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Make It Last.

Every Thanksgiving my family and I get up early, we bring out the running wagon my father made in 1986, and line up with 6,000 other runners to do the Miami Turkey Trot 5K race. It is one of my favorite races because it is designed for families. My kids are still young and get to experience the joy and excitement of racing. 

In life we can just get by or we can create things or experiences that last. 31 years after my father made his running wagon, I get to use it with my kids. I remember running countless times with my father and now I get to share that experience in the Turkey Trot with my kids. 

We all have a choice to create our life in the way we want.  

What will you choose today?

#LegacyCodeBook #LiveYouLegacy

Choose Fulfilled!

I'll be honest I wasn't thrilled about going to a luncheon my son had today. I had other things I wanted to do and create. But I'm glad I did.

That smile on his face was worth it.

When he came to me and said "Daddy we are so cool, right?" Made it worth it.

My wife and I went in the same car and got to ​spend more time talking. That made it worth it.

Too many times it is easy to get distracted with things that keep us busy instead of the things that make us fulfilled.

Choose fulfilled.

Can You Believe He Held the Door?

I'm in a Starbucks doing some work.

A young man walks past me and high 5's a gentlemen sitting in the table next to me. He then proceeds out the door. As he walks out he notices a lady, about 10 feet behind him, about to walk out.

He waits and holds the door open. 

She thanks him. He smiles. 

Just as he is about to let go of the door he notices 2 girls about 10 years old about to come in so he holds it a bit longer. 

They excitedly walk through the door.

In a world where doors are commonly shut in peoples faces be the guy that creates an opening for others.

Be that guy. (I'm not just talking about physical doors.)



PS - My father taught me that importance of opening the door for others. He said it often when I was growing up but more importantly he showed me daily.

* Consider what you are communicating to others when you deliberately take this action?

* What does it say about you?

* What does it say about them?

What it means to be “A Real Man”

Be a Man!

What does that mean?

I am very fortunate that I have had my father as a great example to show me and tell me what being a man is all about.

I know that being a “real man” may seem pretty straight forward but the more men I meet the more I realize it is not so straight forward. I want to clarify what it means to be “A Real Man”. In today’s society too many of our men have grown up with no stable male figurehead. They learned “how to be a man” by watching TV (which is trash), learned by watching their friends (who often times are in the same situation as them or worse than they are), or they have have had to figure it out on their own by some other means.

I have a great role model who continues to show me and inspire me daily on what it means to be a real man and I want to share what he has taught me.

The purpose of this post…

The purpose of the post is to share the wisdom that my father taught me. I feel his example and wisdom has made me the man I am today. Also, as so much of what I write here,  I want this to serve as an archive for my son who is only 3 years old.

19 Virtues My Father Taught Me On How To Be A Real Man

(*NOTE: These virtues are in no particular order but I felt they were all important.)

  • A Real Man says what he means and means what he says.
  • A Real Man opens the door for a lady.
  • A Real Man is honest in all he does and says.
  • A Real Man has integrity that will not be compromised by circumstance.
  • A Real Man takes responsibility for his actions.
  • A Real Man helps and serves others who are struggling or want to be great.
  • A Real Man loves wholeheartedly.
  • A Real Man is not afraid to cry and show emotions.
  • A Real Man must be strong and the head of his house.
  • A Real Man communicates with his words not with his fists.
  • A Real Man confronts his problems, not runs away from them.
  • A Real Man demands and expects excellence from himself and those around him.
  • A Real Man is a leader by his actions first, then his words.
  • A Real Man values his family and spends time with them. They are most important.
  • A Real Man focuses his time doing the most important things with the most important people in his life first then focuses on the rest.
  • A Real Man works hard and doesn’t seek short cuts. That being said he also seeks to improve and make more efficient his methods and his work.
  • A Real Man is a provider and protector.
  • A Real Man says please and thank you.
  • A Real Man seeks to make the world a better place.


Please share this with any man you feel may benefit.

I want to share one last thing that my father taught me. Never be afraid to fail. “If at first you don’t succeed try and try again.” None of us are perfect but striving for perfection is something we can all do. No matter how many times you fail get back up and keep persisting until you achieve what you want. Thank you for letting me share what my father taught me on how to be a Real Man.

Thank you Papi for your great example, for your love, and for your friendship!




Lessons on the Run: Ep21-Run in the Rain

[youtube width=”600″ height=”355″][/youtube]


5 Reasons Why You Should Run in the Rain:

1.  It’s fun:

Remember back to when you were a kid. Every time you there was a puddle our parents would steer us clear of them or when it was raining how you just wanted to play in the rain and drink it straight from the sky. Now is your chance to splash that puddle, to drink the rain, to play and to run in it.

2.  It will change up your regular routine:

Boredom is bound to strike if you do the same thing ever day. Nature has a brilliant way of changing our perspective with rain. It is up to you to embrace it and see the new landscape moist, dripping and wet.

3.  Because other won’t:

Most people head for cover when it rains. Most of your competitors also take it indoors or take the day off. Not you. Use the rain as one more reason you know you will be ready to compete. When it is dark, wet and gloomy with the wind howling in your face you will win.

4.  Makes you adaptable to more situations:

Running the same way over the same course helps us adapt to those circumstances but nature changes and if you want to compete then so must you.

5.  Once again it is fun =)


Running as a sport is so simple. You put one foot in front of the other. Rain doesn’t change that only it gives you an opportunity to run as a child. No inhibition, just plain fun. Splash in the puddles, get wet, and smile. You are not going to melt. Get on the grass or on a trail connect to your primal instincts and smile.

Take that leap of curiosity next time it rains. Gloomy feelings are as a result of indoctrination. Give a new meaning to rain and embrace it.



Leave a comment below: Do you like running in the rain and why?


Lessons on the Run: Ep12-Family Day is your day!

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Sunday is family day at our house.

This Sunday I wanted to share that it was the first time we all went for a run together thanks to my sister Kika who lent us the double stroller. We ran to the park, then around the park and off to the play ground.

The reason I wanted to talk about this is because I believe that family is so important so why not dedicate at least one day to sharing and enjoying together. The truth is this actually pretty weak. If family is truly important you would make time daily. I understand we are all busy and it is not easy. Trust me I fall into this trap but the more I reflect the more I realize that it is the only thing that makes sense.

So if you have not instituted a family day try it. If you think you are too busy try doing daily family hours. One thing is for sure no one ever on their death bed said I wish I had put in more hours at work but there have been many that said,

“I wish I had spent the short time here on earth with the people I loved the most, the people that mattered most to me.”

Just my thoughts. Enjoy and would love to hear your thoughts on the comments below.



3 Year Old Explains Vitamin-D (Funny)

[youtube width=”600″ height=”355″][/youtube]

Vitamin D is something that is free to all.

You can get it from the sun. It has so many benefits some of which my 3 year old son describes. He is quite a character and has such a great personality. I feel so blessed to have such a great son that is fun and health conscious.

Some Health Benefits of Vitamin D

–  Increased Energy

–  Increased Immunity

–  Increased Protection from Cancer

–  Feel Happier

–  Apparently after watching the video it makes you a good dancer, lol.

Make it a great day.



Remember Us


Remember the fallen soldiers, remember their family, and enjoy the freedom they helped create for you.

R.I.P. – Paul Michael Felsberg: You were a true friend, a leader, a hero, and I miss you greatly. Christmas Eve is not the same without you (A lot more left overs, lol). I love you man.

If you know a fallen hero please honor them here and letting others know what they did for you and our country. Leave their legacy below in the comments section.




Is our future doomed?

The other day I was speaking with a friend of mine talking about kids. She told me something her dad use to tell her about raising kids that was brilliant.

Her dad would say, “I’m not raising MY child, I am raising a future citizen.”

Wow, Think about that for moment… let that marinate in your mind and see what happens.

I believe this is such a profound statement and believe it is an amazing responsibility we parents face.

With kids that are growing up with little respect for others or themselves, this begs the question, what kind of citizen will we have in the future?

I hear about this daily from my teacher friends and family. Kids doing what they want and not having any manners. What happen to saying “please” and “thank you”? What happen to having a man be a real man and open the door for a woman? Was it equal rights? I think not.


This goes way back and deeper than equal rights. This goes down to family. It goes down to parents actually parenting and having high standards that they demand their kids to follow. Unfortunately with the rates of divorce, single parents households, and distant parent (meaning parents are there they just don’t communicate with their children) households skyrocketing I believe many parents have neglected their most important job (either by choice or necessity). None of us are perfect but realize if you don’t have high standards that you teach your children, someone or something (TV, internet…) will.

This subject is something that could be expanded on but I prefer to share with you the 7 simple truth that all us parents should teach our kids to raise responsible, generous, caring, and successful citizens.

7 Truth To Teach Our Children

1. The Golden Rule – Do unto others as you want them to do to you.

– I think this is self explanatory. None of us like to be treated like dirt but all of us like to be listened to and respected. When interacting with people think about that.

2. Eat together and share together at least once daily.

– Lack of communication is the leading cause of divorce and dysfunctional families. Eating and sharing together daily allows for a scheduled time to do this. (Note: just by doing this doesn’t mean everything will be perfect but it will start the conversation of communication)

3. “It is in giving that we truly receive.”

– I couldn’t have said it any better.

4. Actions speak louder than words.

– Do as I say not as I do, doesn’t work. Your children will learn more by the things you repeatedly do than by the things you say.

5. Say, “I love you.”

– Love is the one thing we crave most.

6. You don’t have to agree with your elders but you must respect them.

– Your elders are not always right but showing respect allows for clearer communication. Respect is a foundational character trait of greatness.

7. Say “please”, “thank you”.

– Common courtesy.


Let’s raise amazing citizens and have awesome children at the same time.

Raising children tends to be a touchy subject but dealing with spoiled kids that are disrespectful and don’t care about themselves or their community is worse.

Leave your comments below I want to hear whether you disagree or agree with me and why.




How to have an amazing marriage

Recently I was the best man at my brother’s wedding. I had never been a best man before and this being such an amazing honor and a very important day I didn’t want to screw it up. As you know the best man gives the final toast to the bride and groom and being somewhat of a perfectionist I didn’t want to be remembered as that guy that gave a horrible speech at his brother’s wedding.

Knowing this, I like most, work more efficiently under pressure and deadline. So as you can imagine after his wedding on my way to the reception I asked my wife to drive and I started writing (talk about a deadline). What I wanted to do was really make it meaningful so I sprinkled a few jokes, told a few stories, but ended with this. The top 3 things for a successful marriage and that is what I want to share with you today.

Top 3 Things For A Successful Marriage

1.) Don’t listen to the way most people describe marriage.

I have a huge problem when people refer to marriage as a prison sentence, the ball and chain, end of your life…etc. I think marriage is one of the most amazing things, ever! Just like anything in life you get what you put into it. If you don’t put in much don’t expect much. That being said marriage is a balance. If both are not committed to making it the best thing ever then it won’t be. Mindset is crucial and for my brother and his beautiful wife I wanted to make sure they understood that. Marriage is not easy but the greatest investment you can make.


2.) Communication is an absolute must.

Here is a biggie. First of all how do you know that this is the right person for you? How do you know what to say or do? How do you know what your spouse is thinking or feeling? Communication, communication, communication!

{Pre-Marriage} You don’t need to live with people to know about them. You need to talk, ask questions, and know what you are looking for. If you don’t know what you want how do you when you found it.

{Marriage} Knowing your spouse is of utmost importance. If you are not speaking on a daily basis focused on each other without other distractions (i.e. kids, tv, computer, phone…) you are going to miss something. If you miss something one day it isn’t a big deal but these are all habits you are creating and 1 day turns into 2, 2 into 3… until you are 10 years later and you have no idea who your spouse is.


3.) Ask if this is a listening problem or a fixing problem.

[*NOTE: this one is for the guys] Here is a phenomenon that to men that will not make sense but you must accept (women you know what I am talking about). When a women has a problem, SHUT-UP and LISTEN. Don’t do anything else, if you do I guarantee you will screw it up. You see it is in our DNA as men to fix things and when your wife has a problem, you proudly polish your shining armor, get on your white horse, and ride to the rescue to save your damsel in distress.

CAUTION this exactly what you don’t want to do!

When a women is vocalizing a problem usually they are trying to vent. At that moment they don’t want your help, just your ears. Women will understand this men want to go and start fixing even before she is done explaining. Again if you try and understand this, DON’T,  just accept it. Fortunately my wife and I came up with an agreement (Seriously). When she starts telling me a problem, I ask, “Is this a listening problem or a fixing problem?”

This one question has made such a difference in the way we communicate and understand each other.

I know these steps will help your marriage as it has ours and other couples we know. Below I have a bonus.


Say I love you in the way your spouse needs to hear it. (Refer to the The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts)

This is very important. The book is amazing and I look forward to doing a book review on it but here is the main point of the book. There are 5 love languages (words of affirmation, quality time, receiving gifts, acts of service, physical touch). Often we express our love to our spouse using our love language. If your spouses love language is different than yours she will not receive it as you intended it.

Key: Express your love using your spouses love language not your own. (It goes more in-depth in the book).


Let me know what you think. Has this helped in your marriage?

Do you have any advise for the brand new couple? Share your thoughts on the comments section.