Can You Believe He Held the Door?

I'm in a Starbucks doing some work.

A young man walks past me and high 5's a gentlemen sitting in the table next to me. He then proceeds out the door. As he walks out he notices a lady, about 10 feet behind him, about to walk out.

He waits and holds the door open. 

She thanks him. He smiles. 

Just as he is about to let go of the door he notices 2 girls about 10 years old about to come in so he holds it a bit longer. 

They excitedly walk through the door.

In a world where doors are commonly shut in peoples faces be the guy that creates an opening for others.

Be that guy. (I'm not just talking about physical doors.)



PS - My father taught me that importance of opening the door for others. He said it often when I was growing up but more importantly he showed me daily.

* Consider what you are communicating to others when you deliberately take this action?

* What does it say about you?

* What does it say about them?

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