Make It Last.

Every Thanksgiving my family and I get up early, we bring out the running wagon my father made in 1986, and line up with 6,000 other runners to do the Miami Turkey Trot 5K race. It is one of my favorite races because it is designed for families. My kids are still young and get to experience the joy and excitement of racing. 

In life we can just get by or we can create things or experiences that last. 31 years after my father made his running wagon, I get to use it with my kids. I remember running countless times with my father and now I get to share that experience in the Turkey Trot with my kids. 

We all have a choice to create our life in the way we want.  

What will you choose today?

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Choose Fulfilled!

I'll be honest I wasn't thrilled about going to a luncheon my son had today. I had other things I wanted to do and create. But I'm glad I did.

That smile on his face was worth it.

When he came to me and said "Daddy we are so cool, right?" Made it worth it.

My wife and I went in the same car and got to ​spend more time talking. That made it worth it.

Too many times it is easy to get distracted with things that keep us busy instead of the things that make us fulfilled.

Choose fulfilled.

Live The Life You Were Meant To Live

I recently watched "The Sound of Music" for the first time. I am not a fan of musicals but I absolutely loved it. My wife, kids and I sat down and watched it together. It had so many great messages that I think are lacking in our society. 

​There was one scene that really stood out that I’d like to share. When Maria goes back to the Abbey because she is afraid of falling in love with Captain Von Trapp. Maria thought she had to be a nun in order to love God but Mother Superior tells her, "You have to live the life you were born to live.” 

​I believe we are all called to live as the greatest versions of ourselves. In order for that to happen we have to do as Mother Superior suggested and live the life you were born to live. 

​Are you clear on that life you were born to live?

​If you don't know the life you were meant to live then how can you create your purposeful and powerful legacy? 

​Remember the life you live is the legacy you leave. 

If you’d like help getting crystal clear on the life you were meant to live put in the comments section put “Let’s do this!"

We will set up a strategy call to walk you through it.

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Invitation To Greatness!

​Yesterday was Veterans Day. I had the honor of spending it in the most marvelous way. FIU my alma mater was having the unveiling of the Felsberg Veterans Plaza.

2nd Lt Paul Michael Felsberg was killed in action during Iraqi Freedom in Ramadi on October 13th, 2004. The plaza and memorial was named after him.

Here's what the memorial doesn't show. Mike was my teammate, a leader, and most of all my friend. He'd come over ever Christmas Eve and spend it with my family. Pictured are a few of my teammates that he touched by the way he lived his life and how he treated others.

Mike had a simple statement he lived by "Make it a great one."

You don't erect statues for the average.

You don't make an example for others to follow for someone that's OK.

You don't spend time thinking of those that just participated.

I believe we are all called to greatness.
I believe you do yourself and the world a massive disservice when you don't show up as the best version of yourself.

Let me invite you to be like Mike.
Live with excellence and create a purposeful and powerful legacy that creates impact.
Make it a great one!

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There Is Still More To Give

​Have you ever pushed yourself to the limit and found out there was more?

​At the beginning of this year I ran a 50 mile trail race. I was brawling it out with this one guy. We kept yo-yoing back and forth with the lead. I’d feel good, catch up to him and pass him for some miles. Then I’d hit a rough patch and he’d pass me. We did this for the last 25 miles of the race.

With 3 miles to go he had really opened up the distance on me. My legs were dead. I was exhausted and was reduced to walking. Then I saw my son and my father. I remember my dad say, “Come on buddy you have 3 miles to go. You can catch that guy, he’s dying!” I felt a renewed surge of energy. I was filled with  focus, drive, and determination. I went from walking and slogging through a 16 minute mile to running 7 minute miles.

​My legs let loose.

I could see my prey up ahead on the long dirt road. 

I kept getting closer and closer…

I passed him with 1/4 of mile from the finish!

​Because I was able to push myself and pass this guy, I won first place in my age group. This was such a powerful experience. It helped me realize that when the body says no, your mind must be committed to move forward. If you can do that, there is no stopping you.

​When life pushes you and beats you down; when you think there is nothing left, there is always more. Always. Let loose.

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The Storm Of Life

When the storm of life comes, will you be shipwrecked?

The sailor battled with his ship being tossed around in the storm. He had no idea where he was, where he was going, nor in which direction to go. As the storm progressed the sailor turned the wheel as his last attempt and ended up smashing into the shore.

To avoid smashing into the shore when creating your legacy you must be clear on exactly what you want to create - your vision. You must understand why it is important to you - your purpose. Finally, you must have the steps needed to get you there - your process.

Don’t live your legacy by accident.

Create it on purpose and powerfully.

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Do What Others Won’t

"Do what others won't, to achieve what others won't."

I hear this quote often among entrepreneurs. Their context is focused on the grind, the work, the hustle. Let me suggest to you if you truly want to live that and experience that to the fullest, focus on people.

It's easy to be nice to those who are nice to you and praise you. How about the haters? Do you show them love when you don't need to?

It's easy to lend money to those you know are going to pay you back? Do you lend to those who have no way of paying you back just because?

It's easy to praise God when all is going right in your life. Do you still praise him when you are at your lowest?

I share this because if you believe "Do what others won't to achieve what others won't," then be willing to do what is not sexy too and when it is not convenient. Then and only then will you have mastered it.

That will really set you apart. Hugs <3

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Not All Fathers Are FATHERS

**Not All Fathers Are FATHERS**

To be called Father is an honor. There are fathers and Fathers.
A father just had a child.
A Father is a man that had a child and is
- emotional, physically present
- a good example, a role model for excellence
- a leader to his family
- a teacher
- in the service of others

We choose daily.
Will you choose Fatherhood?

Can You Believe He Held the Door?

I'm in a Starbucks doing some work.

A young man walks past me and high 5's a gentlemen sitting in the table next to me. He then proceeds out the door. As he walks out he notices a lady, about 10 feet behind him, about to walk out.

He waits and holds the door open. 

She thanks him. He smiles. 

Just as he is about to let go of the door he notices 2 girls about 10 years old about to come in so he holds it a bit longer. 

They excitedly walk through the door.

In a world where doors are commonly shut in peoples faces be the guy that creates an opening for others.

Be that guy. (I'm not just talking about physical doors.)



PS - My father taught me that importance of opening the door for others. He said it often when I was growing up but more importantly he showed me daily.

* Consider what you are communicating to others when you deliberately take this action?

* What does it say about you?

* What does it say about them?

You don’t need more time.

"I know your time is very limited..."

That is an interesting statement that we hear often. Time is finite but it is equal for all of us - 24 hours per day.

Let me suggest a different perspective to view time. "Your time is prioritized."

How do you prioritize your 24 hours daily?

Look at your actions and you will see your priorities.

Are you purposefully creating the time for the things that matter most in your life or are you letting others dictate your priorities? Your time is a treasure. Invest it in the people and experiences that matter most in your life. Don't just hand this precious treasure over to others to invest it for you.

*A Glimpse Inside*

Have you ever done an inventory of your time?

I did one several months back and I realized that my actions did not show my wife and family as my priority. That was unacceptable and very disheartening because they mean the world to me. After an emotional conversation with my wife, we came up with a plan that made us equally excited to make sure my actions were in alignment with my heart.

I encourage you to do the same.

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