently I had a post on a friend of mine that has cancer (Read here). You never know when your life will change or the life of someone you love.

Live, Love, Matter!





Stretching Your Horizons

This morning while teaching a boot camp class I was inspired by some ones t-shirt. It had a picture of the sun with rays of light stretching out across the shirt. While driving I was listening to motivational speaker, Les Brown. He said something simple yet profound, “Stretch Yourself”. When I put the t-shirt and Les’s message together I realized that the horizon was the perfect metaphor for our “limits”.

As you chase the horizon it moves. The same goes for your perceived limits. You must have the courage to move. When you advance you get to see further then your previous limits. Keep moving that horizon and keep chasing that dream.

Live Fully, Live Abundantly!




Lessons on the Run: Ep3-Getting rid of “Cramps”

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In today’s run I experienced a side stitch or cramp while running. If you have ever gotten a cramp while running it is very uncomfortable. It completely changes how you run, how you breathe, how you feel.

The 2 Key Components to Getting Rid of a Cramp

1st – Put pressure on it.

By applying that pressure over the cramp it helps to relax and to reset the muscle spasm happening to cause the cramp.

2nd – Be persistent.

It is important to note that pressure works but you still have to grind through it. Eventually it will stop but you must be patient with it and push through.

The most important question I can ask you is…

What are those “cramps” in your life that are slowing down from achieving your goals ans what are you doing about them?

I have always thought of running as a great metaphor for life. I have never been really talented but I can be persistent. Some people get results quickly and easier bu you can’t depend on that for success. Everyone though has the ability to be persistent until they get what they want. Think of water passing of stone over and over again. As it rolls over it wears down the stone a little at a time until eventually you have something as magnificent as the Grand Canyon.

Be persistent like water and look at the beauty you can create.

I encourage you to create buffer to discomfort and a thirst for persistence.



FDA Passes Obesity Drug! (Not Good)

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RANTING – Let’s Take Responsibility

After my little rant there here is what I want you to get from it.

The obesity problem in the US is not because we need obesity drugs to help.

All the obesity drug is going to do is cause worse side effects and teach the person taking it that the answer to obesity is a pill. Obesity is not a drug deficiency but a behavioral problem. I would go even further and say it is a mindset problem.

I know it is not going to be easy. After working with hundreds if not thousands of people trying to lose weight I know there are many struggles. I do know that my most successful clients all have certain things in common. I want to share the

top 3 habits they practiced daily to achieve success.

1.)  They got uncomfortable.

[Getting uncomfortable about your situation will instigate action. If you are comfortable where you are you have no real reason to to change. As humans we love being comfortable. It is when we break out of our comfort zone when success and growth happens.]

2.)  They decided what they wanted and why.

[You have to know what you want so you know what direction to go in. The why is the fire that will keep you going even when you don’t feel like it. Make sure you have a strong enough why. Make it life or death!]

3.)  They took ACTION!

[Action creates momentum. Starting is probably one of the toughest parts about anything. That is when you experience the greatest resistance. So when I saw take action start simple. Don’t wait until everything is perfect, when you know all the answers on how to get to your goals.]

An imperfect plan perfectly executed will give you better results than a perfect plan that was never executed!

*BONUS: They created and surrounded themselves with people that expect and want them to succeed.

[The power of the group has been studied by so many and the results are always better. Find a group that will hold you accountable, find a group you like, and have fun.]

What do you think about the FDA’s ruling? Why do you AGREE or DISAGREE?