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Lessons on the Run: Ep25-Callusing, the Key to Running Success

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What is callusing and how can you use it to improve your running, improve your fitness and decrease your chances of getting injured?

Before I answer that did you ever see the movie Kickboxer? Not the greatest movie (Definitely a guy flick, starring Jean-Claude Van Damme). There is a seen where he is Thailand training kicking a palm tree to toughen his shins. He keeps kicking until he kicks the tree down and injures himself.

That may seem ridiculous but that is essentially what so many runners do with their training. They go for broke daily until they lose motivation, get injured and lose motivation, or are so fatigued and don’t improve, invariably losing motivation. See a reoccurring theme here?

What I propose is “Callusing”.

Callusing the body and your training.

Callusing is the daily training done consistently and incrementally allowing for your body, your muscles, your tissue, and your fitness to adapt and absorb the stress you are placing it.

The difference between a “blister” and a rock hard callus is the proper balance of intensity, consistency, and patience.

Have a plan to strategically train your body and fitness patiently and incrementally.





Lessons on the Run: Ep21-Run in the Rain

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5 Reasons Why You Should Run in the Rain:

1.  It’s fun:

Remember back to when you were a kid. Every time you there was a puddle our parents would steer us clear of them or when it was raining how you just wanted to play in the rain and drink it straight from the sky. Now is your chance to splash that puddle, to drink the rain, to play and to run in it.

2.  It will change up your regular routine:

Boredom is bound to strike if you do the same thing ever day. Nature has a brilliant way of changing our perspective with rain. It is up to you to embrace it and see the new landscape moist, dripping and wet.

3.  Because other won’t:

Most people head for cover when it rains. Most of your competitors also take it indoors or take the day off. Not you. Use the rain as one more reason you know you will be ready to compete. When it is dark, wet and gloomy with the wind howling in your face you will win.

4.  Makes you adaptable to more situations:

Running the same way over the same course helps us adapt to those circumstances but nature changes and if you want to compete then so must you.

5.  Once again it is fun =)


Running as a sport is so simple. You put one foot in front of the other. Rain doesn’t change that only it gives you an opportunity to run as a child. No inhibition, just plain fun. Splash in the puddles, get wet, and smile. You are not going to melt. Get on the grass or on a trail connect to your primal instincts and smile.

Take that leap of curiosity next time it rains. Gloomy feelings are as a result of indoctrination. Give a new meaning to rain and embrace it.



Leave a comment below: Do you like running in the rain and why?


Lessons on the Run: Ep21-Don’t Listen To Your Body!

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Yes you read the title correctly, Don’t listen to your body!

Here is why…

Have you ever gone for a run and felt your legs heavy and flat?

Of course…

What did you do about it? Did you stop running or press on?

The answer will different for all of us a different times but if you run enough you will inevitably run on tired, flat legs.

Here is the beauty of it…

Very rarely if you compete will the stars align and everything will be perfect (Weather, competition, race strategy, hydration, the way you feel…). I believe it is important for you to train in this state. As I mentioned in the video above if you have sharp pains in your joints or feel a body ache because you are sick or you have done 3-4 runs where you feel exhausted then stop. Otherwise grind it out. It will make you stronger and teach you to deal with the inevitable fatigue.

Today’s run on the Track with my client called for striders, drills, plus 4x200m (Goal pace: 32-37s with full recovery).

My client felt his legs flat this morning but he was able to negative split each in his trainers (35.8, 35.6, 35.5, 35.2). Sometimes you just have to give your body the opportunity to get oiled up and perform. That is exactly what he did. Next time you are in a race and you feel the legs heavy don’t fret. Give yourself the opportunity to grind it. Grinding reveals your character and will.

*NOTE: Previous workouts he was grinding out 37-38s. Today’s effort had the same effort but were 2 seconds faster!!!

The Moral of the Story is…

Don’t listen to your body always.

You are in control.

Take charge and surprise yourself.

Make today great.

Greatness is an attitude not a destination!




Lessons on the Run: Ep19-Running Equals Success

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First let me wish a Happy Easter!

We have a great day planned with the family. 2 Easter egg hunts planned (no candies) and 2 family dinners (could be dangerous).

Here is what I wanted to share with you.

Running = Success

As I mentioned in the video when you run daily you are actually building the tools needed for success.

5 Success Tools Running Gives You:

1.)   Persistence: This goes back to one of my running mantras, ‘Take 1 more step.” Running gives you the power to keep going when others stop. It develops a compulsion to “GO”. If you want success in life you must go, you must be persistent.

2.)   Dedication: Runners must brave the elements, wake up in the wee hours of the morning, brave the scalding noon sun, or regroup after a long days works. Runner finds solace in each mile. Success demands dedication because like running it is not about a destination but the journey taken daily.

3.)   Feeling in control when you are out of your comfort zone: Running is about being able to deal with uncomfortable situations. Side stitches, shortness of breath, burning muscles, fatigue, glycogen depletion, lactic acid build up, aches, pains, scetchy terrain are just some of the examples that a runner goes through when pushing their body, mind and spirit. Success demads getting out of your comfort zone in order to advance. Take the road less traveled and excel in it.

4.)   Overcoming obstacles: How many people do you know that stop when they overcome obstacles? Lots! How many dedicated, serious runner stop when they have obstacles? Not many because that is what they are searching for. They want the pain, they want the hardship so that can come out victorious. True leaders do not shy away from obstacles. They use each obstacle to strategically place them 1 step ahead of their competition.

5.)   Working hard daily: To be a successful runner you must have a daily work ethic that is consistent. Success comes not through one single event but through the sum of each daily task taken consistently. Success may often be judged by others in a single event but make no mistake it was decided long before. When a runner crosses the finish line first most people never know all the many miles that went into that win. Often it is mistaken for luck. It is not luck or genetics, it is pure sweat equity. Create the luck you want!

I hope this shed some light.

If you are not a runner, now is a great time to start. (Feel free to contact me and I’ll help you start)

If you are a runner, smile and start applying these principles into your life.

I want to know how you have applied on of these principles to your life.





Lessons on the Run: Ep18-One More Step

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Take one more step…

Those are the words I grew up listening my dad say.

I never realized how powerful they were until I reflected on my past and seen how much it helped me.

I remember my dad and I talking during the jog rest period of a track workout about tapping into my hidden reserves when I was tired in a race.

He said something very contradictory…

I recall him saying, Before you slow down you have to speed up.

Now by all practical purposes that made no sense but if I wanted to get better I would give it a shot.

Here is what happen.

On my next 2 mile repeat when I was getting tired and starting to slow down I made a conscious effort and shifted gars as if I was going into the finishing sprint… What happen next scared me.

It was as if my legs actually unlocked and were now flowing freely. I settled back into the pace feeling stronger and more focused. I hit the split and felt great.

The purpose of this story is to illustrate that often our limitations, our “failures”, our slowing down is but a break in mental focus and clarity. That is it.

If you can get past your own mind you will see the new possibilities awaiting for you.

Press On!




Lessons on the Run: Ep17-The Challenge

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After a and easy 30 minute run I started thinking about a good fitness test I could challenge myself with over the next 30 days. I wanted it to be practical, body weight exercises that utilize your entire body, so definitely no crunches.

After some deliberation here is

The Challenge:

–   (20) Pull-ups

–   (50) Push-ups

–   (20) Pistol Squats

My goal is to be able to achieve this by Sunday, April 29th exactly 30 days from today.

Here is my assessment of the situation. I tested myself and did 2 sets of

–   (10) Pull-ups

–   (25) Push-ups

–    (10) Pistol squats *with assistance

My Assessment:

I know I will be able to hit the push-ups. The pull ups will be hard but I believe I will be able to do it. It won’t be pretty though. The hardest one by far I believe will be the pistol squats. I will have to do double the reps I did today with no assistance plus my right leg felt stronger and more in control than my left.

So the reason I am putting this out is to hold myself accountable and to challenge you to come up with your fitness test to challenge yourself.

I hope you have an amazing day.

Oh by the way if you don’t know what a pistol squat is look at the image below:



HERE IS THE VIDEO (Did I Reach My Goal?)

Lessons on the Run: Ep16-Testing Your Limits

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RACING is testing your limits.

RACING is not enjoyable if you do it right.

RACING is testing the human spirit, it is about possibility, it is about learning something new about yourself.

In order to race well you must subject yourself to progressive and systematic training stimulus to build up your minds strength to understand that limits are self imposed, to stay focused, and to want, even need have pain and discomfort. It is in that state that your mind, heart, and character gets tempered and hardened like a black smith pounding metals together to make a steel sword. Just like that sword when it is completed, it will mean the difference between life and death for a knight so to your character will determine your success in life.

George Bernard Shaw wrote: “Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”

I believe that if you truly want to live life to the fullest, if you want to be the best you can be, if you want to create and share with yourself and the world the ultimate version of you, you must be willing to go where no one else will go.

There in that dark distant corner where it is not so pleasant, where it hurts…

When you think you can’t any more, that is when you must! And when you do the caterpillar will emerge as the butterfly ready to share with the world.

Wow, after reading this I didn’t mean it to feel somber or bad but I am not going to change it. This is what my heart wanted to share with you today. Just know that getting uncomfortable is important if you want to race better and even more important if you want to grow as a person.

When in doubt, go further and see what’s on the other side of the mountain.

Make today amazing.





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