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I Am Awesome

I am awesome.

Have you ever said that? You should.

In fact, do you know what happens if you say it out loud? More people here it (he, he, he).
Seriously, as a Doctor of Awesomeness I prescribe that you proclaim it 5 times every morning…

I am awesome, I am awesome, I am awesome, I am awesome, I am awesome!

Believe it.

You are a miracle and have something no one else has. YOU.

There is a great quote that says, “You were born an original, don’t die a copy.”

Are you being awesome?

Are you sharing with the world the very essence that is you? Or are you trying to look, be or act like someone else? I think the media what the image ads and commercials is confuse people. They do that with the intent of persuading you to make a purchase. That is why it is important for you to start diving deep inside and ask,  “Who am I?”

Once you answer that make sure everyone knows it by the way you speak, write, and connect with others. Don’t hide your gift to the world. Shine brightly for others to learn, admire, and grow from.

Here is what I want you to do. For the next week while driving to work shout out 5 times, I am awesome.. Give it a shot. Shout it proudly and live it daily. You are awesome!



Wrong Way

It’s 7 AM here in London (2 am Miami time) as I write this looking out of the window of my flat (that’s what they call apartments).
Something here continues to puzzle me. It is the driving on the wrong side of the road (being American we are obviously the ones doing right). I have been here for 4 days and I have yet to get the hang of it. In fact, I have almost been run over more than I’d like to consider. Now I look right, left, right, left, right, left and even then I am hesitant. It is probably quite amusing to someone watching. If I see other people I will often put my faith and follow them. I hope they are not from the US or it could get messy.

The reason I am writing about this is to share a little perspective.
Do you every feel you are on the wrong side of the road?
Do you ever feel that things are not really going the way you want?
We have all felt that way. Take solace that you may actually be right only in the wrong place. Perhaps you are driving like and American in England. All you have to do is head back to the USA and all will be right.

Just a thought.



Re-write it

This morning I read a thought by Kute Blackson. He said,

Your story is just that, a story. You can re-write it at any time.

So what is your story?

Stories can be very powerful. In fact that is how we communicate our past, share our wisdom, teach our lessons, and create our identity. Some stories are great epics that uplift, inspire, and focus the protagonists strength. Unfortunately many people today believe a different story about themselves. Their story usually involves pointing out all the weaknesses of the protagonist. They are written in such a way that the protagonist is now the victim. The protagonist is faced with obstacles that he fails to overcome. The protagonist has no help and no way out of this dire circumstance.

Are you writing and epic or a eulogy?

I suggest to you that the choice is yours. You are the author of your story. If you don’t like your story, re-write it.

Going through many drafts is the mark of a masterpiece. Don’t look at the mistakes in your life, the obstacles in your life as failures but as drafts helping you write your masterpiece. Each draft gets you one step closer to your polishing, directing your epic story.

Here is a question I want you to answer:

What 3 ways can you re-write your story so you feel more empowered, more productive, and happier daily?

[HINT:] Create the vision of what you want your personal, business, and spiritual life to look like. Once you do that, you will be able to write the epic story built on your strengths.



PS – If you want to learn more about how the FREE Daily50 Project is helping people do this (Click here)

A letter to Fels

Hey Fels,

It has been a while, buddy.

In the past 8 years since we last spoke a lot has happened. First I graduated with my masters in physical therapy and opened my own business. During that time I met my soul mate Christian, Noel’s sister. Anyways, we have been happily married for the almost 6 years and have 2 kids.

Mandy is almost 4 years old and he eats as much as you. I am sad that my grandmother didn’t get to meet him but perhaps since she met you she got a preview of what was to come. He is so smart. He is reading at a 3rd grade level and has a great imagination. He also loves to run. The most he has run with me is 1 mile. The entire time talking, skipping, and jumping.

My little girl Amelie Marie is gorgeous. She melts my heart every time she smiles at me or calls me “daddy”. She is such a girl. Every morning without fail she asks to put on her little bow and her shoes. She gets along great with Mandy and has a certain fierceness about her. I really wish you could have met them both.

Noche buenas have been different without you as there is usually lots more left overs now, LOL. I am sure you and Bola are doing it big up in heaven.

Well I wanted to write this letter because today is Veteran’s Day and I thought you should know that I am truly thankful and grateful for your service, your leadership, and your friendship. Days like today our nation reflects on the many heroes. It is funny Mandy has a thing about superheroes like Captain America, Spider-man, Iron-man, Ice-man…but the real hero is you. It is the many men and women who go to battle to serve and protect our freedom. The men and women who put their lives on the line in order to make tomorrow a little bit safer. The men and women who allow my children not have to worry about tyranny of another nation oppressing us.

Thank you.

I know that it is easy to get caught up in your death mostly because it is so permanent (duh). What inspires me most is not that you sacrificed your life for something you believe (though definitely inspiring) but that you lived. Most people let life happen them. Not you. You lived with honor. You actually made it a great one daily.

It is your life not your death that comforts me.

It is your life not your death that helps me press on further when times are rough.

It is your life NOT your death that has led me to write this letter.

Happy Veteran’s Day my friend.




Fels was my cross country and track teammate at FIU. He was a marine – brave, dedicated, and precise. He was a friend – loyal, fun, and caring. He was a runner – persistent, focused, and man could he run. He was a fan(atic) – ask any team at FIU if Fels went to their game and supported them. they’d say YES! He got thrown out of a few games because of his game day intensity and antics. We will never forget, “Hey ref, YOU SUCK!” Classic.

Marine 2nd Lt. Paul Michael Felsberg died October 13th, 2004.

RIP my friend and thanks for watching over us.


theDaily50 project


I’m writing a book on Thankfulness.

I want YOU to be in it.

If you are interested please read below and reply if you qualify.


For the past 6 months I have been experimenting with the idea and practice of thankfulness. I started saying out loud 50 things I was thankful for on my way to work or on a run. This soon became known as theDaily50.

What I found was when I was done I felt happier and ready to overcome anything that could and would happen in my day. I was more productive at work and I just enjoyed myself more.  After months of experimenting on myself  I want to test this on a larger scale so I created the Daily50 Project and I want you to be a part of it if you qualify.
I am looking for cool people to embark on a 21 day journey with me.

Do You Qualify?

You must…

  • Commit to doing the tasks asked of you.
  • Be willing to doing this in the morning.
  • Have a facebook account or be willing to open one for this project.
  • Share your experience with the group and allow for me to use it in the book.
  • Be open to change and making their life happier and better.


  • You will be asked to speak 50 things you are thankful for daily while on your car ride in the morning commute (if you don’t have a commute do it before you start working).
  • Post on our private facebook group the one realization or thing you learned or felt as a result of doing this. Daily.
  • Be on our conference calls.


  • Look at life through a new lens of detail
  • Be happier
  • Be more thankful and appreciative
  • Learn more about yourself
  • Get to meet and connect with cool people doing the project
  • Once the book is published you will get your very own copy
If you qualify and really want to do this register below for the
first conference call on Sunday, November 18th at 1 PM.


If you have any questions leave a comment below.

What to expect:

Most people can come up with 10-15 things they are thankful for pretty easily but the idea is to stretch yourself and get out of your comfort zone. To dig in and find appreciation and thankfulness in the simple things in life. If you do that for 21 days straight my experience says is your day will go better, make your relationships better, and make you more productive.

I applaud you for taking on this challenge and joining me in this new journey.


P.S.If you qualify and really want to do this register here.

P.P.S. – To follow some thoughts on twitter search under #Daily50


Feeling Overwhelmed?

The other day I had the privilege of being on a call with over 200 other fitness professionals listening to the one and only Dax Moy. If Marcus Aurelius was the philosopher king, then Dax Moy is the philosopher fitness Guru. A very deep guy yet simple to understand.

In the world of Gurus he’s one person I admire. The call was about being overwhelmed.

Have you ever felt overwhelmed?

Here is what I understood from the call that can help you.

Overwhelm is the product of passion without clear direction and purpose.

Let me repeat that, “Overwhelm is the product of passion without clear direction and purpose.”

If you want the life that you truly deserve, you will get to it by eliminating not by adding things to your life.

We’ve been conditioned to think that we need more things in order to be happy. That could be further from the truth. Most of us really don’t know exactly what we want. As a result we just add more and more things into our lives hoping that if we add enough things perhaps we may get there.

3 Key Factors that Make Us Overwhelmed:

  1. No clear direction what you want.
  2. No clear passion that lights up your life
  3. Adding things in your life that clutter and confuse your passion and direction

Let’s break down each one briefly.

First, decide what would your ideal life look like. Write down in detail what a typical day for you might be. The more details the better. Here are some questions you may want to consider. “Where do you want to live?” “What do you want to do?” “How would you start and end each day?” “What does your house look like?” “Who would you spend your time with?” “What would you eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?” “How would you spend your day?”

Once you have done that, reverse engineer what it would cost to live that life. Meaning do some research. Write down all the expenses of this lifestyle. Now you have a close approximation of what it would take to realize this ideal life. It is probably much less than you think. Even if it is not now you have something to shoot for.

Next, is not having a clear passion that lights up your life. This is your life force. I have met many people tell me they are not passionate about anything. Everyone has passions. The problem is most people suppress them because they were told that they needed to have a “safe job” or a “real job”. Think about hobbies or things you do or people you interact with that make you feel energized and excited before, during, and after.

After you find this, figure out ways to do this more often. If you need to quit your job… Do it. I know that may sound irresponsible but the truth is I believe it is irresponsible not to live your life to its full potential. I believe that we are put on this earth to contribute at the highest level. I believe that will only happen when we live congruent with our passions and strength.

Remember I said in the beginning that, “If you want the life that you truly deserve, you will get to it by eliminating not by adding things to your life.” Now that you have the first two knocked out it is time to start cleaning. Look at your daily activities and tasks. Which of these activities or tasks are not allowing your to do things you are passionate about. Which are draining your attention and energy away from being congruent? Some of these may be work related tasks. Ask yourself should you really be doing them? Can you delegate them? Can you hire someone to do them for you? By doing them what is it really costing you?

What you will find when you start cleaning out your life is you have more energy, have more time to do the things you want, and finally you will eliminate overwhelm.

I felt I needed to share this information with you because it is so powerful.


Here is the other thing. We live in a society where we have an overflow of information. Information can be overwhelming. The key is not having more information. It should be to acquire more knowledge that helps you get closer to your vision.

What is the difference between information and knowledge?

Knowledge is the application and internalization of information to aid you for your ultimate purpose. Said differently, apply what you learn or it does you no good.

So go on an information elimination diet.

Start applying what is useful and discard the rest.




Invest in YOU

A friend of mine just gave me Benjamin Franklin’s Poor Richards Almanac. It is essentially a collection of quotes and thoughts that Ben Franklin had on different matter. He was extremely prolific and a true renaissance man. Here is a quote I want to share with you “Keep thy shop, and thy shop will keep thee.

What does it mean?

As we know, Ben Franklin was a successful business man among other things. He was the first to establish what we know as the franchise model with his printing press. This quote is speaking to how having a successful business demands your attention, your love, your care. If you do that, if you have healthy business practices you will reap the rewards. Your business will take care of you.

How about YOU?

What if we took that concept and applied it to YOU? How much do you invest in yourself daily? In fact here is another Ben Franklin quote, “If a man empties his purse into his head no man take it away from him… An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.”

So once again how much do you invest in yourself?

I speak to so many people that think that organic food is expensive. Really?

They say that coaching is expensive. Really?

These same people have an iPhone, ride around in the latest model BMW, have a full state of the art theater system in their house. Having these things are not bad but perspective is a must. The problem is they have not distinguished the difference between what they need and what they want. Health is a need. Without health their is death. How good is a BMW going to be when you are dead?

Make the decision to invest in yourself daily by feeding your mind with good books. Feed your body with exercise and life giving nutrition. Feed your soul with charity, meditation, and thankfulness.

“Keep your mind, body, and soul, and your mind, body, and soul will keep you.” – AC



What it means to be “A Real Man”

Be a Man!

What does that mean?

I am very fortunate that I have had my father as a great example to show me and tell me what being a man is all about.

I know that being a “real man” may seem pretty straight forward but the more men I meet the more I realize it is not so straight forward. I want to clarify what it means to be “A Real Man”. In today’s society too many of our men have grown up with no stable male figurehead. They learned “how to be a man” by watching TV (which is trash), learned by watching their friends (who often times are in the same situation as them or worse than they are), or they have have had to figure it out on their own by some other means.

I have a great role model who continues to show me and inspire me daily on what it means to be a real man and I want to share what he has taught me.

The purpose of this post…

The purpose of the post is to share the wisdom that my father taught me. I feel his example and wisdom has made me the man I am today. Also, as so much of what I write here,  I want this to serve as an archive for my son who is only 3 years old.

19 Virtues My Father Taught Me On How To Be A Real Man

(*NOTE: These virtues are in no particular order but I felt they were all important.)

  • A Real Man says what he means and means what he says.
  • A Real Man opens the door for a lady.
  • A Real Man is honest in all he does and says.
  • A Real Man has integrity that will not be compromised by circumstance.
  • A Real Man takes responsibility for his actions.
  • A Real Man helps and serves others who are struggling or want to be great.
  • A Real Man loves wholeheartedly.
  • A Real Man is not afraid to cry and show emotions.
  • A Real Man must be strong and the head of his house.
  • A Real Man communicates with his words not with his fists.
  • A Real Man confronts his problems, not runs away from them.
  • A Real Man demands and expects excellence from himself and those around him.
  • A Real Man is a leader by his actions first, then his words.
  • A Real Man values his family and spends time with them. They are most important.
  • A Real Man focuses his time doing the most important things with the most important people in his life first then focuses on the rest.
  • A Real Man works hard and doesn’t seek short cuts. That being said he also seeks to improve and make more efficient his methods and his work.
  • A Real Man is a provider and protector.
  • A Real Man says please and thank you.
  • A Real Man seeks to make the world a better place.


Please share this with any man you feel may benefit.

I want to share one last thing that my father taught me. Never be afraid to fail. “If at first you don’t succeed try and try again.” None of us are perfect but striving for perfection is something we can all do. No matter how many times you fail get back up and keep persisting until you achieve what you want. Thank you for letting me share what my father taught me on how to be a Real Man.

Thank you Papi for your great example, for your love, and for your friendship!




Be 1% Better and Change the World

I’ve worked 6 days a week  for 4 years to improve in a race that lasts 12 seconds.

– Lolo Jones, US Olympic Hurdler

In 2008 Lolo was leading the field, running the 100m hurdles at the Olympic finals. As she leaped across hurdle 9 of 10, she clipped it with her rear leg. She tried desperately to regain her stride with the finish line within her grasp…

Those agonizing last few seconds seem to drag on as the other runners passed Lolo and left her off the medals podium. As a spectator screaming at the TV I was brokenhearted. After so much time invested into her race, she was the favorite, the fastest hurdler in the world, yet all it took was one moment and the outcome changed…

Have you ever worked hard for something and at the last moment it just fell apart?

What did you do?

Did you give up or did you get back up, dust yourself off, and press on?

I have been guilty of both.

Lolo Jones represented our country again in 2012 and fell short of the medal podium once again. I can bet this is not the last we will see of her. Champions find a way to use their failures as the stepping stones to greater glory. Press on Lolo.

I wanted to share this story of an Olympic competitor because it illustrates the concept of 1%. In order to be a champion or a success in anything you do you must chip away consistently until you get the results you are looking for. Once you get there you have to stay consistent to maintain those results. This concept of the 1% was first introduced to me by business coach Pat Rigsby. Just like that shocking moment watching Lolo clip the 9th hurdle, I had a shocking realization that the concept of 1% is something that everyone can do and you don’t have to be an Olympian.

What is the 1% Concept?

As Pat explained, “Most business owners want to double their business. The problem is you cannot do that in a day…they often get overwhelmed.” He suggests on focusing on getting 1% better every day. It doesn’t seem all that much but it will add up. In a year you will be 365% better than the previous year.

Success then is not necessarily a huge accomplishment, though it can be, but being better than the day before. If you have the vision and patience to stay the course success will be yours. Those are 2 key “if’s”.

How to address the 2 “if’s”…

*  First, decide what you want (vision).

*  Second, realize that most things that are worth working for are not accomplished overnight. They take patience to see it through over months and years. How long are you willing to work for your goals?

*  Finally, take daily action to improve at least 1% closer to your goal.

I Want to Know…

How can you set up a daily action plan to help you get 1% better daily?

I look forward to your answer.