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Lessons on the Run: Ep9-Appreciating Life

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Wow, today was amazing!

Life is totally and completely about appreciating and enjoy experiences and our relationships.

The truth is I have been waiting for this day. I still remember all the joy I felt the first time I took Mandy for a run in the jog stroller. It was an overcast sky with a slight drizzle, I had just finished my first cross country race running unattached since I had graduated college 7 years earlier at Larry & Penny Thompson Park. After the race my wife, my brother, and myself pushed the stroller taking turns talking and enjoying the experience. It was so special.

For the past 11 months I have enjoyed, played, loved, admired, and fed Amelie. Today was Amelie’s turn only this time I got to enjoy her by myself, on a beautiful sunny morning in the trails. Though we don’t have lot of trails or mountains in Miami (which I love) I am fortunate I live next to some trails. Today’s run was fun. I stopped every 5 minutes to do exercises and laugh with Amelie for a total of 35 minutes. Amelie loved it. She was kicking, smiling, and relaxing. I am looking forward to doing this more.

Why did I make this video?

During my run I realized the appreciation I had to be able to experience this with my daughter. I realized that daily their are experiences that pass us by because we are too busy to acknowledge and appreciate them. After today’s run I realized that I don’t want to take them for granted. I don’t want to miss out. I want to appreciate each and every moment. I’ve mentioned it before but “Tomorrow is promised to no one.” Let’s not wait until it is too late.

Recently I had a post on a friend of mine that has cancer (Read here). You never know when your life will change or the life of someone you love.

Live, Love, Matter!





Lessons on the Run: Ep7-Alfredo Celebrates 50 Years of Running

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Today was my first track day in a long time and it was special for many reasons. First no pain on my calves which was great and made me happy. The coolest thing about today was the fact that I had the privilege of running with Alfredo.

Who is Alfredo?

Today marks a total of 50 years since he started running. If you nothing else about this man know that he is committed and focused.

Have you ever done anything for 50 years?

I haven’t been alive for 50 years yet, but I know this. Any person that has that much drive and focus to do something for 50 years has something to teach me. I am here to learn. Alfredo is successful. If you think about it, it is not that surprising he is successful. Success is determined by consistency and willingness to do things others won’t. With his 50 years running I am sure he has honed his focus, consistency, and willingness to endure beyond what most people are willing to.

Last episode (click here) I spoke about being a champion. Alfredo is truly a champion. He lets the world know by his daily actions whether lacing up his shoes daily or building his business. Actions speak louder than words. Period!

Do yourself a favor…

Don’t think about 50 years. Think about today. Think about doing what you need to do on a daily basis consistently and without fail. If you do, I promise you will come out on top.

*NOTE: I am far from perfect and I struggle with this just like you. I understand that there is a difference between learning and applying something. If you want success you must apply no matter how hard it may be.



Lessons on the Run: Ep6-Being A Champion Daily

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After being the bike pacer for the elite men’s half marathon I was so impressed with their level of fitness.

These guys were floating across the ground. They were making me work and I was riding a bike. Something struck me after hearing someone comment about the cash prize of $13K to the winner. Most people see only the out come of the winners. They see the glory, they see the “crowning of the champion” so to speak. What they don’t see is all the work year after year to get to that point. People forget that.

My focus is today is on becoming a champion. So let me ask you…

What are you doing on a daily basis to become a champion?

Champions are not made on a single race or event but to quote John Parker’s cult classic, Once A Runner “Champions are created daily in the miles of trials that lead up to it.”

Think about what you want to achieve and understand that it doesn’t happen over night. It happens on a daily basis. Greatness doesn’t take vacation, greatness doesn’t make excuses it finds opportunity. To be great you must be willing to sacrifice.

Are you willing to commit daily to be great, to be a champion?

If you are reading this I hope you are.

Champions don’t only happen on the sports arena but daily through our teachers that demand excellence from our children, from our business owners giving great service and adding value to your life. Open your eyes to the daily champions all around you and…

Be great too!



Insights by Armando: Good & Bad

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– Things are not good or bad. We are the ones that gives them that title.

– When things out of your control aren’t going your way, focus on your mindset which you have control over.

– Wishing for something is great but you must take action to get it. It is not just going to come to you because you are a good person.

– Be a champion daily in all you do.

Hope you enjoyed this quick video.



Share your thoughts below and contribute to our community…

Overcoming Resistance: Getting Stuff Done

Procrastination is the most common manifestation of Resistance

because it is the easiest to rationalize. -Steven Pressfield

How many things have you wanted to do that you end up putting off for the “right time”?

The bottom line is there is never a perfect time to get things done other than now.

Resistance is all around us in different forms. From friends, family, work, bosses, traffic, time, love, sleep, weight, food, resistance seeks to destroy you and your mission. It seeks to make you weaker. Every time you give in to resistance, it only gets harder.

So how can you win over resistance?

Think of it like this. You can go with the wind and sail or try to go head on.

Which way will take you go further?

Go with the wind (Resistance) and use it’s power to propel you to your goal.

I know right about not now you must be thinking what is Armando talking about? He has surely lost his mind. First he said it is trying to destroy me then now I am supposed to follow it.

Let me clarify. Know what you must do and use the power of resistance to get you through to your goal like wind on a sail. Remember though wind on a sail wont get you to where you want to go unless you steer it where you want to go.




Get out of your Coffin!

I believe we all have the right and the ability to live amazing life. I want that for you but only you can make that happen.

The other day on Facebook I posted this picture below and asked what people thought about this.

I got some great responses that I want to share with you and then I want your feedback, Fair enough?

Key points:

– You must connect emotionally as to why you want to move forward.

– “If you’re doing something and it feels challenging, you’re on the right track”

– “Once you experience small victories, the confidence you gain will help you stay out of the comfort zone.”

– Put yourself in a position where you have no choice but to follow through and get out of your comfort zone.

To be happy, to live your best life you must push forward, you must push through those difficult times, and if you do I can promise you will come out a better person.

I have found this to be true in my life. Every time I have pushed past my self imposed comfort limits a new world of possibilities and opportunities await. I want to make it clear. I have failed many times and will continue to fail but that doesn’t stop me from moving forward, to getting uncomfortable.

I want to hear what your experience has been. I know that sharing our stories we are able to realize our strength and our weaknesses but also by sharing you help others take that next step and know that it will be alright. They will get through it and it is worth it.

What is your experience? (leave a comment below)

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Building a Better You: Sculpting David (Part 2)

This is part 2 of Building A Better You, If you have yet to read part 1 (Click Here)

In part 2, “Sculpting David” we are going to go over:

– How to discover who you are?

– What it takes to get there.

Living Shakespeare Daily…

Shakespeare reminds us in Hamlet, “To thine own self be true.” This means you must know who you are and the second part is to live it daily in all you do. So lets make this practical. Answer this question below:

Who are you?

I know that may seem like a dumb question but give it a shot. When answering this questions start with the most basic of things such as age, gender and build from there. By identifying your authentic self you now can develop a road map. Ask yourself before doing anything, Is this congruent with being my authentic self? If the answer is NO, you just don’t do it. If the answer is YES, then ask yourself is this the right time to do it. If YES, then proceed, if NO, then let it pass.

I know this may seem like common sense but “common sense is not so common.”

If you haven’t answered the question “Who are you? do it now.

The Michelangelo Approach

Now that you know who you are, let’s explore how to better yourself daily.

Remember consistency is going to be your strongest weapon. Think of when Michelangelo was chiseling away to create the famous sculpture of David. He didn’t give it one big whack and the sculpture was perfect. No he chiseled a little at a time, consistently over days, weeks, months until eventually the beauty of his work was revealed. Create your ultimate life by diligently chiseling out the imperfections, the excess fluff, until you reveal the masterpiece.

Don’t overwhelm yourself…

Go back to who you are and chisel your life daily and live congruently to that. Remember this is a work in progress. Love yourself.




Building a Better You: The Truth (Part 1)

Do you want to know how to be the best version of you?

If YES, read on, if NO, stop here.

If you are reading this, then I will assume you want to become the best version of you but before we go any further let me share with you the WHY.

Why Is It Important To Become Your Best You?

Becoming the authentic YOU allows you to contirbute and receive more fully all the gifts you deserve.

Life is better

Life is easier

Life is fun

I am sure you want a life that is easier, better, and fun. I know I do. When you are truly congruent and share with the world who you truly are all this will be yours. Life will be better because you will be happier that you can be yourself and you will attract people that love being around you and you them. It will be easier because now you are not forcing yourself to do things that you really don’t want be doing but things that you look forward to doing. Finally it will be more fun because you will be playing daily. Playing meaning enjoying and exploring stuff you are passionate about not trudging through work.

But What About…?

I always get that follow-up, “but what about…?” Add what ever you perceive as the obstacle (my job, my family, my time, a death) and I have heard it all. Here is the key, it is not you will never have anything bad happen to you, it is not that you will never be tired, it is not that you will be perfect and everyone will love you. No, the point is when you are authentic and living your best life, being the best YOU, then you are able to have the right attitude that will help create strengths, challenges, and learning opportunities out of life’s obstacles. You will attract the good around you. People often think that successful people are just more lucky. The truth is they create their luck by consistently working towards their goals and aligning their values to who they are as a person…but more on that later.

The 1957 winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, Albert Camus said,Those who lack the courage will always find a philosophy to justify it.

Think About That

What story are you telling yourself for not reaching your goals, for not being true to yourself, for not being as successful as you want to be? What ever it is, know that it is only an excuse. I know that may seem harsh but it is the truth. Let me prove it to you.

Write down a goal that you haven’t achieved yet but have been trying to for some time. Now write down all the reasons you haven’t been able to achieve it. Go for it do it now, I’ll wait…

Now that you have done that read all you reasons. Notice anything? What you should notice is how most if not all reasons are excuses. I am not saying it won’t be difficult and you may need to sacrifice some things to get it but at the end of the day how important is it for you to achieve this. Is it congruent to who the Best YOU is?

Break down barriers and become the authentic you. Don't make excuses, Take Action!

Putting It All Together

On the second part of this article we are going to explore how to find your true self and the practical steps you need to take to get there daily. Remember that in order to live a life that is better, easier, and more fun you must be true to yourself. (Stay tuned…)



I Have A Dream Too

I am blessed.

I am blessed because early on in my life I knew what my passion was. I knew that I loved fitness and I loved helping to heal people. From the time I graduated high school I was on a mission to learn and fine tune how I would achieve my ultimate mission. This process sometimes feels never ending but I am always tweaking it to make sure that I can live my life to the fullest and help as many people as possible.

Dreaming is just the first part. A dream without action is a waste of time.

Why am I telling you this?

Today we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day because he had a dream and he followed it.  Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream was life altering to all man kind. To quote Gandhi, Become the change you wish to see in this world. That is exactly what Dr. King did.

Now what is your dream?

Your dreams need not be cataclysmic or earth shattering. They need not be something controversial or political. Your dream has to be real! If you do not make it real, if you do not make it something worth doing, then you will have wasted your life. I know that those may seem like harsh words but why are you in this world? Why are you occupying space in this world if you are not going to contribute your best to it?

I am tired of people settling. One of the places people settle most is becoming the best they can be. That is unacceptable, we all have a duty to ourselves and to every other person to give it our all. We may not always have a choice in what we do be we always have a choice with the attitude in which we do it.  My dad always told me that, “no matter what you do, do it to the best of your ability and make the best out of it.” I am not perfect and even though I fall short of perfection my intention and action is to get back up and do better each and every time. That is not easy.

I remember growing up that my dad would tell me to take out the trash or mow the lawn or go to work with him in construction. I had a sour face and attitude. I remember asking him if that is what he wanted me to do for a living. He would reply, “If that is what you wish to do be the best and do your best at it. The most important thing is not what you do but how you do it.”

This was a lesson I have never forgotten, It is not what you do but how you do it that matters most.

I believe that Martin Luther King Jr not only got the what he did but the how he did right. When you can combine your life’s ultimate calling and combine that with the right attitude you can do incredible things.

Thanks Dad for all you taught me. Hope to do the same for Mandy.

What is your Dream? What is your life’s purpose? Are you living it?

If the answer is no, then please do yourself, your family, and all of humanity a favor, find out how to do it and start today. I don’t if you have ever heard the quote, “The world’s richest place is the cemetery.”


Because how many million dollar ideas have people taken to the grave because they didn’t take action. How many amazing novels, life altering inventions, business ideas, leaders have died with their gift kept to themselves because they didn’t live their true purpose. Don’t be next. You don’t have to be the next Martin Luther King Jr,  you don’t have to be the next Steve Jobs, or the next Gandhi, all you have to be is the best and truest you.

Be well and honor Dr. King today by living out your life’s true purpose.



PSI have a Dream (too)… My  dream is to help 1 million people live happier, healthier lives through fitness, nutrition, and education by 2020.

[Thank you for helping me live my dream. Every time you read something I wrote and share it and act upon it you help me get close to my dream. I hope that I am helping you get closer to yours.]


2012 Commitments: Why Resolutions Don’t Work!

So the New Year is upon us and we are told to make New Years resolutions. New Years Resolutions DON’T WORK. What ends up happening is most people only think about them through the first 3 month of the year, if that,  after that they forget or are so far off that they just decide to forget them.

To succeed create commitments!

Thomas Edison found 10,000 ways not to make a light bulb. He was commited to finding the way to make it work. Are you commited?

First let me explain what a commitment means. To commit to something is to do everything and anything to succeed. That is it. Thomas Edison was committed to success when it took him 10,000 different designs for the light bulb before he figured the right one. How many of us would have stopped after the 1st or fourth, or 20th…You get the point. When you are committed there is only one thing on your mind, keep trying until you get it. It may mean trying different approaches, being more patient, asking others for help but you are committed to success.

Create 2 types of commitments:

1.  Ultimate Commitment

(i.e. the end results, big picture goal)

2.  Daily Commitment

(i.e. the daily habits you are committing to in order to achieve your goals)

Start with your Ultimate Commitment. What do you want to achieve? Once you’ve answered that question move on to your Daily Commitments. Ask yourself, What actions do I need to take on a daily basis to achieve your Ultimate Commitment?

Let me make this real by giving you an example from my personal commitment for 2012.

Ultimate Commitment: I have written a book by December 20th, 2012.

Daily Commitment:

*   I will write daily at least 30 minutes.

*   I will write 1 blog post weekly.

*   I will write 1 content email weekly.

What I have done is created daily actions that will help writing become a natural thing for me (which it is not), I have also integrated ways of staying accountable via emails and blog post being sent out weekly. My subscribers, you will know if I have done it or not and I expect you to call me out on it. While I am not perfect I am committing to making these things happen in 2012 by scheduling the time to write daily at 9AM.

Let me give you a weight loss example…

Try to fit your family into your daily habits if possible. Help them develop the right habits early on in life so they don't have to go through the same struggles you are going through.

I know weight loss is a big one at the start of every year. If someone asked me how to lose 30 lbs this would be a good start. The key to this is to measure your progress and make any adjustments there. This should serve as a good start.

Ultimate Commitment: I will be 30 lbs lighter on June 14th, 2012 just in time for summer

Daily Commitment:

*   I will do 15 minutes of exercise daily first thing in the morning 7 days a week.

*   I will go to boot camp in the evenings 4 times a week.

*   I will drink 3 liters of water daily.

*   I will eat a leafy green salad with at least 2 meals daily.

*   I will not any bread or pasta unless I have just done exercise.

*   I will record all my food intake and exercise daily so that I can better monitor my progress.

Lets break this down. The Ultimate Commitment is to lose 30 lbs in 6 months. Well in order to do that in the example I have set up of daily habits I must achieve in order to achieve this goal. As Peter Drucker so eloquently said, “if you don’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” Make sure your commitments are measurable. I like making a list of daily habits with check boxes. On a daily basis you must check them off. I have found that the use of something as simple as a check box is really helpful.

I know if you take this proven approach to Commitment you will succeed. Get thinking about your Ultimate Commitments and your Daily Commitments to achieve the results you want in 2012.



PS – I would love to hear your commitments for 2012 and your daily actions steps to keep you accountable.
PPS – If you don’t have a place to workout that will keep you motivated and keep you accountable check out our boot camp.