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​A collection of my musing, thoughts, and beliefs to bring more clarity, focus and joy in your life.

Make It Last.
Every Thanksgiving my family and I get up early, we bring out the running wagon my father made in 1986,[...]
Choose Fulfilled!
I'll be honest I wasn't thrilled about going to a luncheon my son had today. I had other things I[...]
Live The Life You Were Meant To Live
​I recently watched "The Sound of Music" for the first time. I am not a fan of musicals but I[...]

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​Armando has an extraordinary ability to listen... but listen to what's not being said. I value that a lot. He has a way of making you feel comfortable while asking you difficult questions. Working with him is inspiring.


​Dr. Jessica Morrod

​Business Coach | Master NLP Practitioner

​"Armando is very inspiring, very courageous. He’s given me clarity on different things in my business and life. He makes simplicity, simple. If you spend any amount of time with him you will know what I mean. Thanks Armando, you have been a star."


Robert Westerberg

​​World Class Coach | Entrepreneur

​​Armando is great at bringing out the best in everyone he comes in contact with. His ability to listen, analyze, and give back is unsurpassed. Armando helps you find the right direction and gives the guidance to bring out the best in you."


Paul Love

​Owner of Tough Love Fitness

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