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One Day At A Time

I was reading my morning meditation and it talked about “One day at a time.” The slogan for the alcoholics fighting through their addiction.

It means don’t think about being sober forever, don’t think about one year away, don’t think about one week down the road just focus on today. Focus on being sober for today, one day at a time.

I felt it was such a great approach to succeeding in any area in our life.

“Being successful does not happen in one day but a compilation of consistent successful days to get us there.”

I often get asked about weight loss. Most people want to lose 10-30 lbs. The problem is that they think it happens over night. As the saying goes, “What comes fast, leaves fast.”

Here is what typically happens, someone decides they want to lose 25 lbs. They start exercising hard make a few changes on their food and they start losing some weight maybe 3 lbs in the first week. Maybe a few pounds the following week and then they plateau. Now they get a little stressed, they figure they have to work harder and nothing happens. Now they are really frustrated and they start pigging out on food and before you know it they are back where they started.

Take this approach instead…

Losing weight can seem pretty daunting at times. So lets make a mental shift and instead of expecting insane amounts of weight to come off by tomorrow lets focus on losing a 1/2 lbs per week. 1/2 lbs is not very much but as stated above “Being successful does not happen in one day but a compilation of consistent successful days to get us there.” If we look at one year of losing 1/2 lbs per week, you end up losing 26 lbs with little to no effort!

Something to consider.

Ask yourself…
– How important is this goal?
– Why is this goal so important?
– How will I feel when I hit this goal?
– How will I feel if don’t hit this goal?

By asking yourself these questions above you will tap into the key components that will help you execute these goals.

Have an amazing day.


5 Lessons Towards Achieving Your Dreams

Have you ever wanted to do something but when you found out what it would take you thought, “this is too hard’? Well unfortunately I see it more often than not with the many people I speak with daily. As humans we don’t like to be uncomfortable, we don’t like to do things that will cause pain, and most importantly we don’t like to change. Change hurts!

This Saturday I was pleasantly surprised and inspired by 2 people in particular. The first was my amazing assistant and cousin Mel, the other was Amber one of our VIP Miami Fit Body Boot Camp members and now good friend.

What did they do?

I finished running at 7AM and both of them were waiting for me to start their run. Today they had their first 7 miler but I couldn’t go with them because I had to go to work. After I explained where they needed to go they both took off without hesitation. I was hoping it was going to go well but I wasn’t sure because both had been recovering from the flu and stomach virus. I went to work, our first Saturday boot camp training session, and people kept coming in…29 in all! And 2 of the 29 people were Mel and Amber. They finished their 7 miler and came back in time to do the boot camp!

Everyone did amazing at the boot camp but I was really pumped up about Mel and Amber. They ran 7 miles for the first time ever, then came back and totally rocked it at the boot camp. They were pushing the other members to keep going as if they were fresh. Here are the life lessons I learned after being inspired with Mel and Amber’s performance that will help guarantee you achieve your dreams.

5 Lessons Towards Achieving Your Dreams:

1. Get a GPS: In order for the GPS to get you were you want to go you must let it know where you want to go. So the first thing you need is to know what your goal or dreams are. The more specific the more precise you can be about preparing and the quicker you will get to your goal. The journey is definitely more fun than the destination but you need to have the right people with you and you must know your destination.

2. Chicken fighting: If you have ever participated in the age old game of chicken fighting you know you need a partner. One of you is the base and the other is fighter. This is really important when trying to achieve your goals. So find a friend that has similar goals and take the journey together. Hold each other accountable, support each other, motivate each other, and cheer each other.

3. Slap yourself in the face: This is not a typo, go ahead do it… what do you feel? The point is WAKE UP, in today’s society most people live in a comatose state. They do the same things day in and day out. They have very little excitement (especially at work) and it trickles to all levels throughout their life. Change is difficult but so worth it. When you challenge yourself and surpass all the obstacles like people trying to hold you back or getting sick or laziness you come out a stronger person. That forms momentum that can take you beyond your self imposed limitations.

4. Get Mr. Miyagi: All of the most successful people have mentors or coaches. In order to be successful find your “Mr. Miyagi” (Karate Kid, just in case) and have him mentor you. You need that 3rd party to objectively help you see more opportunities and possible pitfalls. A coach has knowledge in the area, has been through it, studies it, lives it. If you haven’t found one this could be the missing ingredient to your success.

5. Have fun: If you don’t have fun you won’t stick with it. Enough said…really find a way to make it whether by surrounding yourself with other like minded people or an environment that makes it fun. I had a boot camp member tell me “Your workouts are intense but fun and I feel I get so much more than when I just going to the gym that is so boring.” So find a way or place to make achieving your goals more fun.

Lose those unwated pounds

If you were going to die in 6 months…

Imagine if you knew you were going to die in 6 months, What would you do?

But what if you had a family to support but now they had to take care of you, what then?

As many of you know we have been doing the Burn the Fat, Feed the Family Program here at the Miami Fit Body Boot Camp since August and it is coming to an end September 30th. I wanted you to meet “the family” we are raising money for in the Burn the Fat, Feed the Family program. This is the Chavez Family. They are a family of 5. Mom is Maria Dolores, Dad is Noel, the oldest son Joel (18 y/o, not pictured), the middle son is Edgard (14 y/o), and the youngest son is Christopher (4 y/o).

The Chavez Family=Perseverance

Why they need your help…

First of all they are a hard working family filled with faith and love. Unfortunately, Noel (dad) was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and has less than 6 months to live according to doctors. He has had to stop working do to epileptic seizures and severe migraines. Maria has had to stay home to tend to him because they can’t afford someone to take care of him. Joel, the oldest son had to drop out of high school initially to take job in order to help support his family. For many of us that is unfathomable to have a child be the main support but necessity allows us to do extraordinary things. Fortunately, after the generous help of the church Joel now has returned to school to finish his high school degree. They have been getting help by people like us raising money to help provide the essentials.

“…My jaw hit the ground.”

If you are like me when I heard this story my jaw hit the ground. I feel fortunate that my parents are healthy, supportive, and able to provide for my 3 brothers and sisters, and myself as we grew up. In fact we all went to private school and graduated from college. So this experience was very new to me. But last Sunday I had the good fortune to meet this great family. They welcomed my wife, son, and myself like one of their own and offered the little they had. They expressed their gratitude for our team of boot campers that are helping them. They are givers and I feel that we as a community could give back to them. They are perfect for the Burn the Fat, Feed the Family Program*. As the saying goes, “To those that much is given, much will be required.”

*NOTE: Burn the Fat, Feed the Family program is a program we set up at the Miami Fit Body Boot Camp with the hope of educating and helping a family in need. The way it works is for everyone that signs up for at least 1 month of the boot camp, we will donate half of the membership to feed this family. (If you are interested in helping this family and getting in great shape call me at 305-741-0560).

What do they need?

So far the Miami Fit Body Boot Camp has donated $500 thanks to you guys who have referred others and from those those of you that have already signed up for the boot camp. Our goal is to raise $1000 by the end of September so we can pay for 2 months of rent and get groceries for 1 month. Also they need some clothes for the kids. Look at the list below. If you feel called to purchase one of the below items for the kids please call me first at 305-741-0560 so that we don’t have 10 people all getting the same thing. I appreciate your support and I know they are very grateful for your help.
*  Joel (18 y/o): Khaki shorts (size 36), Sneakers (size 8), Orange Polo shirt for school (Medium)
*  Edgard (14 y/o): Khaki shorts (size 32), Sneakers (size 9.5)
*  Christopher (4 y/o): Shorts & Shirts (Kids size 6 years old), sneakers (size 17 kids)
*  Potted herbs and veggies: cilantro, onions, tomatoes
*  Large non-stick pan
*  Deep pot

Don’t waste anymore time…It is a win, win, win situation.

Get In Great Shape!

If you have been trying to get back into shape, if you have been trying to get motivated, if you want to get those toned arms, flat abs, and firm thighs…Call today 305-741-0560 and sign-up for at least 1 month to get the body you want and help the Chavez family who needs your support.

It is a win, win, win situation for everyone. You get in great shape, we help another great client (you) achieve their goals, and together we help change the life of a local family in need.

Thanks for your support and see you soon.



PS -Please leave your thoughts and comments for the Chavez family on the comments sections please.

Burn the Fat, Feed the Family


Details on the 30 Day – Burn the Fat, Feed the Family Training Program

Come in and sign up for the Miami Fit Body Boot Camp’s 30 Day – Burn the Fat, Feed the Family Program you get 2 weeks FREE plus half of your membership will go to feed and educate a family in need. Your contribution will be providing 100% organic groceries for a 2-3 days, recipes, educational materials, plus an in home food assessment that works directly with the families budget to provide the best possible food to nourish and enhance their lives and health.

Organic Fruits & Veggies

Get in amazing shape by signing up for our 30 day Burn the Fat Feed the Family program for only $247 and get 2 weeks FREE. Results are guaranteed and your help is needed. Call today to sign-up 305-741-0560

For more info on the Miami Fit Body Boot Camp (click here)

Results you should expect…

– Lose Weight

– Feel Great

– Flat Abs

– Toned Arms

– Firm Legs

– Have Fun Doing It

* Plus You will help feed, educate, and enrich the lives of one of your local neighbors, a family of 4 that needs your help. Half of your membership goes to feeding and educating them on healthier choices for their family.

>>>CALL TODAY = 305-741-0560<<<

They did it and you can too:

Michele's Toned Arms & Firm Legs

Toned Arms & Lean Legs!

6 Pack Abs in 6 Weeks

6 Pack Abs in 6 Weeks

Be part of the change you want to see in the world…

Start today by taking control of your health and your body.



PS – If you have any questions call me at 305-741-0560. If I can’t answer the phone it is because I am helping a client. Leave a message and I will call you as soon as possible.

PSS – See what people are saying about they like and dislike about our boot camp>>>HERE

Interviewing a Champion

Hey Guys just wanted to share this amazing interview with Michele Artiz. I convinced her to give me her secrets on getting in amazing “Heat Dancer Body” shape. You will be impressed by her number 1 secret in-spite of her obstacles. Listen below…

For those that don’t know who she is check out her transformation here.

Bikini Ready!

Prepping for her Dance

Morphing to Greatness

I feel privileged to be able to share this story of another one of our boot camp members with you. I have been working with Tony for a few years and he has really made a 360 degree turn. He shared a post he wrote on his Ayumma blog that I want to share with you:

26.2 or Bust (or Maybe 13.1 sounds good!!)

Tis the season!! No, not that season, it’s the start training for the Miami Marathon and/or the Disney Marathon season. Now, if you knew me or have seen me, you know that I’m definitely not gunning for a top ten finish, but the feeling you get after finishing, truly is priceless!!

I have only completed one half in my life and that was in 2007. Since then, I have been plagued by injury and/or circumstance that have prevented me from competing. This year I have vowed to see it thru, even planning to try to do a half marathon in the fall if I get enough mileage in.

Now why, you ask, would I be writing about this?? You usually write about marketing or business and I don’t see the connection. Well, my experiences the past few weeks have made me think about what it takes to be successful and I couldn’t see a better correlation than running a marathon.

As we launched our first of many exciting products, we lined up some sales people in order to create some local buzz and establish a model that would work large scale. One of the salespeople would only complain that the people didn’t want to work and that if they felt that it was more work, price didn’t matter, they won’t do it. This person would get frustrated because when he called and they didn’t respond immediately, or when they didn’t respond to a follow-up call, then the product didn’t generate “sizzle”. Now, I know that in our space, there are numerous companies with enough “sizzle” that they are feeding themselves and then some. So what was the difference?? Were the people in our local market just lazier??

I know that, despite our low cost basis, we were offering a generous commission and recurring compensation plan with as flexible hours as you could want for our sales people. So why was someone, with years selling into our customer base, not getting past the front door?? I also knew that my wife, if she had any training, would have closed about 20 customers in the same time frame despite talking to people when she had kids in tow. So what was going on??

To complete a marathon, or half marathon, it all comes down to effort. Not just the effort during the race but the effort you put in to your preparation up to the race. Both physical and mental preparation play a big role in your ultimate success. With the marathon, you set a time objective you hope to achieve and you train to get that objective. The work isn’t the day of the race it is all of the hours you put in leading up to the race. The sacrifices you made, the injuries and setbacks you overcame. That’s what makes the ultimate success so sweet. Not the feeling you get from completing the 13.1 or 26.2 miles, it’s the hundreds of miles and all of the hours spent in the months leading up to the race that allowed you to do what you did on the day of the race.


If you are a small business, the race could be the day somebody buys you out, the day your kids take over the business, or even the day that it supports your family without the stress of how are you going to pay your bills. If you are a salesman, your “race” could be closing the “big” deal, or the day that you are generating enough income that you don’t need to worry about supporting your family. Either way, it requires your putting the time and the effort to get the job done. Overcoming setbacks and savoring the journey. There is no easy way to do it. Luck happens once; success is luck that happens again and again over a period of time!! In order to succeed you need to put in the effort, identify the obstacles and learn to overcome them. You need to anticipate the objections and be able to answer them quickly and intelligently. You need to work smarter, use what tools are available and see how to get to the finish line. Sometimes the steps are harder, but they are still steps.

So yes, I am planning to run a half and a full marathon in the next year. Why, for the challenge. To know that once I achieve the goal it is all because of the effort I put in, the extra work that I did, the obstacles I overcame. I do it because nothing replaces the feeling that you get when you cross the finish line knowing that all the hard work I put in allowed me to accomplish something that nobody believed I could when I started out. I also do it because nothing beats crossing the finish line and the first thing your then 9 year old daughter asks you, when you are totally destroyed, calf cramping because the air bubble in your shoe had burst (flat tire anyone???), have a side stitch like you’ve never felt before because in mile 6 you had to avoid someone who stopped to take a picture, making you pull a rib muscle, and you look pale and dehydrated, when she sees you is, “Daddy, can I do it with you next year??” That’s why I do it, because the rewards for hard work far exceed the struggles to get there.

Oh yeah, my daughter, she’s too young to do the marathon, but now, as a 12 year old, competed in the AAU Nationals Track and Field competition in Chicago this summer and is considered one of the top middle school cross country runners in her district. Success comes in all types of packages.

I hope you have enjoyed and gotten something out of Tony’s realization. Leave a comment for Tony. Congratulate him.



Why Drowning Sucks!

So my son, Mandy is taking swim lessons. This is a full immersion course where in 5 continuous days they are able to take him from a sinking rock to a survivor (pardon the analogies but you get the picture). So I was thinking that often time we extend and drag out many things in our life because we don’t commit and focus 100%.

Now I know what you must be thinking…

I am too busy, my kids have a million activities…(See video below to continue the list excuses)


Excuses are everywhere it is up to you to take action and achieve what you want (just like Michele did).

Top 5 Ways To Be More Productive And Have Fewer Excuses

1. Post-It Notes: The night before write on 1 post it note the top 3 things that must be done in order for you day to be productive. If you are a business owner that may be the top 3 things that are going to generate income. If you are a stay at home mom it may be the top 3 things that will leave you satisfied once you are done (I know for my wife it’s having the kitchen clean -a must!).

2. Count Down Timer: Give yourself a deadline. By using a countdown timer you will waste less time because you know you will have only 20 minutes to complete you task (i.e. cleaning the kitchen, sending emails, surfing the net). Think full immersion in chunks.

3. Schedule Time: Block off time to do these important task and don’t allow anything to get in the way of that when at all possible. (Remember you can always come up with an excuse but if you want something bad enough nothing will get in you way.)

4. Phone Off: Probably responsible for lots of wasted time. When doing your tasks put the phone on silent and in another room if possible until you are done. I can guarantee most things are not that important that it can’t wait another half an hour when you are done.

5. Do, Don’t Think: The purpose of this phrase is so you take action. Often time we end up paralyzed by all the details or unknowns. Take action first and get the momentum then correct as you go. As the saying goes, “actions speak louder than words.”

As for Mandy and his great swim instructor Tall Tom he has done an amazing job. I love this immersion stuff. I feel so much more comfortable having him in the pool now. Oh and Tall Tom says he can hold his breath for a long time. That must mean he must have a good VO2 max.

Please leave your comments and let me know what your thoughts are.



PS – Anyone looking for a great swim instructor for you kids, call Tall Tom 772-618-3599. Tell him you are good friends with me. Happy Full Immersion 😉

Heat Dancers and Determination!

On Friday, July 30th my wife and I went to cheer on one of our boot camp members, Michele Artiz, that had made it to the final cuts for the Miami Heat Dancers (Voted the Most Popular Dance Team in the NBA). There were so many people, friends, family, and fans there to support all these girls giving it there all.

Why is this important?

I learned such a valuable lesson by watching and analyzing all that happened to Michele leading up to this day. You see I first met Michele April 21, 2010 when she came in to try the Miami Fit Body Boot Camp. We went though our body composition and goal setting assessment. I remember asking her what was her ultimate purpose for doing the boot camp. Without hesitation she said, “In July of this year I want to make the Miami Heat Dancer Team.” We agreed on a plan and began working at it. In 6 weeks she lost 3 inches in fat and below were her before and after pictures.

Great Transformation!

Many people come to me with goals that they “would like to achieve” but often long term goals get forgotten because people don’t really want to do what is necessary to achieve their goals. For many people it becomes that chasing the the rainbow syndrome and unfortunately they never get there. This was not Michele Artiz.

Now fast forward to Sunday, July 25th, 2010. There are almost 400 girls trying out for one of the coveted 44 spots. All her training, all her preparation has been geared for this. Routine after routine girls are getting cut but not Michele. She passed the the 1st round, then the 2nd round, then the 3rd round, and after 1 hour of deliberation the judges announced the final 44 girls. Michele made it!

Now this was just the beginning because now they had to go through Heat Dancer Boot Camp Hell Week. The physical demands of this week alone cracked a few girls. Michele was prepared physically and mentally to endure the 3 hours of dancing plus the hour and a half a exercise boot camp daily. Every day she called me letting me know how she did and how strong she felt. She was confident because she had put the work in and was now seeing the fruits of her labor showing. After that intense week we had the the final tryouts where the remaining 44 girls competed to see who would make the final 25 spots…

Did she make it?

Unfortunately she did not make the final 25 dancers but Let me share the most important part of this now. After the show she sent me this text. “Thank you so much much for all your help and support. There is always next year ;-)”

Let me ask you, do you think that Michele is determined? Do you think she has the mentality of a champion? I do, to be successful in life one has to attack and take action to achieve their goals, just like Michele did. If there is some thing that you have always dreamed of doing. What is stopping you?

Take action today.

By the way this was Michele on the last day of the tryouts. Do you think she was ready?

6-Pack, Toned Arms, Lean Legs! Congrats!

Like I said before if you have a goal that you have not yet accomplished find someone who will hold you accountable (support team), find a mentor, take action, and achieve your dreams. Be well and reach for the stars. Please leave a comment to congratulate Michele below and let me know what your thoughts are. What are your goals?



PS – Here is a saying my grandmother use to tell me, “El que madruga, Dios lo ayuda.” take action today!