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Enjoy these posts on some thoughts about a variety of subjects.


I Am Awesome

I am awesome. Have you ever said that? You should. In fact, do you know what happens if you say it out loud? More people here it (he, he, he). Seriously, as a Doctor of Awesomeness I prescribe that you proclaim it 5 times every morning... I am awesome, I am awesome, I am awesome, I am awesome, I am awesome! Believe it. You are a miracle and have something no one [...]

Wrong Way

It's 7 AM here in London (2 am Miami time) as I write this looking out of the window of my flat (that's what they call apartments). Something here continues to puzzle me. It is the driving on the wrong side of the road (being American we are obviously the ones doing right). I have been here for 4 days and I have yet to get the hang of it. In fact, I have almost been run over m [...]

Re-write it

This morning I read a thought by Kute Blackson. He said, "Your story is just that, a story. You can re-write it at any time." So what is your story? Stories can be very powerful. In fact that is how we communicate our past, share our wisdom, teach our lessons, and create our identity. Some stories are great epics that uplift, inspire, and focus the protagonists strengt [...]

A letter to Fels

Hey Fels, It has been a while, buddy. In the past 8 years since we last spoke a lot has happened. First I graduated with my masters in physical therapy and opened my own business. During that time I met my soul mate Christian, Noel's sister. Anyways, we have been happily married for the almost 6 years and have 2 kids. Mandy is almost 4 years old and he eats as much as [...]


About Armando Cruz

Armando is a husband, father, family man, author, entrepreneur, adventurer, and runner.
Over the past 11 years Armando has owned operated his fitness businesses Cruz Country Fitness and Physical Therapy. He is also the creator of the Run Faster Today Method of running that allows you to run more efficiently in 1-3 days. Read the full story here…