Be Good Fortune

I wanted to share this great motivational thought with you. I hope you enjoy it.

Don’t just look for good fortune. Be good fortune.

If all hope seems to be lost, make some yourself. Then make the efforts necessary to bring about its fulfillment.

You’re not just an observer in this world. You’re an active participant.

You don’t have to merely settle for whatever happens to come along. You can take it and make something valuable and meaningful out of it all.

Each moment you have an opportunity to make a difference. Each day you can be the love and goodness and fulfillment that you seek to experience.

Look around with the eyes of your imagination at all the possibilities. Be the best of them this very day.

Have a blessed day and be good fortune.


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Salads Are No Longer Boring!!!

Salads. Most people think salad and they think iceberg lettuce, some pale tomato slices, maybe some onions, and some dressing to wash it down. How boring and frankly I see why people to don’t really care for them. So my objective today is to get you to commit to being creative when making your next salad, which should be daily. Below you will find my Fabulous 5 Key Elements to making delicious, nutritious salads you will crave and your body will demand. Let’s get started.


Armando’s Fabulous 5 Key Elements to Delicious & Nutritious Salads

1. Get Your Grass On: Fresh Quality Organic Greens (Spinach, Mixed greens, Romaine Lettuce, Chard, Collard Greens…) will form the base of your salad. It the building block of your salad so don’t sacrifice in quality.

2. Get Your Crunch On: Most peoples idea of crunch in a salad is croutons. That is for boring unhealthy people but for you, you will sprinkle carrots or flax seed crackers or sprouts… the list goes on and on. The point is see what you like and explore from there for the ultimate crunch in your salad.

3. Get Your Color On: The more colors = the more nutritious because color in foods indicate certain essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients our body craves. Also if the salad has more colors it will be visually attractive and taste better. So get colorful and have fun with it.

4. Get Your Fat On: Good fats are a must. Nuts, avocado, olive oil, flax seeds are examples of great sources of good fats. They help with brain function, decreased inflammation, and yes weight loss (imagine that, LOL).

5. Get Your Protein On: Protein will help build and maintain strong muscles plus will add different texture to your salad. Protein can be in the form of meats, chicken, fish, beans, eggs, yogurt and others. This will keep the salad hearty and filling.

*BonusGet Your Inner Explorer On: This is where you through out all your preconceived notions as to what a salad should be and get creative. To help you visit farmers markets, different types of restaurants, and search online for ideas to new recipes. You will start seeing different elements that your palate really appreciates. (One that I found delicious is adding blueberries to my salad plus some balsamic vinegar. The vinegar really brings out the sweetness of the blueberries). funny salad


This could be a topic all by itself but the important part of all dressings are the ingredients. Ideally you would make your own dressing. There are many recipes online. Use the best ingredients to get the best taste. Personally I love a hearty amount of olive oil on my salad. If you are going to buy a salad dressing read the ingredients and you should be able get all the ingredients at the store (i.e. if it looks like a list for a chemistry project or you can’t pronounce it, has coloring, has natural flavors added then put it back.)

[*NOTE: Do you know why they have to put natural flavoring? Because they have processed and killed all the ingredients so much that it taste horrible. So they add this flavoring so that it taste like something you have had before or something palatable.]

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21 Day Rapid Fat Loss

Miami Fit Body Boot Camp Helps To Feed 720 Homeless People

I just wanted to thanks to all that participated, donated, and prayed for Burn the Fat, Feed the Hungry workout-a-thon. It was great. We raised over $1000 for the Camillus House which can help them feed over 720 homeless, needy people with a hot nutritious meal. Below you find a little clip of the event. Please post your comments below and let me know what you think.


Thank you all again for your support and a special thanks to DJ Rob who donated his time to provide us with live music, a jolt of energy, and an unforgettable experience. [If you are going to get married or want to through and unforgettable party call him 786.302.7777.]

Please leave a comment below letting me know if you like to attend an event like this in the future and how you liked the video.


Disclamer: Don’t Try This, Unless…(Ouch!)

I am going to have to start incorporating this Euro Style training…lol. Must watch this parody that is an exaggerated view of personal trainer but unfortunately not so much. If you don’t believe me walk into a Bally’s or L.A. Fitness and you will spot them out. Here is to educated Strength Coaches and Personal trainers that will get you results without making you touch their chest (You have to see the video, ha, ha, ha). Enjoy.


If you are interested in getting results, being in a fun environment, and getting the support you want. Please check us out at


What I Learned from A Champion.

Ryan & Me post run at KB

I just wanted to share an amazing experience I had. On January 29th I was blessed to be able to run with the American record holder in the half-marathon, Olympian, and one of America’s top distance runners, Ryan Hall. WOW! is the first thing that comes to mind. I have never been a person who is into celebrities or athletes. In fact I really don’t care for them but Ryan was different. Here are the Top 5 Things I learned from Ryan Hall, a true champion and how it relates to us in our ever day life.

1. Humility: This is something one rarely sees among athletes these days, but Ryan was humble and always looking to praise someone else performance or accomplishments. How can we apply this? Praises others before yourself. By giving this gift you uplift someone else as well as yourself to a more positive state.

2. Simplicity: He has a very simple lifestyle despite his crazy travel schedule. Most of us run around like a chicken with our head cut off but often it is self inflicted. Simplify your life, get rid of excess and you will be happier, less stressed, and more efficient with your time.

3. Faith: “Praise God with every step.” This was his advice he gave to the 18,000+ runners gathered at the start line of the ING Miami Marathon, just before he shot the starters gun. I know this one powerful statement got many of those runners to the finish line on that hot humid day. Live by these word, they will transform you life. Guaranteed!

4. Strength: At first glance he does not appear physically strong, scraggly even, but looks are very deceiving. Inside this young man lies the heart of lion that has an intense determination to succeed, to serve, and to love. Build up your strength from inside because regardless how old you are, you will not get weaker, unless you let it.

5. Love: “…but the greatest of these is love.” Love means so many things to so many people but true love encompasses service, caring, brotherhood, strength, humility, simplicity, time, and faith. How can we love more fully? Follow his example give to others (check out his STEPS foundation) with your time, talent, and treasure.

Become that person you deserve to be by following these 5 steps. I guarantee that if you apply them daily you will see unlimited potential of your life.

Please post your comments below. I would love to know what you think.



Only One Body


Hey Guys here is a great email I received from one of my mentors and a very influential strength coach, Mike Boyle. After you read it please leave a comments regarding your thoughts on this email. Enjoy.


Subject: Only One Body
Imagine you are sixteen years old and your parents give you your first car. They also give you simple instructions. There is one small hitch, you only get one car, you can never get another. Never. No trade-ins, no trade-ups. Nothing

Ask yourself how would you maintain that car? My guess is you would be meticulous. Frequent oil changes, proper fuel, etc. Now imagine if your parents also told you that none of the replacement parts for this car would ever work as well as the original parts. Not only that, the replacement parts would be expensive to install and cause you to have decreased use of your car for the rest of the cars useful life? In other words, the car would continue to run but, not at the same speed and with the efficiency you were used to.

Wow, now would we ever put a lot of time and effort into maintenance if that were the case.

After reading the above example ask yourself another question. Why is the human body different? Why do we act as if we don’t care about the one body we were given. Same deal. You only get one body. No returns or trade-ins. Sure, we can replace parts but boy it’s a lot of work and it hurts. Besides, the stuff they put in never works as well as the original “factory” parts. The replacement knee or hip doesn’t give you the same feel and performance as the original part.

Think about it. One body. You determine the mileage? You set the maintenance plan?

No refunds, no warranties, no do-overs?

How about this perspective? One of my clients is a very successful businessman. He often is asked to speak to various groups. One thing he tells every group is that you are going to spend time and money on your health. The truth is the process can be a proactive one or a reactive one. Money spent on your health can take the form of a, massage therapist and a gym membership or, it can be money spent on cardiologists, anesthesiologists, and plastic surgeons. Either way, you will spend money.

Same goes for time. You can go to the gym or, to the doctors office. It’s up to you. Either way, you will spend time. Some people say things like “I hate to work out”. Try sitting in the emergency room for a few hours and then get back to me. Working out may not seem so bad. Much like a car, a little preventative maintenance can go a long way. However, in so many ways the body is better than a car. With some good hard work you can turn back the odometer on the body. I wrote an article a while back ( Strength Training-The Fountain of Youth) that discussed a study done by McMaster University which showed that muscle tissue of older subjects actually changed at the cellular level and looked more like the younger control subjects after strength training.

Do me a favor, spend some time on preventative maintenance, it beats the heck out of the alternative. Just remember, you will spend both time and money.

Mike Boyle


I hope you enjoyed it and please leave a comment below letting me know what you thought.



Crazy In-Home Workouts for the New Year

As many of you know I will be taking a week off to spend time with the family and to help me recharge my batteries to kick start the new year. Anyways didn’t want any excuses not to work out so I have created two workouts for you to do at home with no equipment (Sorry, I forgot you will need two 15 oz cans of soup).

Before you start I need you to do me a favor. Please write in the comments sections below:

1. When you did your workout

2. Which workout did you do

3. How long it took you

Without further delay your 2 workouts:


Workout 1: The New Year’s Revolution

Instructions: Perform each exercise for the allotted repetitions then move on to the next exercise with little to no rest. Perform the exercises series # 1-10 in order for 4-8 sets. Don’t forget to stretch after.

1. Marching (40 steps)

2. Rear Lunges (20 steps)

3. Grape vine (40 steps)

4. Inchworms (10 reps)

5. Side Squats (7 each direction)

6. Push-ups (12 reps)

7. Prone motor kicks (30 kicks)

8. Supermans (12 reps w/3 sec hold)

9. Emergency-ups (10 reps)

10. Supine opp arm/leg (10 each side)

*After you are done with #10 go back to exercise #1 and start again for 4-8 sets


Workout 2: Extreme Can-O-Soup Express

Instructions: You will need 2 (15 oz) cans of soups. Perform each exercise with the can of soups on each hand for the allotted repetitions then move on to the next exercise with little to no rest. Perform the exercises series #1-10 in order for 4-8 sets. Don’t forget to stretch after.

1. Running High Knees (40 steps)

2. Punches (40 punches)

3. Bent over flyes (20 reps)

4. Walking lunge + curls (16 steps)

5. Jumping Jack Presses (15 reps)

6. Side plank hand raise (7 reps each side)

7. Punch sit-ups (10 reps)

8. Sumo squats (15 reps)

9. 1-leg bridge hold + speed flyes (15 on each leg)

10. Burpees (10 reps)

*After you are done with #10 go back to exercise #1 and start again for 4-8 sets

Download Workout Chart >>> HERE

Healthy Holiday Shake

So here is the recipe for my Healthy Holiday Shake. Remember quality is name of the game, so go organic.

3 bananas

3-4 dates dried

1/4 cup coconut flakes

1-2 handfuls of raw almonds

1 tbsp cinnimon

1/2 tsp vanilla extract

1 tbsp flax oil

1 raw organic eggs

1-1.5 cups water or coconut water

2 handfuls of ice

Combine all ingredients in a blender. should have plenty so share, enjoy.