About the journey...

I didn't set out to be a coach, originally I was more interested in helping people optimize their health. Initially it seemed enough for me to just focus on weight loss and fast results but what I found was that it was too one dimensional. 

When I asked my clients what they thought the sticking point was and what they REALLY needed they felt they needed a better diet plan to achieve their goal. So I set about learning more nutrition and how to properly use it to help my clients get the results they wanted. As we implemented the changes the result were better at first but as time progressed people would stop doing what was working usually due to injury or life getting in the way.

This was only part of the big picture of vibrant health. I dove deeper into rehabilitation became a physical therapist. This was great because when people would get injured or weren’t moving properly I could help address those issues quickly. This worked great but it still didn’t address consistency and a long-term approach to health.

Eventually I realized that I wasn’t interested in short term results or surface level change. I wanted to help people truly transform their life, their health, their marriage, their business. In order to do that I had to better understand the brain as it controls everything. 

This started me down the coaching route. I learned different approaches but most were glorified motivational and goal setting sessions and didn’t address the actual road blocks people kept encountering until I found MindMAP. An approach to coaching that uses brain science to transform habits and allow to make big shifts with less effort. 

Since I've taken this approach I've been able to help my clients navigate marital problems, create business environments that fulfill them and create more value in this world, they’ve transformed their health back to doing and feeling better than they did 20 years prior, they’ve gotten clearer and more confident in who they are and what they are here to do in this world. 

What I love most about coaching is connecting with my clients and helping them show up as the best version of who they are. 

I Believe...

  • I believe that men showing up as the best version of themselves can positively transform the world.
  • ​I believe that creating and living a purposeful and powerful legacy does 2 things: It creates a vision greater than yourself and it holds you accountable to stretch yourself daily.
  • ​I believe that if you want to see the good in others be the good for others
  • ​I believe that life lived to please the masses and not those that matter most in your life like your wife, your family, your inner circle, is a failed life.

I'm Working Towards...

Currently I am working towards 3 things:

  1. Being more present and spending more time with my wife and kids. This is important to me because they are the most important people in my life and it is important to give them my best. It is important to nurture them with love, experiences, and my presence

  2. Becoming a master communicator and messenger. This is important to me because I was put on this earth to transform peoples lives. The only way I am able to do that is to get my message our to the right people that need it and want it. Secondly communicate that message that meets them where they are and gives them the clarity to take the next step.

  3. Accepting suffering through physical feats of endurance. This is important to me because I learn and grow so much whenever I do it. This makes me mentally stronger. It makes me more focused. It makes me a better husband and father.

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