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Lessons on the Run: Ep25-Callusing, the Key to Running Success

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What is callusing and how can you use it to improve your running, improve your fitness and decrease your chances of getting injured?

Before I answer that did you ever see the movie Kickboxer? Not the greatest movie (Definitely a guy flick, starring Jean-Claude Van Damme). There is a seen where he is Thailand training kicking a palm tree to toughen his shins. He keeps kicking until he kicks the tree down and injures himself.

That may seem ridiculous but that is essentially what so many runners do with their training. They go for broke daily until they lose motivation, get injured and lose motivation, or are so fatigued and don’t improve, invariably losing motivation. See a reoccurring theme here?

What I propose is “Callusing”.

Callusing the body and your training.

Callusing is the daily training done consistently and incrementally allowing for your body, your muscles, your tissue, and your fitness to adapt and absorb the stress you are placing it.

The difference between a “blister” and a rock hard callus is the proper balance of intensity, consistency, and patience.

Have a plan to strategically train your body and fitness patiently and incrementally.





Lessons on the Run: Ep21-Don’t Listen To Your Body!

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Yes you read the title correctly, Don’t listen to your body!

Here is why…

Have you ever gone for a run and felt your legs heavy and flat?

Of course…

What did you do about it? Did you stop running or press on?

The answer will different for all of us a different times but if you run enough you will inevitably run on tired, flat legs.

Here is the beauty of it…

Very rarely if you compete will the stars align and everything will be perfect (Weather, competition, race strategy, hydration, the way you feel…). I believe it is important for you to train in this state. As I mentioned in the video above if you have sharp pains in your joints or feel a body ache because you are sick or you have done 3-4 runs where you feel exhausted then stop. Otherwise grind it out. It will make you stronger and teach you to deal with the inevitable fatigue.

Today’s run on the Track with my client called for striders, drills, plus 4x200m (Goal pace: 32-37s with full recovery).

My client felt his legs flat this morning but he was able to negative split each in his trainers (35.8, 35.6, 35.5, 35.2). Sometimes you just have to give your body the opportunity to get oiled up and perform. That is exactly what he did. Next time you are in a race and you feel the legs heavy don’t fret. Give yourself the opportunity to grind it. Grinding reveals your character and will.

*NOTE: Previous workouts he was grinding out 37-38s. Today’s effort had the same effort but were 2 seconds faster!!!

The Moral of the Story is…

Don’t listen to your body always.

You are in control.

Take charge and surprise yourself.

Make today great.

Greatness is an attitude not a destination!




Lessons on the Run: Ep8- Tight Hamstrings

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After my first track session yesterday I woke up DESTROYED!

Seriously I was sore, especially in my hamstrings. They felt like steel rods going down the back of my leg. Regardless I decided to give it a go and run nice and easy. I was struggling and limping. As I warmed up it loosened up slightly.

Then I decided to go against all logic…

Go faster!

Yes you heard me right, I decided to pick up the pace and see what happened. I was shocked because it actually felt better. Now understand that I am not running at a full sprint here. I was going slow, shuffling pace to what felt effort wise like tempo pace or half marathon pace.

Here is my theory:

By picking up the pace I fell into a natural rhythm the body created. By flowing and running in that rhythm the body responds more naturally with less resistance. By being more fluid, more efficient my body was allowed to release and relax the tension in the hamstrings.

If you find yourself a little tight, the answer may actually be to speed up not slow down.

Enjoy it, try it, and report on it.




Mountains, Midgets, and Manners

This post should have been called “Things, Not What They Seem” but I didn’t think it sounded as cool. I am sure that you are wondering what the 3 M’s have to do with each other. Actually there is a funny story to explain it. We will call it…

The Western Exploration Adventures

After college my good friend Johann and I decided to go run the national parks throughout the US. We would be living out of the car and camping for 3 months.

We had a few rules:

1. No shaving or cutting our hair

2. We must run at least 1x day

3. Have fun

It truly was a life changing experience. This story takes place about 2 months into our trip in the Prairie Creek Campground in the Redwood National Forest in California. We had been running everyday, usually 2x’s a day. Needless to say were in decent shape.

I remember having a great 10 mile run in the morning running through the trails surrounded by majestic mountains, towering trees, and blue skies. This was such a humbling experience running through such grander that makes you feel so miniscule (i.e. midget;-). There is something about running through nature and pushing your body to an uncomfortable state that really heightens your awareness of what it means to be truly alive.

After our run we made our food and relaxed for the day hiking, reading, writing and talking to the other people in the campground. By 5PM it was time for our second run an easy 3 mile run. We ran once again through the trails soaking it all in. When we returned we went and showered in the creek. There we saw a few elk drinking water by creek. By the time we finished bathing and setting up camp we notice the campground was crawling with elk. They were just congregating and looked as if they were just socializing.

By 9:00 PM we decided to call it a night and went to bed. This is when things got weird. No, not because to grown men were sleeping in a tent together but because we were awaken by a flute, tiru-li-lu-li, tiru-li-lu-li. A sweet melody that soared through the air, filled my eardrums like water in a bucket. At first it was lovely and we thought wow some kid is practicing his flute. But by midnight we were ready to strangle that kid…We kept saying to each other, what parent would let their kid play an instrument so late at night? By midnight that melody was now like nails scratching a chalkboard, piercing through my eardrums. Don’t these people have any manners? Some of us are trying to sleep.

Eventually we fell asleep and at 7AM we were up for our morning run. Upon returning we see the park ranger and decided to be report the “Midnight Flutist”. After we explained our concern she could no longer hold back her laughter. Right there in front of us she bent over laughing as if someone punched her in the stomach (which crossed my mind when she laughed). We didn’t understand what was so funny until…

She explained that the infamous antagonist the “Midnight Flutist” was in fact our visiting elk. You see it was September (other wise known as mating season for elk). That sweet melody was their mating call destined to serenade their soon to be partner.

I hope you enjoyed one of the many stories and experiences Johann and I had during our Western Exploration Adventure.

What did you think about the “Midnight Flutist”? Leave a comment below.



PS – So what was today’s message for living out your Soul Purpose

1. Explore and see this world. This life changing trip really changed my perspective of people and the world.

2. You can only share with others not by yourself. Don’t be an island embrace and cultivate life enhancing relationships.

3. Don’t jump to conclusions about “Midnight Flutist” (It could be a bunch of elk trying to get their groove on).

4. Fitness and health is a big part vitality

5. Find your passion (One of mine is running) and explore how you can immerse yourself in it.

PPS – Once again leave a comment below and let me know what you think about the “Midnight Flutist”.