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3 Year Old Explains Vitamin-D (Funny)

[youtube width=”600″ height=”355″][/youtube]

Vitamin D is something that is free to all.

You can get it from the sun. It has so many benefits some of which my 3 year old son describes. He is quite a character and has such a great personality. I feel so blessed to have such a great son that is fun and health conscious.

Some Health Benefits of Vitamin D

–  Increased Energy

–  Increased Immunity

–  Increased Protection from Cancer

–  Feel Happier

–  Apparently after watching the video it makes you a good dancer, lol.

Make it a great day.



The Nutrition X-Files: What do Canadians know that we don’t?

I am often asked questions regarding nutrition from when should I eat carbs, to what type of alcohol should I drink? Everyone is different and while there is no magic pill, there is Magic food. Below expert nutritionist, author, strength coach, and all around good guy, the Canadian Sensation -Yuri Elkaim takes you through the questions you asked.

Key Points covered are:

– Best alcohol to drink

– When to eat fruits

– When to eat carbs

– How much protein and from where should you eat it

– Recipes for high energy yield

– and more…

Leave a comment below if you have any more questions. (Listen below.)

Below is a the cleanse that Yuri was talking about.

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Salads Are No Longer Boring!!!

Salads. Most people think salad and they think iceberg lettuce, some pale tomato slices, maybe some onions, and some dressing to wash it down. How boring and frankly I see why people to don’t really care for them. So my objective today is to get you to commit to being creative when making your next salad, which should be daily. Below you will find my Fabulous 5 Key Elements to making delicious, nutritious salads you will crave and your body will demand. Let’s get started.


Armando’s Fabulous 5 Key Elements to Delicious & Nutritious Salads

1. Get Your Grass On: Fresh Quality Organic Greens (Spinach, Mixed greens, Romaine Lettuce, Chard, Collard Greens…) will form the base of your salad. It the building block of your salad so don’t sacrifice in quality.

2. Get Your Crunch On: Most peoples idea of crunch in a salad is croutons. That is for boring unhealthy people but for you, you will sprinkle carrots or flax seed crackers or sprouts… the list goes on and on. The point is see what you like and explore from there for the ultimate crunch in your salad.

3. Get Your Color On: The more colors = the more nutritious because color in foods indicate certain essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients our body craves. Also if the salad has more colors it will be visually attractive and taste better. So get colorful and have fun with it.

4. Get Your Fat On: Good fats are a must. Nuts, avocado, olive oil, flax seeds are examples of great sources of good fats. They help with brain function, decreased inflammation, and yes weight loss (imagine that, LOL).

5. Get Your Protein On: Protein will help build and maintain strong muscles plus will add different texture to your salad. Protein can be in the form of meats, chicken, fish, beans, eggs, yogurt and others. This will keep the salad hearty and filling.

*BonusGet Your Inner Explorer On: This is where you through out all your preconceived notions as to what a salad should be and get creative. To help you visit farmers markets, different types of restaurants, and search online for ideas to new recipes. You will start seeing different elements that your palate really appreciates. (One that I found delicious is adding blueberries to my salad plus some balsamic vinegar. The vinegar really brings out the sweetness of the blueberries). funny salad


This could be a topic all by itself but the important part of all dressings are the ingredients. Ideally you would make your own dressing. There are many recipes online. Use the best ingredients to get the best taste. Personally I love a hearty amount of olive oil on my salad. If you are going to buy a salad dressing read the ingredients and you should be able get all the ingredients at the store (i.e. if it looks like a list for a chemistry project or you can’t pronounce it, has coloring, has natural flavors added then put it back.)

[*NOTE: Do you know why they have to put natural flavoring? Because they have processed and killed all the ingredients so much that it taste horrible. So they add this flavoring so that it taste like something you have had before or something palatable.]

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21 Day Rapid Fat Loss

Healthy Holiday Shake

So here is the recipe for my Healthy Holiday Shake. Remember quality is name of the game, so go organic.

3 bananas

3-4 dates dried

1/4 cup coconut flakes

1-2 handfuls of raw almonds

1 tbsp cinnimon

1/2 tsp vanilla extract

1 tbsp flax oil

1 raw organic eggs

1-1.5 cups water or coconut water

2 handfuls of ice

Combine all ingredients in a blender. should have plenty so share, enjoy.

All Diets Work But All Diets Fail…huh?


Yes all diets work and all diets do fail. What the heck does that mean? Let’s break it down. This is what I mean, if you do any diet on the market (which by the way there are new ones coming out everyday) you will lose weight. Some are better than others and some are healthier than others. I am sure most of you have tried one or more diets in your life and have lost some weight. Then what happens? Well usually you will stop seeing results so you get frustrated or it becomes too boring or too hard to follow the diet with your lifestyle. So really what is the problem?

Mindset. Mindset is everything. Here is the reality, most people fail not because they are doing the wrong diet or wrong exercises but because they start with wrong mindset. If you have a short term mindset you will have short term results but if you have what I call a “Lifestyle Mindset” you will set yourself up for success.


A “Lifestyle Mindset” has you focus on the big picture. Your life is uniquely yours and no one else will have the same obstacles and time constraints that you have. So the important thing is saying, “Can I do this for the rest of my life?” A diet is not one of them. A diet has a start and an end. Below I have addressed 3 steps to success with your health and fitness goals.

3 Steps to Success

1. Know what you want. [As the saying goes if you don’t know where you are going you won’t know when you are there.]

2. Give yourself the opportunity to succeed. [Celebrate the little things and don’t worry if  you are not perfect at first. Think of a baby, you don’t wait until he is doing something perfect before you give him praise. If he is even close you get all excited. Do the same for yourself; be flexible.]

3. Surround yourself with a good support crew that knows what you want and will help you and hold you accountable. [This is so important, we all need and want to be praised as well as pushed to be better. This may be your family (lucky you) but remember chose your peer group and love your family.]

I hope this helps you get started on your path to success. I know many of you struggle with nutrition so I have attached my Habits for Nutritional Success (CLICK HERE).

Please leave you comments and questions below. I want your feedback. Thanks.



See How Andra Shed 27 Inches!!!! See how Andra lost 27 inches and how you can too.

How My Mojito Tonic Saved Me From 93% Humidity with 82 Degrees



Happy Memorial Day! What  a blessing when we get to give thanks and honor those men and women who sacrificed their lives and those who currently fight to maintain our freedom. God bless them all. 

I woke up late just trying to catch up on sleep but I paid for it. As for my run I almost passed out because of the heat and humidity. Legs felt fine but was drained by the sun. Only ran for 30 minutes, I will run the other half in the afternoon. After the run though I had my famous Mando’s Mojito Tonic, refreshing and revitalizing. Here is the recipe:

Mando’s Mojito Tonic

1 Cup Ice

2oz Wheatgrass Juice

4 oz Celery Juice

6 oz Lemon Juice

2-4 oz Raw Blue Agave

2-4 Sprigs Mint Leaves

Juice celery, wheat grass and Lemon then add to blender with ice, agave, and mint. Blend and enjoy cold.

Please leave your comments on Memorial Day and Mando’s Mojito Tonic.