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I'm not what you'd expect in a coach...

Here are 6 Things You Might Find Surprising About Me.​

I am not a corporate suit and tie kind of guy. In fact my preference is to be barefoot and in nature. The exception to this would be on special occasions with my wife where a bespoke suit makes me feel amazing.

I almost lost my sight because my brainstem swelled up. Since then I have really seen things more intimately and have learned to “see” a more enriched life for myself and my clients with my other senses.

I lived out of my car for 3 months running and exploring the national parks with a buddy of mine throughout the US. I came face to face with moose (one of the most dangerous animals in the US), bears, snakes, and mother natures awe inspiring creation.

I love adventure. I’ve run over 50 miles in a day, surfed during a hurricane, slept on the ledge of a cliff, been rock climbing to name a few. But my biggest adventure thus far is fatherhood.

I’ve spoken at conferences, seminars, and workshops to fitness pros, fathers, kids, and executives. I’ve shared insight on creating connection with clients, eliminating pain, discovering happiness within, creating intimacy and experiences with spouse and kids, and finding and living your purpose.

I’ve coached people from different walks of life like ​high level CEO's, multimillionaire entrepreneurs, professional athletes, Marines, firefighters, and S.W.A.T.

So when I say I am not what you’d expect in a coach...

What I mean is that I know what it is like to have great success and feel like you're on top of the world. I’ve had amazing highs with my businesses, crazy adventures, meeting the love of my life, having kids, and living my purpose.

I also know what it is like to undergo intense lows almost losing it all, being really sick, falling into depression so deep that I didn't want to get out of bed. The darkness is not a place I want you to stay in.

I coach because I want to help shine the light in your darkness. I want to give you the liberation to live and...

  • Show up in your business like a leader.
  • Show up in your marriage as the husband you were meant to be.
  • Show up for your kids like the super hero they see you as.
  • Show up daily living out your purpose and creating a legacy that lasts.

​​​This is not a job for me but an expression of my purpose. You see, I believe that you showing up as the greatest version of yourself will impact this world positively. Helping you understand how to purposelly and powerfully create your legacy by having a clear vision, a driving purpose, and progressive process to impact this world is my ​legacy.


​"He has helped me with my life, my capacity and potential as a person..."

​Armando has been a true blessing in my life. He has kept me grounded, clear, and focused on what's important to me...not to him. I continue to have so much clarity around the patterns in my life that are no longer serving me and Armando isn't afraid to challenge me or call me out when I retreat to old ways that aren't in my highest vision for myself! He has helped me with my life, my capacity and potential as a person, and my business from a mental and emotional standpoint that most coaches run away from. He's the real deal as a coach, but more importantly he is a genuinely kind, giving, and supportive human being. Thank you Armando for holding space for me to do the inner work on myself so that I can live my life as my best self!

​Christine Wilborn  //  ​​Entrepreneur & Balance Specialist

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