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Feeling Overwhelmed?

The other day I had the privilege of being on a call with over 200 other fitness professionals listening to the one and only Dax Moy. If Marcus Aurelius was the philosopher king, then Dax Moy is the philosopher fitness Guru. A very deep guy yet simple to understand.

In the world of Gurus he’s one person I admire. The call was about being overwhelmed.

Have you ever felt overwhelmed?

Here is what I understood from the call that can help you.

Overwhelm is the product of passion without clear direction and purpose.

Let me repeat that, “Overwhelm is the product of passion without clear direction and purpose.”

If you want the life that you truly deserve, you will get to it by eliminating not by adding things to your life.

We’ve been conditioned to think that we need more things in order to be happy. That could be further from the truth. Most of us really don’t know exactly what we want. As a result we just add more and more things into our lives hoping that if we add enough things perhaps we may get there.

3 Key Factors that Make Us Overwhelmed:

  1. No clear direction what you want.
  2. No clear passion that lights up your life
  3. Adding things in your life that clutter and confuse your passion and direction

Let’s break down each one briefly.

First, decide what would your ideal life look like. Write down in detail what a typical day for you might be. The more details the better. Here are some questions you may want to consider. “Where do you want to live?” “What do you want to do?” “How would you start and end each day?” “What does your house look like?” “Who would you spend your time with?” “What would you eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?” “How would you spend your day?”

Once you have done that, reverse engineer what it would cost to live that life. Meaning do some research. Write down all the expenses of this lifestyle. Now you have a close approximation of what it would take to realize this ideal life. It is probably much less than you think. Even if it is not now you have something to shoot for.

Next, is not having a clear passion that lights up your life. This is your life force. I have met many people tell me they are not passionate about anything. Everyone has passions. The problem is most people suppress them because they were told that they needed to have a “safe job” or a “real job”. Think about hobbies or things you do or people you interact with that make you feel energized and excited before, during, and after.

After you find this, figure out ways to do this more often. If you need to quit your job… Do it. I know that may sound irresponsible but the truth is I believe it is irresponsible not to live your life to its full potential. I believe that we are put on this earth to contribute at the highest level. I believe that will only happen when we live congruent with our passions and strength.

Remember I said in the beginning that, “If you want the life that you truly deserve, you will get to it by eliminating not by adding things to your life.” Now that you have the first two knocked out it is time to start cleaning. Look at your daily activities and tasks. Which of these activities or tasks are not allowing your to do things you are passionate about. Which are draining your attention and energy away from being congruent? Some of these may be work related tasks. Ask yourself should you really be doing them? Can you delegate them? Can you hire someone to do them for you? By doing them what is it really costing you?

What you will find when you start cleaning out your life is you have more energy, have more time to do the things you want, and finally you will eliminate overwhelm.

I felt I needed to share this information with you because it is so powerful.


Here is the other thing. We live in a society where we have an overflow of information. Information can be overwhelming. The key is not having more information. It should be to acquire more knowledge that helps you get closer to your vision.

What is the difference between information and knowledge?

Knowledge is the application and internalization of information to aid you for your ultimate purpose. Said differently, apply what you learn or it does you no good.

So go on an information elimination diet.

Start applying what is useful and discard the rest.




Be 1% Better and Change the World

I’ve worked 6 days a week  for 4 years to improve in a race that lasts 12 seconds.

– Lolo Jones, US Olympic Hurdler

In 2008 Lolo was leading the field, running the 100m hurdles at the Olympic finals. As she leaped across hurdle 9 of 10, she clipped it with her rear leg. She tried desperately to regain her stride with the finish line within her grasp…

Those agonizing last few seconds seem to drag on as the other runners passed Lolo and left her off the medals podium. As a spectator screaming at the TV I was brokenhearted. After so much time invested into her race, she was the favorite, the fastest hurdler in the world, yet all it took was one moment and the outcome changed…

Have you ever worked hard for something and at the last moment it just fell apart?

What did you do?

Did you give up or did you get back up, dust yourself off, and press on?

I have been guilty of both.

Lolo Jones represented our country again in 2012 and fell short of the medal podium once again. I can bet this is not the last we will see of her. Champions find a way to use their failures as the stepping stones to greater glory. Press on Lolo.

I wanted to share this story of an Olympic competitor because it illustrates the concept of 1%. In order to be a champion or a success in anything you do you must chip away consistently until you get the results you are looking for. Once you get there you have to stay consistent to maintain those results. This concept of the 1% was first introduced to me by business coach Pat Rigsby. Just like that shocking moment watching Lolo clip the 9th hurdle, I had a shocking realization that the concept of 1% is something that everyone can do and you don’t have to be an Olympian.

What is the 1% Concept?

As Pat explained, “Most business owners want to double their business. The problem is you cannot do that in a day…they often get overwhelmed.” He suggests on focusing on getting 1% better every day. It doesn’t seem all that much but it will add up. In a year you will be 365% better than the previous year.

Success then is not necessarily a huge accomplishment, though it can be, but being better than the day before. If you have the vision and patience to stay the course success will be yours. Those are 2 key “if’s”.

How to address the 2 “if’s”…

*  First, decide what you want (vision).

*  Second, realize that most things that are worth working for are not accomplished overnight. They take patience to see it through over months and years. How long are you willing to work for your goals?

*  Finally, take daily action to improve at least 1% closer to your goal.

I Want to Know…

How can you set up a daily action plan to help you get 1% better daily?

I look forward to your answer.



Overcoming Adversity With Ancient Wisdom

[youtube width=”600″ height=”355″][/youtube]

See how this ancient Chinese proverb can help you overcome any adversity that life brings you. I have used it to help guide and push me when I didn’t want to.

“LIFE is not about how many times you get knocked down. It is about how many times we get back up and keep fighting. Quitting is for losers, and quitting ain’t you…” – Rocky

Lessons on the Run: Ep19-Running Equals Success

[youtube width=”600″ height=”355″][/youtube]

First let me wish a Happy Easter!

We have a great day planned with the family. 2 Easter egg hunts planned (no candies) and 2 family dinners (could be dangerous).

Here is what I wanted to share with you.

Running = Success

As I mentioned in the video when you run daily you are actually building the tools needed for success.

5 Success Tools Running Gives You:

1.)   Persistence: This goes back to one of my running mantras, ‘Take 1 more step.” Running gives you the power to keep going when others stop. It develops a compulsion to “GO”. If you want success in life you must go, you must be persistent.

2.)   Dedication: Runners must brave the elements, wake up in the wee hours of the morning, brave the scalding noon sun, or regroup after a long days works. Runner finds solace in each mile. Success demands dedication because like running it is not about a destination but the journey taken daily.

3.)   Feeling in control when you are out of your comfort zone: Running is about being able to deal with uncomfortable situations. Side stitches, shortness of breath, burning muscles, fatigue, glycogen depletion, lactic acid build up, aches, pains, scetchy terrain are just some of the examples that a runner goes through when pushing their body, mind and spirit. Success demads getting out of your comfort zone in order to advance. Take the road less traveled and excel in it.

4.)   Overcoming obstacles: How many people do you know that stop when they overcome obstacles? Lots! How many dedicated, serious runner stop when they have obstacles? Not many because that is what they are searching for. They want the pain, they want the hardship so that can come out victorious. True leaders do not shy away from obstacles. They use each obstacle to strategically place them 1 step ahead of their competition.

5.)   Working hard daily: To be a successful runner you must have a daily work ethic that is consistent. Success comes not through one single event but through the sum of each daily task taken consistently. Success may often be judged by others in a single event but make no mistake it was decided long before. When a runner crosses the finish line first most people never know all the many miles that went into that win. Often it is mistaken for luck. It is not luck or genetics, it is pure sweat equity. Create the luck you want!

I hope this shed some light.

If you are not a runner, now is a great time to start. (Feel free to contact me and I’ll help you start)

If you are a runner, smile and start applying these principles into your life.

I want to know how you have applied on of these principles to your life.





Lessons on the Run: Ep2-Small Victories Equals Big Successes

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Running is my meditation…

I think best during and after my runs. Today’s lesson on the run focuses on creating small success.

For the past 8 months I have been injured off and on. The problem was I would start feeling better then I would start back at the level I was at. The body was trying to give me hints but I wasn’t listening. So after 8 months it hit me. Slow down! I know that may seem pretty obvious but when you can, you do! I could physically run faster, I could physically run far but after a few times the body would break down.

Here is what I did…

1st: Create a mindset change. I had to understand that I have to take it slower so that my muscles and tissues needed to adapt slowly.

2nd: Create mini challenges that allowed me to have mini success. The most effective challenge was that I had to do a minimum of 15 minutes of movement exercises daily. That is something doable. So it allowed me to reach a goal and use that to build from.

3rd: Mini runs that add up to bigger runs. I had to break down my running to 5 minute intervals, then I’d stop and do some exercise for about 1 minute, then start running again. I have slowly built it up to 13 minutes. Can’t wait until I can get back to 3 and 3 hour runs. In the meantime I am grateful to be back running and thinking clearly.

I wish you the best in all you do. Don’t forget the little victories will add up to bigger success.



What little challenges can you give to yourself to create mini victories and create momentum for one of your goals?



Insights by Armando: Good & Bad

[youtube width=”560″ height=”315″][/youtube]


– Things are not good or bad. We are the ones that gives them that title.

– When things out of your control aren’t going your way, focus on your mindset which you have control over.

– Wishing for something is great but you must take action to get it. It is not just going to come to you because you are a good person.

– Be a champion daily in all you do.

Hope you enjoyed this quick video.



Share your thoughts below and contribute to our community…

2012 Commitments: Why Resolutions Don’t Work!

So the New Year is upon us and we are told to make New Years resolutions. New Years Resolutions DON’T WORK. What ends up happening is most people only think about them through the first 3 month of the year, if that,  after that they forget or are so far off that they just decide to forget them.

To succeed create commitments!

Thomas Edison found 10,000 ways not to make a light bulb. He was commited to finding the way to make it work. Are you commited?

First let me explain what a commitment means. To commit to something is to do everything and anything to succeed. That is it. Thomas Edison was committed to success when it took him 10,000 different designs for the light bulb before he figured the right one. How many of us would have stopped after the 1st or fourth, or 20th…You get the point. When you are committed there is only one thing on your mind, keep trying until you get it. It may mean trying different approaches, being more patient, asking others for help but you are committed to success.

Create 2 types of commitments:

1.  Ultimate Commitment

(i.e. the end results, big picture goal)

2.  Daily Commitment

(i.e. the daily habits you are committing to in order to achieve your goals)

Start with your Ultimate Commitment. What do you want to achieve? Once you’ve answered that question move on to your Daily Commitments. Ask yourself, What actions do I need to take on a daily basis to achieve your Ultimate Commitment?

Let me make this real by giving you an example from my personal commitment for 2012.

Ultimate Commitment: I have written a book by December 20th, 2012.

Daily Commitment:

*   I will write daily at least 30 minutes.

*   I will write 1 blog post weekly.

*   I will write 1 content email weekly.

What I have done is created daily actions that will help writing become a natural thing for me (which it is not), I have also integrated ways of staying accountable via emails and blog post being sent out weekly. My subscribers, you will know if I have done it or not and I expect you to call me out on it. While I am not perfect I am committing to making these things happen in 2012 by scheduling the time to write daily at 9AM.

Let me give you a weight loss example…

Try to fit your family into your daily habits if possible. Help them develop the right habits early on in life so they don't have to go through the same struggles you are going through.

I know weight loss is a big one at the start of every year. If someone asked me how to lose 30 lbs this would be a good start. The key to this is to measure your progress and make any adjustments there. This should serve as a good start.

Ultimate Commitment: I will be 30 lbs lighter on June 14th, 2012 just in time for summer

Daily Commitment:

*   I will do 15 minutes of exercise daily first thing in the morning 7 days a week.

*   I will go to boot camp in the evenings 4 times a week.

*   I will drink 3 liters of water daily.

*   I will eat a leafy green salad with at least 2 meals daily.

*   I will not any bread or pasta unless I have just done exercise.

*   I will record all my food intake and exercise daily so that I can better monitor my progress.

Lets break this down. The Ultimate Commitment is to lose 30 lbs in 6 months. Well in order to do that in the example I have set up of daily habits I must achieve in order to achieve this goal. As Peter Drucker so eloquently said, “if you don’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” Make sure your commitments are measurable. I like making a list of daily habits with check boxes. On a daily basis you must check them off. I have found that the use of something as simple as a check box is really helpful.

I know if you take this proven approach to Commitment you will succeed. Get thinking about your Ultimate Commitments and your Daily Commitments to achieve the results you want in 2012.



PS – I would love to hear your commitments for 2012 and your daily actions steps to keep you accountable.
PPS – If you don’t have a place to workout that will keep you motivated and keep you accountable check out our boot camp.