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FDA Passes Obesity Drug! (Not Good)

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RANTING – Let’s Take Responsibility

After my little rant there here is what I want you to get from it.

The obesity problem in the US is not because we need obesity drugs to help.

All the obesity drug is going to do is cause worse side effects and teach the person taking it that the answer to obesity is a pill. Obesity is not a drug deficiency but a behavioral problem. I would go even further and say it is a mindset problem.

I know it is not going to be easy. After working with hundreds if not thousands of people trying to lose weight I know there are many struggles. I do know that my most successful clients all have certain things in common. I want to share the

top 3 habits they practiced daily to achieve success.

1.)  They got uncomfortable.

[Getting uncomfortable about your situation will instigate action. If you are comfortable where you are you have no real reason to to change. As humans we love being comfortable. It is when we break out of our comfort zone when success and growth happens.]

2.)  They decided what they wanted and why.

[You have to know what you want so you know what direction to go in. The why is the fire that will keep you going even when you don’t feel like it. Make sure you have a strong enough why. Make it life or death!]

3.)  They took ACTION!

[Action creates momentum. Starting is probably one of the toughest parts about anything. That is when you experience the greatest resistance. So when I saw take action start simple. Don’t wait until everything is perfect, when you know all the answers on how to get to your goals.]

An imperfect plan perfectly executed will give you better results than a perfect plan that was never executed!

*BONUS: They created and surrounded themselves with people that expect and want them to succeed.

[The power of the group has been studied by so many and the results are always better. Find a group that will hold you accountable, find a group you like, and have fun.]

What do you think about the FDA’s ruling? Why do you AGREE or DISAGREE?